Essays and Dissertations on Various Subjects: Relating to Human Life and Happiness, Band 1

A. Kincaid and J. Bell, 1770 - 379 Seiten

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Seite 123 - Fools ! who from hence into the notion fall, That vice or virtue there is none at all. If white and black blend, soften, and unite A thousand ways, is there no black or white?
Seite 181 - He is good to all, and his tender mercies are over all his works...
Seite 4 - ... than to reflect a little on the many grounds of gratitude we have to that beneficent Being from whom all being and happinefs are derived ; and...
Seite 123 - may be thus briefly defined ; a reflex principle within us neceftarily or involuntarily determining us to approve of fome of our actions and affections as good, and difapprove of the contrary as evil, in a moral and religious fenfe, as we fhall afterwards fee ; in which view, the questions' that naturally arife with refpect to it are as follows : * I.
Seite 5 - ... regard and conformity to the Divine Will, as it is impoffible for us to be fincerely thankful either to God or man, without endeavouring to pleafe or gratify him to whom we are thankful, and to whom we reckon ourfelves indebted ; whereas an ungrateful heart is, in all...
Seite 6 - God has beftowed, and continues liberally to bellow upon us, and which we are bound always thankfully to remember and acknowledge : But what tongue can tell the number of his benefits ? Fancy itfelf is loft in the...
Seite 4 - ... he has nothing to hope nor to fear from the difcovery ; and by reducing his weekly admonitions to very narrow limits, he hopes to prevent their becoming burdenfome to himfelf or to others.
Seite 5 - ... hold of every favourable opportunity of exciting a due attention to the bleffings of heaven, and grateful adoration of the...
Seite 6 - ... the body, every mean of informing and improving the foul, is the gift, the free and unmerited gift of our beneficent Creator ; earth, fea and air, proclaim his goodnefs ; every feafon, every. region of nature, abounds with the tendereft inftances of his affection for the forts of men.
Seite 5 - ... part of our time in reviewing both the more general and particular...

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