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ble Kingdoms , those ten Kingdoms on the other side the Rheine, and do well deserve a place even ten times over in the Prophecies of Daniel and St. John. If Antichrist must not come till the Roman Empire be destroyed , why did they con• fess, that the little Horn in the 7th. Chapt. of Daniel , is Antichrist? This Horn, doth it not play the part of the fourth Beast,i.e. of the Roman Empire? Why do these Gentlemen agree to this, that Antichrist is the seventh Head of the first Beast in the 13th. of the Revelation, which they together with us acknowledg to be the Roman Empire? Why did Bellarminegrant, that Antichrist is to be the last Roman Emperour? The Roman Empire, therfore shallnot be destroyed when Antichrist thall come, because that Ém

pire shall continue under him. , Antichrist XVII. He is not to come but just at the end of mult come

he the World. He is not to come till the last times. end of the But we shall hereafter examin, whether the last World. por edhe times fignify the three last years before the day of

judgment. And when we shall have proved that the 1260 Days of Antichrists reign are so many

Pears, this point will be cleared up. . The Gof- XVIII. Before he comes, the Gospel must have pel hath been preached throughout all the World. Indeed been preached before the Antichristian Empire did appear and Slinoît

i wiis perceivable, the Gospel had been preached throughout the in that which they called the whole World from yyorld. the time of the Apostles, in all the extent of

the Roman Empire, and beyond it, in all the then known World, in the countries which they knew werc inhabited , and where they could enter without being hindred by the barbarity of those that dwelt there. But this universal preaching throughout all the Earth , without Ex



ception, must be consequent upon the fall of Antichrist, and not a sign of his coming. Further, this term of Universal preaching even then must not be taken in the strictest sense. For it may be there will be some Exceptions.

XIX. Lastly; Antichrist must be a Magician. It is not And that, because he must work great signs and that Anesmiracles by the help of Magick "Tis fufficient chrift,

should be for the fulfilling of these Oracles, that he doth a Magihis signs by illulion and the enchantment of mens cian. fenfes', by cheating and deceit , and also by the help of the Devil ; without his making any compact with the Devil either direct or indirect. The falfe miracles of Popery also are wrought by the cheats of the Priests, or purely by lies, or by the Devil, that makes himself sport with their miserable devotion. Seeing all these Characters of the Antichriftian Empire are all false, we must for the future examin and seek out what are the true Characters of it.

Ihat are the true Characters of the Antichristian

Empire. They are three , Tyranny, Idolatry,
and great corruption of manners. That we
must not look on Tyranny alone , as the fole.
Character of Antichrift.'

W E are seeking after the Characters of the the Adria

VV Antichristian Empire. I believe we may christian hope to find them in the names which the Holy ha Spirit gives it. For afluredly names are given by names that God to fignify the nature of things. I find that three Cha


the raders,

ath three


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the Holy Spirit gives three names to that Em. pire. He calls it Egypt and Sodom, and lastly, Babylon. Egypt and Sodom in the eleventh of

the Revelation, where speaking of the death of Ć. 11. 8. the two witnesses, he faith, their dead bodies shall

lie in the street of the great City, which is spiri. tually called Sodom and Egypt. Babylon , in as many places of the same book as 'tis laid in, she is fallen, she is fallen, Babylon the great. Come out of Babylon, my people. These three names signify

the three Characters of that Babylonish Empire. The name Egypt is the embleme of Tyranny., Pride and of Egype Cruelty. Of Tyranny, because theretle Ifraelites

fies ne pride did groan under hard bondage in the chains of and Cruel- *

& Pharaoh, who tyrannised over them ; Of Cruela ly of Anti-ty, because that cruel Prince did vex then forely christ.

with hard labour, and the death of their children, whom he caused to be drowned in the river. Nile; Of Pride, because this proud Tyrant res belled against God with an intolerable pridej faying , Who is the Lord , that I should obey his

voyGes.. . i ... . Som bis nifies the

Sodom signifies the nighty corruption of man. great cor. ners, and the reason of it may be easily apprefuption of bonded in hended.

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It was neither Tyranny nor Cruelty that the Anti destroyed Sodom. We do not read, that she did Empire. aspire after the dominion. It was not Idolatry';

at least, we have no reason to believe, that she was more notorious for it, than the other Ça. naanites round about. It was therefore only disfoluteness, luxury and debauchery , ease and abundance of bread, as the Prophets speak. Therefore when they would set forth á mighty corruption of manners, they borrow an ex. pression from hence, and use the names of Sodom nd Gonorrha. Hear the word of the Lord

When they ws, they bonames of Som

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! ye Rulers of Sadom ; give ear unto the Law of our

God, ye people of Gomorrha. After which Isaiah falls not upon their Idolatry, but upon their cor

rupt manners. He reproaches them with no*thing but their injustice and violence. Lastly, Babylon signifies Idolatry. All do a- Babylon lig.

ao do nifies the gree, that Babylon was the fountain of all sorts Idolatry of of Idolatry. From Chaldaa it spread it self over A

ftianilm, all the Earth : That is the fountain and spring of men, 'tis also of false Gods. . As she was the first fountain , so she did continue the chief Seat of it. 'Twas there that was the most famous Temple, of țlię most infainous of all the Heather Divinities, viz. Venus the Goddess of prostitutions. And 'tis plain, that by way of allusion to this infamous Goddess, Spirituaț' Babylon is represented in the 17th of the Revelation, as a whore fitting on a beast, and oífering her self from on high to every comer. For Women did expose and prostitute themselves in the most vilible places of the Temple of thật Venus of B4bylon,

So then, these are the three Characters, by Thefethree which the Antichristian Empire is represented to things, Ix.

ranny, Ido. us, in those places that speak of it. In the se- latry', and cond Chapter of the second Epistle to 'the Ther-corruption salonians , the head of this Empire is called the we meet

baw, with in all man of fin, and the fon of perdition, i.e. uiterly whe lost, and plunged intoa mighty link of corruption; tions of Behold Sodom. "Tiş said, that he should exalt An himself above all that is called God, that he should fit in the Temple of God, behäving himself as though he were God; Behold Egypt, pride and tyranny. His Religion is called a mystery of iniquity, and he is to establish it by signs and lying wonders; behold Idolatry, and behold Babylon. All the


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Heathens called their Religion and their Cere. monies by the name of Mysteries. Ceres had her mysteries, Bacchus had his, and Venus of Babylon had hers also; but these Mysteries were abominable and idolatrous.

In the eleventh of the Revelation , this Emo pire is called a Gentilism, a Paganism. The outward Court is left to the 'Gentiles, for them to

tread under foot for 4.2. months. Behold Babylon; - behold Idolatry. By the prophaning of the out

ward Court, is also meant the corruption of man. ners; because the Heathens were wont to make

the Temples of their Idols, the place of their most V.7.

filthy debauches. In the famę Chapter it is said, that the beast which comes out of the bottomless pita shall make war with the Saints', and overcome them, and kill them. There is the tyranny and cruelty of Egypt.' .

In the two Visions of the 13th Chapter of the Revelation, this Antichristian Empire is represented as a Beast. In the first as a beast compounded of a Leopard, a Bear and a Lion, three cruel Beasts. This is to set forth its cruelty and tyranny. It is given to him to make war with the Saints, and to overcome them. Here again is Egypt, that oppresses the children of God, and makes a cruel war upon them. Men worship this Beast and the Dragon , that gave him his power. And they worshipped the Dragon, whicho. gave power to the Beast, and they worshipped the Beaft. Behold Babylon, where a Dragon was worshipped, to which it may be the Holy Ghost alludes. Lastly, to this Beast was given a mouth, Speaking great things, and blafphemies against God, bis Name, his Tabernacle, and them that dwellin. Heaven; There is pride and idolatry:


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