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is often to be attributed to the fact that the Society in question does its work in another way. The names of those Societies concerning which no information has been received are entered in the INDEX only.

The Publishers desire, in conclusion, once more very heartily to thank all Secretaries and Officers by whose courtesy they are enabled thus to place before the Public accurate Lists of the Papers read before, or published by, nearly every Society of importance throughout the Kingdom, during the period named. The value of these Lists to Scientific Workers can hardly be over-rated, and there is no one engaged in literary work to whom the volume will not prove suggestive-giving, as it does, a brief résumé of all the subjects which have occupied the most active intellects amongst us during the past eighteen months.

It is hoped that as the worth of the YEAR-Book for purposes of reference becomes more fully recognised, it will, year by year, be presented in an increasingly complete form. Copies of the Yearly Issues from 1884–1900, offering a consecutive review of the work done by the Societies, may still be had. New Subscribers wishing to complete their Sets are requested to communicate with the Publishers.

LONDON, October 1901.

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Officers. - President: Sir William Huggins, K.C.B., D.C.L. Treasurer: Alfred

Bray Kempe, M.A. Secretaries: Sir Michael Foster, K.C.B., M.A.,
M.D.; Prof. A. W. Rücker, M.A., D.Sc. Foreign Secretary: Thomas

Edward Thorpe, C.B., Sc.D., LL.D.
Assistant-Secretary: Robert W. F. Harrison.
Meetings.—Ordinary Meetings are held on Thursdays at 4.30 P. M. from November

to June inclusive. The Anniversary Meeting takes place on 30th November. Membership.–Fellows, over 450 ; Foreign Members, 50 ; 15 persons elected

annually. No Entrance Fee; Annual Subscription, £3. Publications during January 1900–June 1901.— Year-Books, 1900, 1901, 5s.

each (Harrison & Sons); List of the Fellows of the Royal Society (Annual), 1s.; Reports to the Malaria Committee, Series 1-5, price 2s. 6d., Is. 6d.,

28., 3s. 6d., and 2s. 6d. ; Transactions and Proceedings. The following Papers were read before the Society on the dates

mentioned between November 30, 1900 (the Anniversary Meeting) and June 6, 1901, and are published in abstract in the Proceedings published by Harrison & Sons at the following prices : No. 423, 6d. (Index No.); 424, 2s.; 425, 2s.; 426, 2s. 6d.; 427, 2s.; 428, 2s:; 429, 3s.; 430, 1s. 60.; 431, 2s. 6d.; 432, 1s.; 433, 1s. 6d.; 434, 6d. (Index No.); 435, 28. 6d.; 436, 28. 6d.; 437, 28.; 438, 28. 6d.; 439, 58.; 440, 2s.; 441 (with Index), ls. 6d.; 442, 1s. 6d.; 443, 2s.; 444, 2s.; 445, 3s.; 446, 28.; 447, 2s. Papers marked A. and B. can be obtained in a separate form, and


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Abney, Sir W. de W., K.C.B., F.R.S. | Bolton, J. S., M.D., B.Sc.—The Exact

- A Case of Monochromatic Vision. Histological Localisation of the
Feb. 1, 1900 (No. 427).

Visual Area of the Human Cere-
On the Estimation of the Lumin- bral Cortex. (No. 437.) B. 191.
osity of Coloured Surfaces used 6s. 6d.
for Colour Discs. (No. 436.) Bonney, T. G., D.Sc., F.R.S.-Addi-

On the Variation in Gradation of tional Notes on Boulders and

a Developed Photographic Image other Rock Specimens from the

when impressed by Monochromatic Newlands Diamond Mines, Griqua-

Light of Different Wave-lengths. land West. Dec. 13, 1900 (No.

June 6, 1901 (No. 447).


Adams, F. D., Ph.D., and J. T. Bose, J. C., M. A., D.Sc.-On Electric

Nicolson, D.Sc.-An Experimental Touch and the Molecular Changes

Investigation into the flow of produced in Matter by Electric

Marble. (No. 438.) A. 272. Waves. June 14, 1900 (No.



Aldis, W. S., M.A. -On the Numerical - On the Periodicity in the Electric

Computations of the Functions Go Touch of Chemical Elements. Pre-

(Q), G (w), and Jn (avi). Dec. liminary Notice. June 14, 1900

7, 1899 (No. 424).

(No. 433).

Atkinson, J. A. S. See Perman, E. P. Bottomley, J. T., M.A., D.Sc., F.R.S.,

Baker, T. J., B.Sc. – The Thermo- and J. C. Beattie, D.Sc., F.R.S. E.

chemistry of the Alloys of Copper -Thermal Radiation in Absolute

and Zinc. Jan. 17, 1901 (No. Measure. Mar. 22, 1900 (No.

442). A. 285. ls.


Barker, B. T. P., B.A.-A Conju- Brown, H. T., LL.D., F.R.S., and F.

- Yeast.” June 6, 1901 Escombe, B.Sc., F.L.S. --Static Dif.
(No. 447).

fusion of Gases and Liquids in

Barnes, E. W., B.A.-The Theory of Relation to the Assimilation of

the Double Gamma Function. Carbon and Translocation in

Mar. 15, 1900 (No. 428). A. Plants. (No. 436.) B. 192. 3s.

279. 6s.

Brunton, Sir T. L., M.D., F.R.S., and

Barnes, H. T., M.A.-On the Capacity H. Rhodes, M.B.--On the Presence

for Heat of Water between the of a Glycolytic Enzyme in Muscle.
Freezing and Boiling Points, June 6, 1901 (No. 447).
together with a Determination of Bryan, G. H., Sc.D., F.R.S. - The
the Mechanical Equivalent of Heat Kinetic Theory of Planetary At-
in Terms of the International mospheres. Apr. 5, 1900 (No.
Electrical Units. (No. 438.)

430). A. 274. ls.
Baxandall, F. E. See Lockyer, Sir V. | Burch, G., M.A. -On the Production
Beattie, J. C. See Bottomley, J. T.

of Artificial Colour-blindness by
Bedford, T. G. See Searle, G. F. C. Moonlight. Feb. 22, 1900 (No.
Beeton, Miss M., G. U. Yule, and Karl 427).

Pearson, F.R.S. --Data for the On the Relation of Artificial
Problem of Evolution in Man. V. Colour - blindness to Successive
On the Correlation between Dura- Contrast. Feb. 22, 1900 (No.
tion of Life and the Number of 427).
Offspring. (No. 437.)

On the Spectroscopic Examination
Bidwell, s., M.A., F.R.S.-On Nega- of Colour produced by Simultaneous

tive After-images, and their Rela- Contrast. (No. 438.)

certain other Visual Callendar, H. L., M.A., LL.D., F.R.S.
Phenomena. May 9, 1901 (No. -On the Thermo-dynamical Pro-

perties of Gases and Vapours as
Blanford, W. T., LL.D., F.R.S. - The deduced from a modified Form of

Distribution of Vertebrate Animals the Joule-Thomson Equation, with
in India, Ceylon, and Burma. Special Reference to the Properties
Dec. 13, 1900 (No. 441).

of Steam. (No. 438.)
Blythe, V. J. See Gray, A.

Chappuis, P. See Harker, J. A.

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