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after him ; under whom also the Empire was always enlarged, or at least preserved in its greatness even to the children of Theodofius. It broke in pieces the whole Earth, stamped the residue with the feet of it. For it mortifyed all its neighbours whom it did not Subdue. The oth. Ch. of the Revel, belongs to this first part of the Prophecy of Daniel. The 8th. Ch.of the Revelation addeth to the Prophecy of Daniel, for it shews the degrees wherby the Roman Empire was brought to its division into ten Kingdoms.

8. It had ten horns, & I considered the horns, E behold there came up aming them another little : born before whom three of the first horns werë

plucked up by the roots ; & behold in this horn were Eyes like the Eyes of a Man, SS a month Speaking great things.. * 24. The Angelexplaining this place faith, The ten horns out of the Kingdom areten Kings that Shall arise, another shall arise after them, he Shall be diverse from the first, & shall fubdue three

25. And he shall speak great words against thë Most High., & Shall wear out the saints of the Most High; a thinkto change Times & laws; Es they shall be given into his hand untilla time; & times, the dividing of time. : :

See the division of the fourth Monarchy in to ten others , which was made after the year 450. We shall see afterwards which are these ten Kingdoms. From the midft of these ten comes up a little horn , a Monarch that appears as nothing , a Priest that insensibly encreases his power over these ten Kings, so



far as to take away the third part of their Demains, Jurisdiction & Power. This is what hath been exactly accomplisht in the Papacy, · which hath taken away from the Western Kings more than a third part of their Estate, which is become Church Lands,& dependant on the Church ; more than a third of their jurisdiction by the Tribunals of Bishops & Officials, who drew almost all causes to them, under the pretence, that there was something mingled with them that respected the Church, the Sacraments, or the Conscience ; Lastly, more than a third part of their Power , by the Ufurpations of the Popes, who have made Kings their Vassals a hundred ways. Besides this, the Popes have particularly overthrown these three Kingdoms, that of the Greeks in Italy, that of the Lombards,& that of Germany, which they have made dependant on the Roman Church. This little horn speaks words of blafphemy against God, exalts it self above all that is called God, & against the Kings of the Earth. It destroys the saints of the most high. That is to say, it persecutes them even to blood. It thinks to changethe Times ES the Law : it makes attempts against the divine laws : it destroys Gods Commands , & dispenseth with them. It commands the adoration of images & Creatures, which God forbids. It permits crimes whichGod abominates,& against which he hath made severe laws. This also is the true description of the Pope & the Papacy. • To this horn is given a time, & times, the dividing or the half of A time ; one year,


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two years , half a year ; three years & half
in all; 360. prophetical days to a year, that
is to say, 1260. years. See the text on which
the rih, 13th, & 17 . Ch. of the Revel, are a

Ibeheld till the Thrones were cast down, &
the Ancient of days did fit, whose garment was
white as snow, the hair of his head like the
pure wool, his throne was like the fiery flame,
his wheels as burning fire.

A fiery stream issued came forth from before him; thousand thousands ministred to him, & ten thousand times ten thousands stood before him ; the judgment was fet ES the books were open'd.

I bebeld then because of the voice of the great words which the born spake ; I bebeld even till the beast was sain , bis body destroyed, 88 given to the burning flame.

In the explication which the Angel gives Daniel we read, But the judgment shall fit, ES they shall take away his dominion, consume Esto to destroy it unto the end. ;.i.

And the Kingdom, o dominion, the greate ness of the Kingdom under the whole Heaven, Shall be given to the people of the saints of the most high, whose Kingdom is an everlasting Kingdom , a all dominions shall serve ca obey him.

The judgment here fpoken of is not the last judgment;God appears fitting on a magnificent throne , not to judg the whole world, but to judg the Empire ofthe Beast, the fourth Monarchy in its Antichristian Period, & to deal



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forth the various punishments that befall this Monarchy for 7 or 8 hundred years, tobring it to its end. This Fire, these Flames, there Wheels burning like fire, on which the throne moves, represent the greatness of those punishments. And behold the Text of the oth. Ch. in which St. John presents to our view tbe Saracens & the Turks, that make desolate the Roman Antichristan Empire ; & of the 14th, 15th, 16th, 18th, & 19th, where God in divers visions represents the different steps of the ruin of the Roman Antichristian Empire.

As for what is said here of the Kingdom given to the Saints , 'tis the matter & Text of the end of the 11th. Ch. of the 20,21, & 22. throughout.

So it will appear in following the path which we are entred into , that the whole Revelation is a commentary on ten or twelve verses of the 7th. Ch. of Daniel.

Empiremake desolatie

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CHAP. IV. The Systeme of the seven seals & the seven

Trumpets , that denote the great events,

& bring the world to its eud. TN the 4th. Ch.the H. Spirịtopen'd the scene;

the 5th, is a preludium for the vision of the seven seals which is contained in the 6 .Ch. The first book is sealed with seven seals, that is to say, 'tis very obscure. Indeed it is so to that degree that never will any thing be said


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on this first part of the Revelation, that goes beyond conjecture & probability. Wheras as for the second, I hold that one may attain to the true sense of it, & certainly know that one hath found it. See what in my judgment may best be said on the seven seals.

The seven seals certainly reach to the end of How fari the world, but not in that manner as the feals reich.

th the seven greatest part ofour Interpreters have imagin'd,

in dividing the duration of the World from s. - Christ to its end into seven Periods almost

equal. The lix First seals do not go beyond 300. years. But the seventh seal is fi:bdivided into seven Trumpets, & doth produce them. Now these seven Trumpets bring the events even to the last judgment, the first not beginning till after the fin. seal. So that these seven seals are as sîxbranches, that shoot forth from the body of a Tree, with a seventh great branch , which it self becomes a great arm, & shoots forth seven other branches. As for this, it cannot be doubted by any that read the beginning of the 7th. Ch, with any attention.

To find out the mystery of the seven seals & the seven Trumpets, we must here again bring in that observation which we a little before made in the foregoing Ch. viz. that the Revelation contains enigmatically the Epi

tomy of the history of the fourth Monarchy, } that is to say, of the Roman Empire ; a Mo

narchy which according to Daniel's Prophecy 1 must last till the coming of the Kingdom of

J. Christon the Earth, i. e. to the end of the i reign of Antichrist. It is clear that the Holy

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