Arsinoe of Egypt and Macedon: A Royal Life

OUP USA, 21.03.2013 - 215 Seiten
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The life of ArsinoŽ II (c. 316-c.270 BCE), daughter of Ptolemy Soter, the founder of the Ptolemaic dynasty, is characterized by dynastic intrigue. Her marriage to her full brother Ptolemy II, king of Egypt, was the first of the sibling marriages that became the "dynastic signature" of the Ptolemies. With Ptolemy II, she ended her days in great wealth and security and was ultimately deified. However, in order to reach that point she was forced to endure two tumultuous marriages, both of which led her to flee for her life, leaving war, murder, and bloodshed in her wake. Throughout much of her life, ArsinoŽ controlled great wealth and exercised political influence, but domestic stability characterized only her last few years. ArsinoŽ was the model for the powerful role Ptolemaic women gradually acquired as co-rulers of their empire. Her image continued to play a role in dynastic loyalty and solidarity for centuries to come. Despite the fact that ArsinoŽ was the pivotal figure in the eventual evolution of regnal power for Ptolemaic women, and despite a considerable body of recent scholarship across many fields relevant to her life, there is no up-to-date biography in English on the life of this queen. Elizabeth Carney, in sifting through the available archaeological and literary evidence, creates an accessible and reasoned picture of this royal woman. In describing ArsinoŽ's significant role in the courts of Thrace and Alexandria, Carney dicusses the role of earlier Macedonian royal women in monarchy, the institution of sibling marriage, and the reasons for its longstanding success in Hellenistic Egypt. Ultimately, this book provides a broader view of an integral player in the Hellenistic world.

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A great history of the first fifty years after the death of Alexander, but so little is known about ArsinoŽ that she remains an elusive figure in her own biography. Vollstšndige Rezension lesen


ArsinoŽs Background and Youth 31814300
ArsinoŽ as the Wife of Lysimachus ca 300281
ArsinoŽ and Ptolemy Ceraunus 28127976
ArsinoŽs Return to Egypt and Marriage to Ptolemy II 279275
ArsinoŽ II as Wife of Ptolemy II ca 275270 268
ArsinoŽ s Afterlife
Important People in the Life of ArsinoŽ II
Sources and Assessment of ArsinoŽ IIs Career

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Elizabeth Donnelly Carney is Professor of History and Carol K. Brown Endowed Scholar in Humanities at Clemson University.

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