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x Cathedra ; all his decisions are feased with the Part 2. vord Armageddon, and of the grand Excommuniation.

These spirits or Oracles are three in number, not why three of the number feven, for this number is sacred, and unclean broper 'to signify the sacred perfection of the Di

05spirits. rine Oracles, which thing the Holy Ghost intinates not only by seven fpirits, but alsoby seven thunders. Nevertheless, seeing the Oracles of the False Prophet, of Antichrift, are perfect in their kind, i.e. they are at the height ofimpurity,there must have been a number denoting perfection aso figned to them; now no other could be found, but that of three. Besides, these unclean spirits are of the number three, because of the three springs, or sources, the Dragon, the Beast, and the false Prophet, as if every one must have one of his own. And further, 'cis a wonderful providence of God, that the body of the Canon Law, which is the heap of the papal Laws, is divided into three parts,which appear'd in the World at three different times. The Decree, of Gratian is the first part, and it was Threeparts compiled in the twelfth Century. After this, came obna

ome of the Cathe second part, under the title of the Decretals of that answer Gregory IX. Thethird part is made up of the Bulls ihre of Popes, called Clementines, publisht at the Coun- clean spicil of Lions, by Clement V. of others called Extra- tits. vagants, others called common, and common extravagants. These are the three parts of the Canon Law, which are in truth three unclean spirits; for . there is nothing so monstrous, and so contrary unto the spirit of Christianity.

The papal Lastly, these papal Laws are set forth by the num= three unber of three unclean spirits , because there are in it

in clean spic

?!" rits, pride effect three spirits of impurity, that do reign in covetouf

ness, un. them; Pride, Covetousnes and Unchastity.


Part 2.

Pride: for first; nothing is more proud then th:) design of the Popes in general, to give Laws to th World, to make Emperors, to give a body of Law which all shall use; to call themselves infallible, ti pretend to pronounce Oracles , to thunder ou: Bulls upon the heads of Kings, and of allmen.

Covetousness: for in the papal Laws, every thing tends to profit;the Rules of the Roman Chancery and Penetenciary , do make up a part of the Roman Laws, and in them every thing is sold, not the most abominable crimes excepted. If we would examine the Laws of the Popedom, they are all for gain, and tend to the exercise of a most abominable Jimony. They that will, may consult the firit part of our prejud. against popery , without reckoning up many other books , where the same matter is treated.

Unchasfiry hath its share : for in these Laws such filthinessis to be found, as cause horror; the rules of the Penitenciary do enough prove this : This same

is found in the Decree of Grarian, in Buchard the
First part, famous Canonist, and in such like Authors. I have
chap; 28: given some specimen's in my Prejugd, and in my
Apolog. Svonc pccunch Stil my r
for the Apology for Theodore Beza. .
vvby-the 'Tis for this reason, that the Oracles of the false
Oracles of Prophet are compared to Froggs; the Oracles of
popery are a
compared Godare Eagles , that flye in pureair; but the Ora-
10 Froggs. cles of popery and false Religion, are creatures that

love the dirt, that descend into pits and live there.
They make a great noyse in times of darkness, as ,
Froggs do in the night , but will immediately be fi-
lent as soon as the Sun of grace is risen,that is, when
it shall dissipate all the shadows of false Relis

These are the spirits of Devils, working miracles.
For these papal decisions, these orders of the Anti-


of God Almo merenger der", and.cended heretic

...chriftian Kingdom, that they may establish the ado- Part 2,

ration of idols, the invocation of Creatures, the idoLatry of bread, are supported by signs, anda thou. fand lying miracles. But 'twill be objected, these decisions do not work miracles; whereas the Text here faith, that these three unclean spirits work miracles: A very flight difficulty ! For seeing the Holy Ghost represents these Laws of the Popedom, as spirits, i.e. as persons, and as intelligent existing fubftances; there must beactions ascribed to them:

Actiones funt fuppofitorum, say the Schools. Thus Saint John ought necessarily to speak of miracles; wrought in favour of the papal Laws and Papists as of miracles that are wrought by them. They go forth unto the Kings of the Earth and of the whole

World, to gather them to the battel of that great day - of God Almighty. The Bulls of Popes are as so many

thundering meslengers, who are sent to Princes, and who threaten, order , and command them to make Croisades, to destroy pretended hereticks; and to employ temporal weapons, to execute the orders of the spiritual Authority : and also command them to enjoyn the observation in all places of idolatrous worship, wicked Carons, and the proud government which the Popedom hath establisht by its decrees. All this unitestogether, and gathers the Kings of the Earth, makes one bedy, one army of persons oyn'd in a bond of a most real conspiracy, who fight against God, and seek to rob him of his honour and glory. Interpreters have entertain'd The day of a false notion, in imagining that by the day of battel battel is.

the whole is to be understood, the very time in which Anti-durasion of 3 christ must be destroy’d. For 'tis the whole time of the Anti

. christian the Antichristian Idolatry and Tyranny , though Kingdom. especially of the last period of Antichrist, i, e. of Antichrist declining or approaching to his fall.


Antichrist of the laft period and Tyranny ole time of the


· Part 2. This time is called the day of God Almighty, be

cause at the end of this day or time, God shall difplay his vengeance against these Kings, who are leagued against him, through means of the papal and Eccleliaftick Laws and decrees. During three parts of that day and battelagainst God, his Church is worsted; but in the last part of the battel, God Thall overcome.

Thefe Kings of the Earth are gather'd together in Armageddon. The place Armageddon, is the place from whence the thunderbolts of excommunications and curses do come forth; i. e. the See of Rome, and of the Pope or the Vatican, whose thunderbolts have so often consumed whole Countries. All the Kings who are subject to the Popedom, are gather'd, leagued and united, in this place, and by this place. Seeing the Prophet had represented the papal Laws as Ipirits and persons, he ought in the same manner to represent the Excommunica. tion or Curse, as a place which unites and gathers rogether the men who are contain'd init. '

Behold, I come as a thief, bléssed is he that watchi eth, and keepeth his garinents, left he walk naked, and they see his shame. This is a Parenthefis , which hath relation to the battel, that the papal lawsj cena sures, interdicts, anathema's, decisions and Papists do fight against the Truth and the Faith, to admơ. nish the faithfull, that they be upon their guard a

gainst so many assaults , and so many lying Oracles,

od which deceive the minds and hearts of men. · places Thereremains only one difficulty, and that is, to these three and

ance know why the Holy Ghost places these papal spio unclean spirits of rits or Laws. under the sixth viol: but the reasons

ww. are evident enough. . Sixth viol. This sixth viol begins its period in the year 1390.

when the Turks began to pass over the Archipel,

pupery under the

First reaion.


and the Bosphorus, they went still forward, untill Part 2. the year 1526. when they ceased to gain ground upon the West. Now'twas at this time, that the body of the papal Laws, (styl'd the Canon Law)

was compleated; the Clementines had been publisht 6 by John XXII. about the year 1320. he likewise

publisht the Extravagants. But the Common, or

the common Extravagants appeared not, nor were a compiled till the end of the fifteenth Century: So

that; 'tis properly in this fixth period of the viols; o that this work of darkness was wholly finisht. Now

'tis natural, when something is to be brought upon a great Theatre, that it may be shown, to stay till it be finisht; and therefore the Prophet ought not

to speak sooner of these papal Laws. é .Besides, there never had been any age, or time, second À wherein there were more Armageddons, Anathe- reason...

The 1seh ma's and Excommunications, then in this period. Century The Popes at Rome and Avignon did excommuni- was an Age

:: of Excom. I cate one another. Within this period, the Councils municati.

of Pifa, Constance, Bafil, Florence, and the Lateran ons,

under Julius II. and Leo X. were held; and it was e nothing but anathema's, excommunications, canons,

decisions, censures, either against Popès or pretended
hereticks, as the Wickliffites , Bohemians , Taborites;
and lastly against Luther, &c. :

Lastly,these spirits are most fitly placed under the Third Reda
period of the sixth viol, because then the Bulls,deci- ron.
lions, decrees of the Church of Rome, gathered the
Kings of the Earth to battel against the Bohemians.
And Zisca having gain'd such lignal victories, that
they might well be called the battels of the great day
of God Almighty; a Croisade was publisht against
him, and all those who stood for the Truth in Bohem
mia, and the neighbouring Countries.

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