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Empire doth yet subsist. She finds it in the Em- Germany is. pire of Germany. But nothing is more vain than pire, nor

this , nor more easy to be confuted. The Go117.yernment of Germany is neither an Empire, nor for a Roman Empire. 'Tis not an Empire. There is ; nothing Despotical in it , nor any thing that je favours of an Emperour. 'Tis rather a Republique, thi or an heap of many different Monarchicak,

Aristocratical and Democratical States. 'Tis not niby the Roman Empire, no more than the Kingdom of

France, or that of Spain. For 'țis one of the
dismembred pieces of the ancient Roman Empire,
as well as the other Kingdoms of Europe. It retains

the name of the Roman Empire, its head is called Hi the King of the Romans. What of all this? Is it

necessary only to retain names and vain titles, to
be in poffeffion of the thing, and to exercise the
rights belonging to it? The Jews retain the
name of the people of God, of the chosen peo-
ple, of the Lords inheritance, by way of exclu-
qon of all the nations of the Earth; but doth it
follow, that they are what they once were, and
what tothis day they call themselves?

We therfore may justly say, the Roman. Em.
pire is destroyed , and was abolisht when the
Goths, the Vandals, and the Huns rent it in
pieces, and divided it into so many parts, took
away the rule from the City of Rome, and made it
the chief City only of a part of that ancient Em.
pire. And indeed, 'tis then, that the Antichristian
Empire was born, or at least began to be Revealed,
that is to say, to become senlible, and this was
in the fifth Age,

But this doth not agree with the other Prophecies ; for according to St. John and Daniel, the fourth Monarchy, which is that of the Re

K3 mansa

mans, must continue till the Kingdom be given to the Saints, and all the Nations of the World

be reduced to the obedience of Jesus Chrift. The Ro.

4. This is in the seventh of Daniel. There he man Em- makes four Beasts, i. e. four Monarchies or four pire according tothe Empires. These four Beasts are four Kings , that Prophecy Phall arise out of the Earth. But the Saints of the of St. John' and Dad most high Shall take the Kingdom , and poses the niclis nof Kingdom for ever ; even for over and ever. He yet ended.“ 0.17,18. place

· places nothing at all between the end of the

fourth Beast or the fourth Empire, and the King-
dom given to the Saints. Now if the fourth
Monarchy did cease in the fifth Century, then
the fifth Monarchy, which is the Kingdom of
7. Christ, being not begun , there would be
the space of 12. or 13. hundred Years between
the fourth Monarchy and the reign of 7. Chrift
upon the Earth. One can't conceive why the
H. Spirit should leave so wide a gap of time in
the Prophecy. :
· This is yet more evident by what follows.

The Angell, that explains the vision to Daniel, faith V. 2z. to him, The fourth Beast shall be the fourth Kingo

dom upon Earth, which ball be diverse from all

Kingdoms, and shall devour the whole Earib, and 0.24. Shall tread it down, and break it in pieces. And the

ien horns out of this Kingdom are ten Kings , that Sball arise ; and anoiber shall arise after them, and

he shall be diverse from the first, and he shall subdue V. 25. ihree Kings.' And he shall speak great words

against the most High , and shall wear out the saints
of the most High', and think to change times and

law, ; and they (hall be given into his band , untill V. 26. a time, and limes, 'and the dividing of time. But

the judgment shall fit , and they (ball take away bis
dominion, to consume and to deftroy it unto the er.d. And


the Kingdom, and dominion, and the greatness of ei the Kingdom under the whole heavensball be givenio

the people of the Saints of the most High, &c.
He had said before , on occasion of the fourth Beast

5 1.11,
and his little Hoin, I beheld them, because of
the voice of the great words, which the horn fpake;
I beheld even till the beast was sain , and his body
destroyed, and given to the burning flame.

'Tis clear, that the ten Horns, or theten Kingdoms, together with the little Horn, that subdues three Kings, are a continuation of the fourth Beast, and make but one Monarchy together with it, which Monarchy must endure till the Kingdom be given to the people of God.

The same thing plainly appears in the dream Chap. 2 of Nebuchadnezzar, and the explication which Daniel gives of it. Nebuchadnezzar saw in a dream a great Statue, whose head was of Gold, his shoulders and his arms of Silver , his belly of K. 32. Brass, his legs of Iron , and his feet divided into V.33, ten Toes were partly of Earth and partly of Iron." A Stone cut out of the mountain without hands, breaks this statue in pieces , mingles the Gold, the Silver , the Iron and the Brafs, and reduces them all to duít. Daniel explaining this dream, declares , that the head fignifies the Monarchy of the Asyrians , of which Babylon was then the çapital city Gince the ruin of Nineveh , and Nebuchadnezzar the head. That the shoulders of Silver signify a second Monarchy; andthe belly of Brass a third. And the fourth Kingdom finall be like 6.4%. Iron, for as much as Iron breaketh in pieces and subdueth all things. All the World is agreed, that this is the Roman Monarchy. After which follows, not the destruction, but the division of that Empire among ten Kings. And wheras thon Sawest


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7.41. the feet and toes, part of potters clay, and part of

iron , the Kingdom shall be divided, viz. into ten
other Kingdoms, as the feet into ten toes. For
the ten 'toes of the patur , and the ten horns of the
Beast, are the same thing ; which all Interpreters
have acknowledged. Among these ten" Kings
must he come, that must subdue three, i.e. Anti-
christ. As therefore the ten Toes make a part of
the Statue , and the ten horns a part of the Beast,
'tis plain that the ten Kings; that must arise from
the division of the Roman Empire', and the reign
of Antichrist that must establish himself, by the
ruin of three of those Kings, are the continua-
tion of the Roman Empire , and the Roman Em
pire it self..
* Now immediately after, and without any thing
happening between , comes the reign of Jesus
Chrift, and of the Holy people, signified by the

little stone cut without hands out of the moun4:44. tain. And in the days of these Kings shall the gode

of Heaven set up a Kingdom, which shall not be
left to other people, but it sball break in pieces and
consume all these 'Kingdoms, and it shall ftand for
!. The same thing is evident by the Revelations
of Saint John. · The first Beast in the 13th of the
Revelation, is certainly the same with the fourth
Beast in the 7th Chapter of Daniel : 'tis the Roa
man Empire. We have seen before, that 'tis ar
greed, that the second Beast in the same Chapt.
which had but two horns , is the same with the
fore-going Beast that had ten. Now the fore-
going Beast is the Roman Empire ; the second
Beast is the Empire of Antichrist. Whence it is
plain that the reign pf Antichrist must be the
continuation ofthe Roman Empire... :

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Saint John, after having described the Roman Empire, continued under Antichrist , in the '13 th Cháp. carries on this continuation in the 14th Chap. to the total ruin of that Empire, to the judgement that God causes to fall on the King. dom of Antichrift, to the harvest and to the vintage, i. e, to the total destruction of the Devils Kingdom. The following Chapters carry on the matter also to the reign of Jesus Christ , the der scription of which begins in the 20th Chap. of the book. There is nothing comes between; whereby it is clear, there is no interval of time, nor any Monarchy between the Roman Empire, and the Monarchy of 7. Christ ; and so that the

Antichristian Empire, that must immediatly procede the reign of Jesus Christ, is the continuation of the Roman Empire.. .

The same thing is evident from the 17th Chap. which is an explication of the visions of the 13th. The 13th Chap. fpeaks of two Beasts , the one had seven 'beads and ten horns, the other hath but one head and two borns. The Igth Chapt.. speaks no more of the second Beast. It speaks only of a woman riding on a Beast of seven heads and ten horns. - 'Tis because the second Beast at the bottom was no more than a continuation of the first; 4. e. it was no more than the continuation of the Roman Empire. Therefore the Holy Spirit in explaining the adventures of the first Beast, pretends to explain those of the second also. For otherwise, if the two Beasts had been different, 'tis plain the H. Spirit would not have been wanting to have spoken of the one as well as of the other in the 19th Chap.where he explains the visions of the Beasis. Now this Beast with seven keads and ten bornsj i.e. the Roman Empire mult

been wantin in the 17. Now this pran Empire reaçka

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