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Probably no selection of poems, outside those which must of necessity be included in an anthology, would seem to any teacher entirely inevitable. In the choice of poems, upon the relative value of which the verdict has not been final, personal preference must play a considerable part; and perhaps the editors have been unduly hampered by their personal prefer

In some cases they have been influenced in their choice by their experience in teaching, which has led them occasionally to include poems, not so much because they are significant in their relation to literary history or because they lend themselves to a coinparative study, as because they have been found interesting to students.

In the editorial work an attempt has been made to avoid the purely informational type of annotation. The aim has been to furnish, wherever possible, suggestions that will enable the student to supply his own notes. Similarly, the questions that accompany the notes are designed to stimulate and suggest thought on the part of both teacher and student rather than to make thinking unnecessary on the part of either. It is the experience of the editors that students are often at a loss as to what they should look for in a piece of literature, and that their uncertainty is even more apparent in the study of poetry than in that of prose. To meet this difficulty the questions have been provided. In some cases they may be unnecessary. In no case are they to be regarded as final or exhaustive.

The editors will welcome friendly criticism and the correction of errors, from which they are not so sanguine as to hope that the book is wholly free.


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