The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman, Bände 3-4


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Nutzerbericht  - Amelia_Smith - LibraryThing

Why is this book a classic? How is it that people have been reading this collection of words for 250 years? I read something a few years ago which put Tristam Shandy on my to-read list, but by the ... Vollständige Rezension lesen

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Nutzerbericht  - RussellBittner - LibraryThing

I came to this work out of a long-standing curiosity. My curiosity was piqued – for roughly 100 pages – but then, no longer. I simply gave up. Sterne gives a whole new dimension to the word ... Vollständige Rezension lesen

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Seite 17 - Sir - for in good truth, when a man is telling a story in the strange way I do mine, he is obliged continually to be going backwards and forwards to keep all tight together in the reader's fancy...
Seite 70 - tis all — all bitterness to thee, whatever life is to others. — And now thy mouth, if one knew the truth of it, is as bitter, I dare say, as soot — (for he had cast aside the stem) and thou hast not a friend perhaps in all this world, that will give thee a macaroon.
Seite 24 - I AM NOW beginning to get fairly into my work ; and by the help of a vegetable diet, with a few of the cold seeds, I make no doubt but I shall be able to go on with my uncle Toby's story, and my own, in a tolerable straight line.
Seite 80 - Maria deserve, than to have her Banns forbid, by the intrigues of the curate of the parish who published them...
Seite 24 - It is not in the white," said Mrs. Wadman. My uncle Toby looked with might and main into the pupil. Now, of all the eyes which ever were created, from your own, madam, up to those of Venus herself, which certainly were as venereal a pair of eyes as ever stood in a head, there never was an eye of them all so fitted to rob my uncle Toby of his repose as the very eye at which he was looking; it was not, madam, a rolling eye, a romping, or a wanton one; nor...
Seite 24 - Madam, a rolling eye a romping or a wanton one — nor was it an eye sparkling — petulant or imperious — of high claims and terrifying exactions, which would have curdled at once that milk of human nature, of which my uncle Toby was made up but 'twas an eye full of gentle salutations and soft...
Seite 24 - I protest, madam, said my uncle Toby, I can see nothing whatever in your eye. It is not in the white, said Mrs Wadman. My uncle Toby looked with might and main into the pupil. Now, of all the eyes which ever were created, from your own, madam, up to...
Seite 50 - I am not much versed, Corporal, quoth my uncle Toby, in things of that kind; but I suppose, God would not leave him without one, any more than thee or me It would be putting one sadly over the head of another, quoth the Corporal. It would so; said my uncle Toby. Why then, an...
Seite 23 - An eye is, for all the world, exactly like a cannon, in this respect, that it is not so much the eye or the cannon, in themselves, as it is the carriage of the eye — and the carriage of the cannon; by which both the one and the other are enabled to do so much execution.
Seite 80 - We had got up by this time almost to the bank where Maria was sitting : she was in a thin white jacket, with her hair, all but two tresses, drawn up into a...

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