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the Empire of the Papism is an Empire purely, temporal, under the shew of a spirituality and the fourteenth Chapt. where its purely humane, politiques are so clearly brought to light , that not so much as a shadow remains unscatter'd. If any would be assured, that the conduct of the Papism is a most horrible Tyranny , he need but read the 21. and 22. Chapters of the first part, where is an account of the insolent, tyrannical and proud actions and speeches of the Popes towards all men , without excepting even Soveraign

Princes. That of In the same Chapters will be found the proof grees to it that Pride , another Character of the Antichri, allo

stian Empire, perfectly agrees to the Papism. For there its Pride will be seen in its opinions and Divinity; the pride of its Clergy and Priests, that call themselves the Kings, and Emperours of the World, the Pride of its head, who callshim self a God upon Earth, who causes Divine honour to be given to him, who doinineers with authority over the Kings of the Earth ; who spoils them of their Crowns, who gives away their Kingdoms to others, who dispenses with their Subjects Oaths of Allegiance ; who treads them under his feet, and puts his foot upon their throat ; who as for his own person , is clothed with purple, and all the pomp of the Roman Em.

perours. The Empire In the 26th and 27th Chapters of the second

his la part it will plainly be seen, that cruelty perfectEgypt for ly agrees to this Empire. For there you will find cruelıy.

-an Epitome of all the cruel persecutions, which
the Church hath suffered by this mystical. Baby: .
lon; the blood she hath spilt, the fires she hath .
kindled, the witty punishments she hath inyented

call theme pride of who cal.omnineers fpoils


ness; antrack of inn those places :

and the incredible number of the faithful that the
hath murder'd. If enough of this be not found in
that piece, you may have recourse to our History
of Poperi.
... The ad recrimination is wholly spent in shewa
ing, that the Papism since more than 700. Téars ago,
is like a cruel beaft, armed vvith teeth & claws, that
tears in pieces & devours all that opposes its great-
ness; and that one cannot follow it in History, but
by the track of innocent blood that it hath shed. It
will appear in all those places, that the Papism is
always the same, and that at this very day as well as
formerly, it is cruel, bloody, and tyrannical ; which
we have proved by the persecutions of Bohe-
mia, Húngary, Savoy, and lastly. that of France,
which at this day, is driven on to extremity, and
is the most terrible of all that ever the Church en-
dured. . ..:.

: · As to corruption of manners, one may be con- The Em-: vinced that it cannot go further than it hath al- pire of the ready gone in the Papism, by reading what we sndon for have written in the fixth and ninth Prejudice. Com In the sixth we have proved the corruption of aces. the heads of, the Pupilm, by a short History of the abominable immoralities of the Popes. And in the ninth, we have given an account of an infinite number, of witnesses in all Ages, who do depose, that all the most horrible and filthy things that can be imagined , are to be met with in the carriage and manners of the Monks , Priests, and Laity in the Papism. To perfect the description of the corruprion of the Papism, the eighth Prejudice may be added, in which the filthy, sordid, limonia. cal and facrilegious covetoniness of Rome, and all its Agents are discover'd.


The Em. To be assured that Idolatry , one of the prinpire of the

lista cipal Characters of the Antichristian Empire, aBabylon for grees to the Papism, you may read the 33. Chap.

of the last part, where you will find a short de-
fcription of the extravagant and abominable
worship, which the Church of Rome gives to the
Holy Virgin and all the Saints ; in which wor-
Thip we have plainly discovered an evident Cha-
racter of reprobation and Antichristianism. Lali.
ly, for the proof of the Paganism of that Church,
you may read the 12th of our prejudices. We
Have there made a very exact Parallel between
Popery and Paganism, enough to convince any
one , that they both had the same spring and
Author, because they have the same obječts di-
stinguisht into the very lame clasles , and very
near the very fame ceremonies. To which may
be added the History of the fables of the Papimi,
more filthy and more numerous than those of
Paganism. You will find it in the sixteenth
* Prejudice.

Besides all this, we have taken our second Pre. judice from the perfect conformity, that is between the Prophecies concerning the reign of

Antichrift, and the things we see in the lettlement and the nature of the Kingdom of the Papisi. We have alledged all the Prophecies , wherein Pris agreed, that Antichrist and his Empire are both fore-cold and described ; and we have justified it, that all the strokes of these descriptions do agree to the Pope, to his Seat, to his Religion, and to his Empire.

The Roman Religion, is that falling awayand that Apoftacy, of which St. Paul speaks in the second Chap.of the second Epist. to the Thessalonians. 'Tis the first Text we have produced againstit..

Facy, of econd Epift. duced again. That

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" That Religion is an Apaltacy, because there is The Pa Fin it Idolatry, prophaning of holy things, an in- pism is an

Apostacy. troduction of new Gods, and the abomination of Images set up in the Sanctuary. Its head is the man of fin and the son of perdition, because his throne is the throne of pride, of covetousness, of

ambition , of Simony. There we find the PoliEtiques of the World, and of the spirit of dark· nels ; cheating, deceit , violence, blood, forni

cation , sodomy, brutishness , magick, and all manner of imaginable wickedness. This head of the Papism fits in the Temple of God; i. e, in the Christian Church, where Jesus Christ dwelt, who is the foundation. He fits there as a God; for he makes his feet be kiss’d by men, yea, even by

the highest powers of the Earth. He is called E God, the Lievtenant of God; the Vicar of Je

sus Christ, and a Vice-God. In the quality of i à God, and as one clothed with his power, he ř changes the times and the Law. He dispenses with Dan. 7a

things against the Law of God, against the Ca

nons of the Church, against the Apostle, against į the Old and New Testament. He lifts up him, í self above all that is called God; for he exalts

himfelf above all the Kings of the Earth, that are ļ the Gods of this lower World. He exalts him: self also above the true God , in making such

laws as make void the Laws of God; for instance,

in commanding to worship Images, which God i hath forbidden us to worship. He exalts himi felf above the Saints, which are his Demy-Gods.

For in the quality of a Judge, and consequently

of a Superiour, he Canonises them, he places themi s in the Heavens, he causes them to be honoured

with Temples and Altars, or he refuseth it to

Κ 2


The Pa- His Religion is a mystery of iniquity; for all that
pism is a
Hyttery of is in it is unrighteous, unjust, wicked. 'Tis
Iniquiiy. usurpations, violences and Idolatries. It ravishes

away from men their juft rights, and from God
that worship that belongs to him alone ; to ap-
propriate it to a Tyrant, or give it to fubjects that
do not deserve it. ''Tisa Mystery, for it hath all the
appearance of a Mystical Religion. It hath cere-
monies in abundance, a pompous worship, a
mighty out-side ; but 'tis a Mystery of iniquity.
This mystery was establisht by the efficacy of Satan,
with all power, figns and lying wonders.' For one
can't reckon up either the Diabolical illufions, or
the Cheats of the Priests, or the lying Miracles
by which this false worship, and this false Reo
ligion, was establisht in the World.

The explication and application of that place of St. Paul to the Empire of the Papifm, have been already made so exactly, that we shall not do it

over again, except only that Article , in which 2 Theff. 2. the Apostle faith, re know what with-holdeth,

that he might be revealed in his time, &c. He who now letterb, will let, till be be taken out of the way, and then shall that wicked one berevealed. All the world did formerly believe, and so it doth still, that by him who Held and posseffed, or did let , in St. Pauls time, we must understand the Roman Empire. And it hath been generally apprehended, that the Apostle intended to say that the Antichristian Empire would not appear in the world before the Roman Empire was abolisht and destroyed. Tho we should stick to this, without any other explication , our cause would be much better than that of the Church of Rome. For to demonstrate that the Romish Antichrift is not yet come , she is obliged to prove , that the Romana


6, 7.

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