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of his seniors might alike be glad to look over the other's shoulder, and find him in his corner perusing it.

This may be speaking in a boastful manner ; but an Editor has a right to boast of his originals, especially when they are such as have comforted and delighted him throughout his own life, and are for that reason recommended by him to others.

He would also claim for it a merit, great in the wise eyes of children, and becoming greater every day in those of the community at large ; namely, that of its being a Book of Pictures. If he had had the pleasure of having the artist at his elbow, he might have requested him to make a little change in two or three instances, such as omitting the bird-cage on the old lady's table, and making the approach to his Castle of Indolence a little more easy; but he has enjoyed his landscapes and his domesticities, has walked with great satisfaction in his bowery places, and returns him special thanks for the abode of the Schoolmistress.

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