The Chess Player's Chronicle, Band 4

R. Hastings, 1843
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Seite 369 - O, weep for Adonais ! though our tears Thaw not the frost which binds so dear a head ! And thou, sad Hour, selected from all years To mourn our loss, rouse thy obscure compeers, And teach them thine own sorrow! Say: 'With me Died Adonais ; till the Future dares Forget the Past, his fate and fame shall be An echo and a light unto eternity...
Seite 217 - David expresses the same sentiment, and teaches us that as it was in the beginning, so it is now and ever shall be, and that there is verily no new thing under the sun.
Seite 369 - The splendours of the firmament of time May be eclipsed, but are extinguished not ; Like stars to their appointed height they climb And death is a low mist which cannot blot The brightness it may veil. When lofty thought Lifts a young heart above its mortal lair, And love and life contend in it, for what Shall be its earthly doom, the dead live there And move like winds of light on dark and stormy air.
Seite 215 - Come, Ossian, come away," he says. Fingal has received his fame. We passed away, like flames that had shone for a season. Our departure was in renown. Though the plains of our battles are dark and silent ; our fame is in the four grey stones. The voice of Ossian has been heard. The harp has been strung in Selma. " Come, Ossian, come away," he says, " come, fly with thy fathers on clouds.
Seite 206 - KP tmo squares. 2. K. Kt. to B. third. 2. Q. Kt. to B. third. 3. KB to QB fourth. 3.
Seite 79 - M.) 1. P. to K. fourth 2. P. to KB fourth 3. K. Kt. to B. third 4. KB to QB fourth 5. Kt to K. fifth 6. K. to B. square 7.
Seite 287 - KP two squares 2 K. Kt. to B. third 3 KB to QB fourth 4 QBP one square , 5 QP two squares 6 P.
Seite 319 - K's Kt. to B's 3rd. 2. K's Kt. to B's 3rd. 3. P. to Q's 4th. 3. Kt. takes K's P. 4. K's B. to Q's 3rd. 4. P. to Q's 4th. 5. Kt. takes K's P. 5. K's B. to Q's 3rd. 6. Castles. 6. Castles. 7. P. to Q. B's 4th. 7. P. to K. B's 4th. 8. P. to K.
Seite 325 - B. 1. KP two 2. KB to QB fourth 3. K. Kt. to B. third 4. QBP one 5.
Seite 118 - White. (LIVERPOOL.) 1. QP two 2. QBP two 3. KP one 4. B. takes P. 5. P. takes P. 6. Q. Kt. to B. third 7. K. Kt. to B. third Black.

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