Acts of the Legislature of the State of New Jersey

Secretary of State., 1877

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Seite 121 - ... or other liens, the legality of which is brought in question, and the property is of a character materially to deteriorate in value pending the litigation...
Seite 142 - ... 3. Falsely to move or maintain any suit, action, or proceeding; or, "4. To cheat and defraud any person of any property by any means which are in themselves criminal, or by any means which, if executed, would amount to a cheat, or to obtaining money or property by false pretenses; or, "5.
Seite 128 - On compliance with the provisions of the next section, such articles of association may be filed in the office of the Secretary of State, who shall endorse thereon the day they are filed, and record the same in a book, to be provided by him for that purpose ; and, thereupon, the persons who have so subscribed such articles of association...
Seite 287 - ... after the determination of such term or terms, and after demand made, and notice in writing given...
Seite 248 - ... then this obligation to be void, or else to be and remain in full force and virtue.
Seite 20 - ... which meeting shall be held between the hours of ten o'clock in the forenoon and three o'clock in the afternoon of the...
Seite 158 - To take and hold such voluntary grants of real estate and other property as shall be made to it, to aid in the construction, maintenance and accommodation of its railroad ; but the real estate received by voluntary grant shall be held and used for the purposes of such grant only.
Seite 128 - Statutes, have power, 1. To cause such examination and surveys for its proposed railroad to be made, as may be necessary to the selection of the most advantageous route...
Seite 131 - ... for that purpose, by a notice in writing to each stockholder to be served on him personally or...
Seite 152 - ... to be sued for and recovered by and in the name of the county.

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