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remain dead 11. That is, the pone Truth it lel

Part2, no considerable check, but rather hath much

prevailed; it hath made war against the faints, and hath overcome theń: :

io... . 9. Towards the conclusion of this second period of the seventh viol, a sore perfecution must happen. The Witnesses clothed in Sackcloth; i.e. the faithful, who are under the Cross, shall be oppressed, and remain dead in thestreet of the great City for three years and a half. That is, the profeffion of the Truth shall be wholly suppressed: but the Truth it self shall not be buryed, nor layd in the grave , nor forgotten inr ,. i. . ,:. .

10. At the end of the three years and a half, shall begin the third period of the seventh viol, which the Holy Ghost calls the vintage. This is the total ruin of Antichrifts Kingdom, and this period shall last 20, or 25 years ; 'tis probable thật it will begin about the year 1690, or a little while after. iii . ... . .. . .. .

11. The first thing, which shall be done in the third period of the seventh vial, is the Fall of the tenth part of the City, i.e. of the Kingdom of Franče, which shall break with the Kourt of Rome, and wholly change the face of Religion in that Kingdomn. This is the first action of the vintage. ::

12. The Beast and the false Prophet , the Pope and his Agents, shall rally all their forces: but God fhall muster all his together, and give the last blow to Popery: then the Beast and the false Prophet shall be thrown into the lake , and plunged into the bota, tomless pit : Babylon shall wholly fall; and it shall be said , she is fallen, , Theis fallen.


Part 22

ble for me to with respect mely, that in timuch confia

The Reason why in this work we speak of some

things so positively. The linking together of
our Principles , suffers us not to doubt, that
we now are at the end of the reign of the
N the firf Edition of this work, i did here finish

what I had to say about those events past and fus
ture, which concern the ruin of Antichrists King-
domn. Second Editions have this advantage , that
they may be futed to the pallates of the Readers, of
whom a tryal hath been made. And (were it posli-
ble forme to do it) I would gladly use this piece of
prudence, with respect to a Remarque; which
yery many have made ; namely, that in this discourse
we speak over positively, and with too much confi.
dence , concerning things u hich at the most ought to
be propounded only as conjectures. Perhaps some
time or other men shall know the principal rea-
fon, which made me speak in so confident a manner, .
and with such tokens of assurance. In the mean
while I desire their attention to several things which
I have to say.

0. The fir) is, That I do not speakso confidently, as There are Eis believed, concerning the most part of those things fome which are yet to come: for example, I lay not down that are

things, the exa& iime of the resurrection of the witnesses. If

ed only as do not say, that it shall be exactly in such a year; for Grong con. I have declared, and doftill declare, that I know jeđures. not from whát time God shall please to begin,



I was af faid; The not unders of the motion

Partz. the reckoning of the three years and a half, Not

but that I strongly hope, that God intendsto begin it at the time of the Revocation of the Edi&t of Nantes : but this doth not rise to a fullassurance. That which concerns the rising again of our Reformation by way of inspirations, the approaching Reformation of France by way of Authority, the fall of the tenth part of the City ; i. e. of France, which shall forsake the papal Kingdom; this I say seems to me to be more than a conjecture , 1 confess it ; and if things should fall out otherwise, I should be very much mistaken: But however if the fall of popery should begin in some other place, I would ingenuously confess that I was deceived, which is not impoffible. That which I said; That the Countries, Kingdoms, and States, which are not under the papacy, ought not to be accounted the streets of the areat City, and that they must not feel any persecution , seems to me more than probable, and I believe it. Butnotwithstanding, I declare; that I do not make it an Ar

ticle of faith ; and if it should fall out, that God , 1hould send his defolating scourge upon allthe Re

formed Churches in Europe, without excepting the places where our Religioñat this day bears sway; I grant that men will haveright to accuse me; that I have guess'd wrong, but not that I made rashi con

clufions. And truly, when I consider the horrible * looseness, whichevery where prevails, I confefs, that

. I cannot but fear left God should throw all into ' 1' the same furnace. What is Behold therefore, what I assert, namely, that this propound. is the lalt perfecurion, which Antichrist must raise ed as cer

against the church, and that we are near the end of the twelve hundred and fixty years (which is the Period of his Empire,) and that in the beginning of



the next age, this Empire must see its end. If I Part 2, hould be mistaken nine or ten years, and that this Empire should instead of ending in the year 1710, or thereabouts) run on untill the pear 1720, I do not think that any could justly treat me as a false Prophet, and accuse me of rashness. Many will not forbear to judge merash, because I propound my conjectures about these things as certain conclusions. To this I have a second thing to say, That none hath reason to be offended, that I am poliested with, and perswaded of thată which I think I evidently see, and that I find the proofs of what I propound convincing to my self. I should do ill to demand of others the same assurance, and oblige them to entertain the same perswasion“; I declare the contrary in express terms : Iam wellcon. tent (as I have said) that my Readers should account these assertions to be conjectures, provided that I may have the liberty to believe what I see, or what I believe I see in the writings of the Prophers. Be- i sides, it seems that there is no great necessity of pu nishing me for this pretended rashness; seeing if so be, that I am mistaken, Time is preparing for mea mortification fore enough. Let us leave Providence to work: it will discover who is guilty of vashness and fond credulity.

The last thing which I would say for my justifi- Our prima cation is, that before any condemns me of raihness, bem contact as to what I hold, that we are at the end of the dered. 1260 years of Antichrists reigú, my principles must be duely weighed, and that not each apart (as perhaps some have done) but conjointly. Behold the principles and their connexion. 1. The first is, that the papacy is the Antichristian Empire of which these Prophecies speak. 2. That Idolatry is the principal Character of this Antichristian Empire.

Mm 2 z. That

Theplagues, areth rivers of bio of Romeins the hor

Part 2. 3. That this Empire of the Beast must begin when

the Roman Empire was divided into ten Kingdoms, and when that Head (the Emperors ) which was in the Apostle Pauls time, was destroyed. Here are ihrèc principles', which I know not how any Proteftant can doubt of. We shall presently see whither they will lead us. 4. My fourth principle is , that I have hit the truth in the explication of the reven viols, so that the stinking ulcer in the first is the hor. rible corruption of the Church of Rome in the tenth Age. The Sea and rivers of blood in the two following plagues, are the Butcheries acted by the Croisades, The encrease of the Sun's heat in the fourth plague, is the encrease of the papal authority: the Ecclipse and darkning of this Sun in the fifth plague , is the grand Schism between Rome and Avignon : the Kings of the East, who pass ever Euphrates, in the fixıh plaguè, are the Turks, who pass over the Bosphorus to invade the remainder of the Greek Empire, and a part of that of the Latins: and lastly, the dividing of the great City into three parts, in the feventb plague, is the dividing of the Latin Cburch into three Communions, Papils, Lutherans, and Refot. wed. I lay down as a principle, which I cannot doubt of, that I have hit the mark in the explication of these plaquës. But this ('tis faid) seems rash, to allert so confidently that which can only be a strong conjecture. Men may object what they please against this exposition, but I cannot recant it. And I desire the World seriously to consider only these two things. 1. That my explications very well agree with the words and Metaphors of the prophecy. 2. That 'tis impossible that chance should produce an esiplication universally lucky. It must be remembred what we said concerning the Epistle's to'the seven Churches, on the question,


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