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Part2. ftature, shall come over unta thee, and they shall be

thine, they shall come after thee in chains, they shall come over, and they shall fall down unto thee, they shall make fupplication unto the laying, Surely God is in thee, & there is none else,&c.v.23,25. I bave sworn by my self, the word is gone out of my mouth in righteousneß, and shall not return, that unto me every knee shall bow, every tongue shall swear. In the Lord shall all the feed of Israel be justified, and glory. In the 49. Chapter throughout, and especially from the thirteenth Verse. Sing', o Heaven, and be joyfuli, o Earth, and break forth into linging, O mountains, for God bath.comforted his people, and will have mercy upon his affli&ted. But Sion bath said, the Lord hath forsaken me, and my Lord hath forgotten ': Can a woman forget her fucking child, &c. Thy children shall make hajte, and thy destroyers, and they that made thee waste shall go forth of thee. Life up thine eyes round about and bebold, all thesegather themselves togetherand come to thee;as I live, faith the

Lord, thou shalt surely cloath ihee with them all as - with an ornament, and bind them on thee as 'a Bride doth, &c. Then shalt thou say in thy heart, who hath begotten me these, feeing I have lost my children and an defolate, a captive, and removing to and fro? and ibo hath brought upthese? Behold, I was lefi alone, these where bad ibey been? &c. And Kings shall be oby nursing fathers, and Queens thy nursing mothers, and they shall bow down to thee, with their face toward

the earth, and lickup the dust of thy feet, and thou sbalt · know that I am the Lord, for they shall not be ashamed

that wait for me. One might transcribe the whole Prophet , for he is filled with these great promises. Read the 54, the 61, the 65, the 66, and above all the 60 Chapter, where he speaks to lerufalem, Arile; shine, for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is


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risen upon thee; Forbehold, the darkness shall cover Part 2 the earth, and gross darkness the people, but the Lord shall arise upon thee, & his glory shall be seen upon thee. And the Gentiles shall come to thy light, and Kings to the brightness of thy rising. Lift up thine eyes round about and see : all they gather themselves together,thex come to thee.; 'thyfons shall come from far, and thy: daughters shall be nursed at thy side. Then shou shalo fee, and flow together, and thine heart shall fear, and be enlargeld, because.the abundance of the Seashall be converted unto thee and the forces of the Gentiles shall . come un to thee, &c.' And the sons of the Arangers shall build up thy walls, and their Kings, shall mio nister unto thee; for in my wrath I (mote thee, but in my favour have I had mercy on thee. Allthe rest of the Clapter hath the same strength, and the same sense...

:*. Weask, when these Oracles have been fulklled? These Ora. was it, when this people was brougt back out of the be apply Babylonian captivity? But how can any man speak to there

settling of at this rate? what extravagant figures would these this tople be? Because this people rebuilt the City of lerusalem, alth, the

" Babylonian and the Temple, and formed a petty State in Syria, captivity. * under the Maccabees; could any one fay, that their Émpire should be as large as the whole world, that. all the Kings of the earth should pay them homage, that their children should be without number,&c?. Besides, have not all these Oracles a Character of Spirituality, which shews us, that God promiseth to give the Iews light, knowledge, holiness,righteouse ness? Thy people also shall be all righteous, faith the Prophet. But 'tis well known the government cf. the Maccabees was not ofthis nature. Tis therefore certain, yea, 'tis owned by all that are able to pieree into the spirit of the Prophets,that all these bleflings have relation unto the times of the Meffiah :



These are most two thoughout the Earth. 1. ; it fighs under

Part 2. Let any one tell us, what blessings the Nation These óra. of the lews hath received by the Mefliab? For alcles bave not been most two thousand years, this miserable Nation is accomo scatter'd throughout the Earth, it is the excreplisht since al She coming ment, the curse & off-scouring of all; it fighs under of the Marfiah.

a long and cruel captivity. Matters shall they then go off thus, the end of the World will come; the Jews shall perish in their miseries! If this befog certainly all chefe Prophecies are cheats; the Holy Spirit hath deceived this Nation, all their Oracles are false , and God hath born them up with vain hopes; for this is trifling with God and men, to say, that these promises were accomplisht in that small number of lows, who were converted to Christianity : When those Jewish Chriftians were so bad Chriftians, that they only served to found a cursed heresy, and sect; which hath born the name of Ebionates and Nazarens,

"Twill without doubt be said, that the lews Shall have the fulfilling of these great promises, through their return and calling, which willbeat the end of the World. Indeed 'ris a Position in true Christianity, that the lews shallbe called again, A thousand Oracles (some of which we have cited) promise this, The Miracle , by which God doch preserve this Nation, proveth it, as I think most irrefiftably. For lally, 'tis a thing that hath no, example, and cannot be imagined, that God should for two thousand years preserve this people, scatter'd among other Nations, yet without mixing it self with them, or learning their manners, their Relia gions, their fashions, which all other dispersed Nations do. This plainly speaks, that God preferves them for some great work. Now thisbeing supposed, that the Jews shall be converted, if presently after, the World shall end, and if neither.

for, and can hanya 'tis


siah was

and hither

the present Iews nor their posterity do enjoy the Part z, glorious advantages that are promised to them,

how shall they see the effects and accomplishment of
Ho so many Oracles? ;*
5. Here are infinițe millions of fouls of lews, which

perish for seventeen hundred years together, only a
small number of this people shall be saved in the last

years of the World. Is this enough to answer those en great Idea's , raised by the magnificent promises E made to this Nation? prenes Besides, we must obferve, that the Mefiah be-The Mer

longs to the Iews , he was promised to the lews; promised i this Nation from its very original hath been fed to the Jews, i with the hopes of the Mefiab's coming , as of such to he hatha

a good, which was too great to be described. . At only.

lait he comes, and this people (instead of seeing evil upon I those great promilesaccomplisht) sees their Temple them.

burnt, their capital Çity razed, their Serviceabo-
lisht, their posterity disperst throughout the world,

and made the execration and contempt of mankind. 3 Thus the Messiah, the glory of their Nation, brings

them nothing but shame, desolation, and infinite
miseries, which have no parallel in any other people.
All the advantage they have is, that at the end of -
the world, some thousands of lews shall be con.
verted, and escape the being damn'd. If this be so,
I confess that I nnderstand nothing in the Provi-
dences and Oracles of God.

There must therefore come a time, thatshall be
the reign of the Messiah and the lows, in which
this Nation shall be exalted (as hathbeen promised

them) above all the Nations; they must reign in
.. their Saints, Prophets and Apostles. Otherwise I am,

bold to say, that all the Oracles given to this people
are cheats , and were given only to be a snare to
" N

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¿Part. But fome willsay, all these glorious promises have Thefe Ora. been accomplisht in the Church, which hath been cles have not been gather'd among the Gentiles. Tis she, who hath

enlarged the cords of her tents; whose children the Church have been called from all the parts of the World. saken from To her must be applyed every thing which is said, Gcaties. to make the Church great and glorious. But do

they not perceive, that in the Oracles before us, the
Gentiles are evidently distinguisht from the people.
of Israel : Ifrael rules over the Gentites; the pas
tions must rejoyce in her light : All Nations mult.
come day and night into mount Sion, and to the City
of Jerusalem. The Kings of the Gentiles must be her
Protectors, her nursing Fathers; Sión muftfucktheir
milk; Sion must be served , the Gentiles muft ferve
ber. In a word, let all these Oracles be viewed;
and it will be seen that the people of Israel muft be
the ruling, the chosen, the Holy people and that the
Gentiles must be made happy, becaufe they shall be
incorporated into this Ifrael. Samen .
*. Besides this, how can this thought be entertain'd,
that all the terrible threatning's, that have been des
nounc't against the earthly lerusalem, (and against
the people of Israel,according to the flesh) have been
accomplisht in the literal and strict sense, upon het
and her children : and that the promises of grace
and glory have not, must not be accomplisht, but
only typically in thofe forreign Nations, with whom
she hath really no communion. I fhould'as soon
choose to say, that some advantagious promises
made to the French were fulfilled, because they
were made good to the Spaniards: Iews, and Gen-
tiles have always been in a direct opposition : the
grace promised to the one, is not the grace belong-
ing to the other. 'Twas fore-told to Ifrael, that
God would scatter them in his anger, and difperle


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