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in the principal Particulars of my Life, will remind me of all the Blessings with which it has been crowned.

I was born at Berlin, the 31st of May, 1711; my Parents designed me, for the Ministry, and whether they had instilled into me a Liking of it, or it was the Gift of Nature, my first Thoughts and Desires took a strong Turn that Way. In 1720, I was put to the French College, and, having, in 1725, gone through all its Forms, I for two Years attended M. la Croze, Professor of Philosophy. IA 1727, I was admitted a Proposant *; in 1729, a Candidate, and, in 1731, I was called to the Church of Brandenburg : Here I only staid a few weeks, being removed to the Paftorship

py of the Church of Fredericft adt- at Bertin.

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Affiduity y to qualify myself for that Station, which was the predominant Object on which I always kept my Eye, had not permitted me to turn alide to any other Studies, than those effential to my Profeffion; and, besides, little did I think that I fhould pass from that Profeffion to any other, and still less that I should weary the Press with my Productions.

The first Occafion which initiated me, as an Author, arose from my Connections, A young Divine licensed to preach.

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in 1732, with the late Count de Manteuffel, whose Memory has received from the literary World the Elogiums due to his Love of Literature. He was then busied in defending the Cause of his Master, Augu,lus II, King of Poland, against Stanislaus, Competitor for that Throne. The Elections were then at a Crisis, and Writings relative to them came out very thick. M. de Manteuffel condescended to affociate me in a Talk very foreign from my

former Occus pations. The Principal of our Pieces was, intitled, A Series of Letters betwixt two Friends of different Sentiments, with Regard to the Diet of EleElion, and the Proclamaa tions of Stanislaus Leczinsky and the Elector of Saxony, 1734, in Quarto. ) :

In this Element I did not continue long, though again brought back to it by other Circumstances, which I fhall mention in the Sequel : M. de Beaufobre, the Father, was pleased to make me the Offer of assisting him in the Bibliotheque German nique, which had been begun, in 1720, by a Society styling themselves Anonyme, and under the Direction of M. Lenfant, My Quota was about a Third of each Vo. lume, till, M. de Beaufobre dying in 1738, I continued in Partnership with M. de Mauclerc, each performing an equal Part; of this second very 'esteemable Friend I

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was deprived in 1742, and, for some Time, the whole Work lay on me. The former Bibliotheque Germanique had seen its Period in Tome L, and had been succeeded by the Journal Literaire d'Allemagné. Of these only four Parts appeared ; after which, in Conjunction with M. de Perard, I began La Nouvelle Bibliotheque Germanique. This Affociation having ceased at Tome V; I put my Name to Tome VI, for the three first Months of 1750, and from that Time have regularly published four Parts every Year. : A Sickness, with which I was visited in 1735, reduced me to a long State of Inactivity, but it was, indeed, this Illness and its Consequences which redoubled my Application for the Business of the Closet'; I now too fensibly felt that my Constitution would not be equal to a juft Discharge of the Pastoral Duties, and thus was under à natural Necessity of turning my Views towards Settlements of another Kind.

The Count de Manteuffel, wearied with the Embarassments of Politics, had immersed himself in Divinity and Philosophy, and set me to work beyond my former Affiduity. I was quite overwhelmed with Translations, Prefaces, Expoftulations, and Remarks, all warmly asserting the Wolfian Philosophy against its Adverfaries.

In 1738, his late Majesty had given Orders for a French Translation of the Considerations of M. Reinbeck on the Confesfion of Augsburg. The two eminent Perfons who had been appointed for the Execution of the Royal Order, took me as their Colleague, or, rather, did me the Honour of leaving the greatest Part of the Work to my Conduct. But the Demise of our Royal Patron put an End to the Work.

In 1737, the Profefforship of Eloquence in the French College being vacant, my Vanity was pleased in feeing myfelf a Profeffor where I had been a Scholar ; and, in 1739, I was promoted to the Chair of Philofophy, which had been filled by my worthy Tutor M. la Croze, Jately dead. On this I thought it my Duty to resign my Ecclesiastical Preferment.

I was, as above is intimated, to have another Trial at Politics. This the late M. de Tbulemeyer engaged me in ; and it was from Regard to this Minifter, that I drew up a Piece with the Title of Correspondence betwixt two Friends, the one a Pruffian, the other a Spaniard, on the Succeffion of Juliers. · In 1741, M. Baretier communicated to me the Memoirs relating to his Son fo famous for the unparallelled Precocity of his Genius, I agreed, at his Desire, to


digest them, and this produced La Vie de M. Jean Philippe Baretier, &c.

By his Majesty's Order, I began a new weekly Paper, in Quarto, under the Title of Journal de Berlin, ou Nouvelles Politiques Litéraires; the First appeared the 2d of July 1740. I was to receive the Articles of News immediately from the first Hand, but the War breaking out soon after closed up this Source, and I put an End to my Journal with the Year.

In 1742, I had begun a Philosophical Dictionary, and the Work was in considerable Forwardness, when the Plan of Encyclopedie appeared ; persuaded that this vaft and noble Performance would absorb mine, I transmitted, to the Conductors of the Encyclopedie, my Manufcript, which amounted to eighteen hundred Folio Pages of common Writing Paper; and I have the Pleasure to find, that my Articles are made Use of, as the alphabetical Order introduces them.

On the Revival of the Royal Academy, in 1744, I was admitted a Member, and appointed Historiographer in 1745; and, being, in 1748, honoured with the Poft of perpetual Secretary, I have, from that Time, digested the Memoires de l'Academie. The first Volume appeared in

1746 ;

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