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even in this place, that I know of no influence in this district more powerful, of no energies to be called forth which might be exerted in the formation of such an institution with a better hope of success, than the talents God has committed to the care and improvement of those to whom I have here felt it my duty respectfully to submit the consideration of this important subject. • If the beneficial tendency of an institution formed for such benevolent, such pious purposes as those to which we have before adverted,-if its excellency, value, and importance, be once felt and acknowledged, its paramount claims on our consideration will not for a moment be denied

And how small a portion of your time, my brethren, withdrawn only from the ordinary recreations of life, and dedicated to the consideration of those means by which the parent institution has heretofore done much to better the condition of their poorer brethren throughout the land, might enable you to devise similar expedients, with such improvements as might be suited to the peculiar exigencies of the case to which you should apply them; and to render, through your combined exertions for their welfare, substantial and Christian service to every individual in need, and within the reach of your benevolent regards.

And to what nobler or more profitable end can your time or your talents be devoted? What purpose more sublime can engage the most exalted facul

ties of man, than that which, in the welfare of his creatures, has the glory of God for its end ?

And what, my brethren, if we have devoted our leisure hours to attainments which have secured for us, not only the admiration but even the esteem of man-what, we may ask, shall these acquisitions profit us, if we have neglected those more exalted, those pious, and only valuable pursuits to which we are directed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ—the good of our fellow creatures, and the glory of God? What shall the largest acquisitions of this world's advantages avail us, if we have neglected to pursue that better part by which alone we may make our calling and election in Christ Jesus sure, and best advance the everlasting interests of our immortal souls ?

What master can we serve, who has the power or the love to recompense our faith in his promises and our fidelity in his service with such inconceivablyglorious rewards as Christ, our heavenly master, has promised to those who love and serve and diligently seek him, and who prove that love by deeds of charity and kindness to their fellow creatures at large, and to the poor in particular ?

May these considerations, my brethren, impressed on your hearts and minds, through the grace of God, lead you to give to this interesting subject that serious attention which, with all deference to your better judgment, we humbly conceive its importance demands. May they lead you to such measures, in aid of the existing institutions of the land, as may seem to you best calculated for increasing the comforts and bettering the condition of the poor within the reach of your benevolent exertions. And that your efforts may not be wanting in that principle which can alone entitle them to a glorious reward in the kingdom of heaven, may the blessed influences of God's Holy Spirit fulfil your hearts with the love of Christ; and may that love constrain you to every act which may increase the present comforts of the poor, and promote their everlasting peace. May you, by such measures, be laying up in store for yourselves a good foundation against the time to come, that you may attain eternal life. May you, by such deeds of charity and labours of love, so improve your talents here, that you may hereafter be found among the faithful stewards of God; and, finally, rewarded with the joyful sentence, with which they are greeted

“ Well done, thou good and faithful servant, thou “ hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee “ ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of " thy Lord.”


Printed by T. Brettell, Rupert Street, Haymarket, London,



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