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trim into better shape. But the pruning knives have been so many, that I long ago gave up the hope of find. ing all the lopped branches. In three or four instances I have wittingly left out what seemed to me objectionable


Of well-known hymn writers, I could sometimes get an old edition and copy from that; but with the thousand pameless hymns, I could but compare and take which version I liked best. Often indeed (especially where the alterations had sprung from that great root of alteration -a lower tone of Christianity than that of the hymn) the original words asserted their own right without a question; and many times the hymn had to be collected from various books,—I have had twelve open before me at one time, for one hymn.

I have admitted a few hymns, which I well knew would be called unlearned and even rough; yet there was something in their strong faith, or its strong expression, which I was not willing to leave out. It was fair, too, that all parts of the Church should be represented. And for any general favourites that are wanting, I can only say, look at my number of pages.

As to names—whenever I found such as were well authenticated, I have put them in the index. Where the name was doubtful I preferred to leave a blank.


New York, Feb. 9, 1858.

These Hymns are here brought together for the Help of the Christian's life --- the Joy and Com

fort of the Sick Room --- the Hope of the Doubting,

and the Rest of the Wearg' in Heart. Under His Blessing, who has Promised to His People that " in the Days of famine They shall be Satisfied."

Thou shalt remember all the way which the

Lord thy God led thee these forty years in the

wilderness, to humble thee, and to probe thee, to

know what was in thine heart, whether thou

wouldest keep his commandments, or no.

DEUT. viii. 2.




The Kingdoms are but One.

HAPPY the souls to Jesus joined,

And saved by grace alone:
Walking in all his ways, they find

Their heaven on earth begun.
The church triumphant in thy love,

Their mighty joys we know:
They sing the Lamb in hymns above,

And we in hymns below.

Thee in thy glorious realm they praise,

And bow before thy throne;
We in the kingdom of thy grace :

The kingdoms are but one.
The holy to the holiest leads,

And thence our spirits rise;
For he that in thy statutes treads,

Shall meet thee in the skies.


Nearer home.

ONE sweetly solemn thought

Comes to me o'er and o'erI'm nearer home to-day

Than I ever have been before.

Nearer my Father's house,

Where the many mansions be; Nearer the great white throne,

Nearer the jasper sea;

Nearer the bound of life,

Where we lay our burdens down;Nearer leaving the cross

Nearer gaining tho crown.

But lying darkly between,

Winding down through the night, Is the dim and unknown stream

That leads me at last to the light.

Closer, closer my steps

Come to the dark abysm; Closer death to my lips

Presses the awful chrysm.

Saviour, perfect my trust,

Strengthen the might of my faith; Let me feel as I would when I stand

On the rock of the shore of death;

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