Hertha, zeitschrift für erd, völker- und staatenkunde, Band 11

In der J.G. Cotta'schen buchhandlung, 1835

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Seite 400 - far to the eastward, so as to bar the progress of the expedition towards the centre of the continent, there may remain the unexplored territory along the western slope to occupy its attention in returning. Much of the ultimate importance and interest, as well as the security of guidance and prospect of safe return of
Seite 398 - it is the wish of the committee that the intention and the proper course of proceeding, as far as such can be determined at present, should be defined and rendered familiar to the parties composing the expedition. „It is to be hoped that this may be only the first of a series of
Seite 101 - Slrutt, etc. representing the most remarkable objects of Nature and Art in every region of the globe.
Seite 348 - litori adnectitur; post spatiosa modice paullatim se ipsa fastigat et quasi in mucronem longa colligens latera, facie positi ensis adlecta est.
Seite 401 - observing stations may be classed those in which no lunar distances can be got, and when the sights for time and meridian altitude can only be superficially and imperfectly taken, or one without the other. With a view to the Connexion of these with the primary station, and to the sketching
Seite 402 - bottle, from its centre, and that the situation of such places of deposit should ^also be ascertained by exact compass bearings of several remarkable points in the horizon, both near and distant, as well as by angles between them, carefully determined with a sextant, and noted down in
Seite 401 - grounded, and that the observed or presumed index or zero corrections, whether of chronometer, sextant, barometer, or other instrument, should be stated separately in every case, and on no account incorporated with observed quantities, and, moreover, that the observations upon which such index errors have been concluded should
Seite 402 - that description have upon the barometer, and observe also the temperature of deep pools or lakes and copious springs. „The geological structure of the country is especially worthy of minute and extended observation , and "will require that notes be kept of all such appearances as indicate
Seite 402 - mapped down so as to be available for many useful purposes. In all such cases the compass bearings of the most important object in the horizon should be taken, and in the absence of the sextant angles, azimuth compass readings of each point may be substituted
Seite 401 - moving the hands, * however great their errors may become, not even in the extreme case of one or both of them having been allowed to run down. In case of such a misfortune (which should be most carefully guarded against, by making it the daily

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