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one. For that which comes in the place of that which is wounded, lasts to the end. Therefore

the head wounded to death must be the fixth; and is the resurrection of this head must make the fe

venth head, or the seventh Government. The

sixth head is that of the Emperours. 'Tis woundelli ed by the Goths and the Vandals. The Roman

Empire is destroyed. But it rises again under another head, and a new kind of government , viz. that of the Popës. In the power of the Papacy is Conftant. brought forth again, if not the grandure of the ancient Empire , yet at least a form of govern

ment, that is not very much different from that, u by which all the nations once obeyed the Emperours. "Tis the confession of Steuchus Bishop of Agobio.

All the World wondered after the beast. The Earth being astonisht, to see the Roman Empire establisht under the new name of the Roman Church, follows this new Beast , submits to this Church' ; being ravisht with this dignity, that appeared to lift up Christianity to the height of grandeur , it submitted to this Chimcera of the Ipiritual and temporal Principality of the Church of Rome.

And there was given to him a mouth, Speaking á great things and blasphemies. After this,'tis only the Feventh head that is treated of, which is called the Beast fimply, because 'tis the longe it duration of the fourth Monarchy. 'Tis therefore this fiventh head, the Pope and the Papifmi, that brings forth thele great things. Can there be any thing, greater than that which the Roman Church faith of it self, that she is the Spouse of Christ, the Queen of all the Churches, the infallible Judge of all controversies, the Ark, out of which there is no falvation, the Divinity to which all nations


of it felbf all the Chuhe Ark, out

must pay homage, the common mother of all Christians , the Soveraign of the Kings of the Earth, that can depose them , transfer their Crowns , and give them to whom she thinks fit? See the great things ; and these great things are blafphemies. This is clear. For to attribute that to her self, which belongs only to God, is to blafpheme..

And power was given to him to continue forty and two months. "Tis still the seventh head that is treated of. 'Tis to it that the period of forty and two months of twelve hundred ảnd sixty days, that is to say, of twelve hundred and fixty years , is afligned. 'Tis clear , that these forty two months do not respect the entire Beast, that is to fay; the seven heads , or the seven Governments ; for after the third verse , 'tis only the feventh head that is spoken'of. Moreover, the feventh Monarchy; in its whole extent, hath lasted almost twice forty two prophetical months, as we have before observed. "'Tis therefore the duration of the Antichristian Empire ; or of the second period of the fourth Monarchy , that must be extended to 1260. years. · He opened his mouth in blasphemy against God. 'Tis to blafpheme God to attribute to it self his power, as the Roman Church doth against his name : that is to say, against his glory. The Pa. pism ravishes away the glory from God to give it to the creatures. Against his Tabernacle; that is to say, against his Temple and his Church, in calling the true Children of God, which are his house, heretiques and schismaticks. · Against them that dwell in Heaven: These are the Saint's and Angels, of whom the Papism makes idols, and whom by consequence it greatly injureth.



Aud it was given to him to make war with the '. v.7. Saints, and to overcome them. Tis well enough: known how the Papism hath employed Anathemaes , thunders, fire, and sword to extinguish the truth, and to destroy the faithful.

And I bebeld another beast coming out of the Earth, and he had two horns like a Lamb, and he fpake as a Dragon. ;

, In the fore-going vision, the Holy Spirit re- Teal channa presented the fourth Monarchy in its two Periods, two horns, and its whole extent by only one Beast. We have seen more than once, that this Monarchy hath two periods very near of the fame duration. · The first is from the birth of Rome, to the ruin of the Imperial dignity, and the division of the Empire into ten Kingdoms. . The second , from the destruction of the Imperial dignity, to the : entire ruin of the Roman Church. 'Tis this se- . cond period, which the Prophet here represents under the image of a second Beast. Tis another. Beast, because it is another name, another sort of Empire, an Empire hidden under the name of the Church. - 'Tis a matter that begins again all anew. - As the City of Rome in its birth was little, insensible , a smallmatter in a word, during two or three ages ; so this new Roman Empires: that was to be brought forth again, was to commence also from weak beginnings, and tobe but a very little thing for some ages. As this later period of the fourth Monarchy was to last as long as the other, and was to have a form wholly different from it, it deserved to be called another beaft. .. i :. :

This second Beast ascends out of the Earıli, and not out of the Sea. "Tis the same Beast, that is spoken of in the eleventh Chapter, that.

it afcends out of the bottomless pit, that is to say, from Hell. The one hinders not the other. The Papism comes from Hell, but not by the same means 'as the first beast did. These two Empires come not from the same place. The first Emo piré springs from the people, and their ambition. *The second Empire proceeds from the Clergy, and their ambition. It springs from the Earth as a plant , that shoots out small, and becomes great insensibly, without effusion of blood, and without spoil. He had two horns like a Lamb. The Roman Church calls her selfthe Spouse of the Lamb; ufurps his power ; the name of Jesus Christ is always in her mouth; and if she may be believed, se doth but exercise the power of Jesus Christ, that hath been lawfully conferred upon her. Jesus Christ hath two powers, in Heaven and in Earth. All power is given me in Heaven and Earth, faith he. The Roman Church faith the same thing of her self. She ascribes to her self the temporal power, and the spiritual one. He speaks as a Dragon. For he utters blasphemies against God, and terrible threatnings against his Children:

And he exercisetle, all the power of the first beast before him. The Papism hath re-eitablisht all the authority of the ancient Emperours. The Roman Church causes her self to be served by Kings. She takes away their demeanss, the disposes of their Crowns, The draws tribute from them, and exerciseth jurisdiction in all their States. The first Beast; that is to fay, the Roman Pagan Empire, did no more in the countries that were subject to it.

And causeth the Earth, and them which dwell therein to worship the first Beast, Raising up in her self the power of the ancient Empire, the makes that ancient Empire be raised up again,



under a new name,, viz. that of the Roman · Church, be adored and served. And he doth v.134

great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on Earth in the right of men. We shall have occasion to observe, and prove several times hereafter, as we have already done be. fore, that in the style of the Prophets, Heayen, when an Estate and an Empire is greated of, always signifies the soveraign region of those dignities. The Sun is the Soveraign, the stars are the Grandees. Here an Empire, a State, is treated of under the name of a Beast. The Soveraign region of that State is the Heaven , from that State falls . fire ; that is to say, thunders. It .can't be doubted, but this is what the Roman Church it self calls thunders, and thundring Bulls. 'Tis those decrees and those Papal Bulls, which proceed from the Court of Rome. These are no other than Paft-board thunders and artificial fire-works. However 'tis known, that they have set Kingdoms in a flame a hundred and a hundred times, and haye many times thought to set all Europe on Fire. To this are added Signs, that is co jay , prodigies of pride, ambition, madness ,, policy , carnal weapons, and other means, by which the Beast of Rome hath used to establish its dominion , and subject Kings to its self. This doch not exclude the false miracles, which the Papism harh used to eftblish it self. But as it is here consider'd much more as a Kingdom than as a Religion, by these signs'tis much better to understand the wicked means it hach em. ployed to establish its tyranny, than the lying mira. cles, which it used to establish its false myiteries.

And deceiveth them which dwell on the Earth v. 14 by the means of those miracles. That is to say,

Howait.board. Court of

cles's felf. This its dominathe Beafter weapons:

bioved which oth the

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