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maker, took me to his inn, where we spent the evening. He proposed that I should sell paper for him, which I might either buy on my own account, or sell on his by commission. As I could spare one or two hundred pounds, I chose to purchase ; therefore appropriated a room for the reception of goods, and hung out a signThe Paper Warehouse. From this small hint I followed the stroke forty years, and acquired an ample fortune.

1763.-We took several pleasurable journeys; among others, one at Aston, and in a superior style to what we had done before. This is the peculiar privilege of us Birmingham men: if ever we acquire five pounds extraordinary, we take care to show it.

1764.-Every man has his hobby-horse, and it is no disgrace prudently to ride him. He is the prudent man who can introduce cheap pleasures without impeding business.

About ten of us, intimate friends, amused ourselves with playing at tennis. Entertained with the diversion, we erected a tennis-court, and met on fine evenings for amusement, without


I was constituted steward of our little fraternity.

My family continued their journeys, and were in a prosperous state,

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