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T HE variety of different types of insulations and moulded

compounds which have been developed by the research laboratories of the General Electric Company is too extensive to describe here. It covers all types of porcelain, asbestos compounds, shellac and varnish compounds, oils, paper, fibre, rubber, etc.

With these combinations, practically any degree of dielectric or mechanical strength can be obtained for practically any purpose.

For advice on problems of insulation address our Schenectady Office

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Sales Onces in all large cities


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No. 46945 Hilger Quartz Spectrograph, size (a) 46945. SPECTROGRAPH, QUARTZ, HILGER SIZE (a), for work in the ultra

violet, with an objective of 8-inch focus giving a spectrum from 200 up to 80oyu of about 65 mm. long. Size of plate 4/4x374 inches. The slit supplied with this instrument is Hilger No. 1, i. e. with fine screw adjustment, with divided drumhead, comparison prism, wedge for reducing the aperture, screws for correcting want of parallelism of the jaws, should this become necessary at any time, and protective cap. The dispersing system consists of one Cornu prism. With wave-length scale photographed on glass to be laid directly on the spectrograms to read off wave-lengths and of sufficient accuracy to determine the identity of most lines. Wave-length scale can

not be supplied separately as it is adjusted to each individual instrument. Price, from duty paid stock

. $315.16

Price subject to change without notice




Washington University

School of Medicine


MEDICAL COLLEGE In the City of New York Holders of a Baccalaureate degree or Seniors who can present a degree before entering the Second Year, who also present the requisite courses in Chemistry, Physics, and Biology, are admitted from recognized Colleges or Scientific Schools. The Session opens on the last Wednesday in September. The first year is devoted to Anatomy, Chemistry, and Physiology and may be taken either in Ithaca or New York City. The last three years are chiefly Clinical and must be taken in New York City.

REQUIREMENTS FOR ADMISSION Candidates for entrance are required to have completed at least two full veare of college work wlial cinema linn'ish. French or German, and instruction with laboratory work in Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

INSTRUCTION Instruction begins on the last Thursday in September and ends on the second Thursday in June, Clinical instruction is given in the Barnes Hospital and the St. Louis Children's Hos

, affiliated with the medical school, the St. Louis City Hospital, and in the Washington University Dispensary.

For further information and catalogue address


(Dapartmont B.) First Ave, & 28th St. New York City


DEGREES Stadents who have taken their premedical work in Washington University, are eligible for the degree of B.8. upon the completion of the first two years of medical work.

Students in Washington University may pursue study in the fundamental medical sciences leading to the degree of A.M. and Ph.D.

TUITION The tuition fee for undergraduate medical students in $200 per annum, Women are admitted.

The catalogue of the Medical School and other information may be obtained by application to the Dean.

Euclid Avenue and Kingshighway St. Louis

Syracuse University College of Medicino | Tulane University of


Entrance Two years of a recognized course in arts

or in science in a registered college or Requirements Bcbool of Science, which must include

P lan Ohamsay, Blakes, and thropolo

Quran e sad www year som methen we w Waxed.

SCHOOL OF MEDICINE The First Two are spent in mastering, by laboratory

(Establishod in 1834) mettrods the sciences fundamental to Years dinical medicine.

ADMISSION: All students entering the Freshman

Class will be required to present credits for two Tho Third Yoar is systematic and clinical and is devoted to the study of the natural history of disease,

years of college work, which must include Course to diagnosis and to therapeutics. In this Chemistry (General and Organic), Physics and

year the systematic courses in Medicine, Biology, with their laboratories, and at least Surgery and Obstetrics are completed.

one year in English and one year in a modern The Fourth is clinical. Students spend the entire fore

foreign language.
noon throughout the year as clinical clorks
180 in hospitals under careful supervision. The

COMBINED COURSES: Premedical course of two
allall clerk takes the bistory, makes the years is offered in the College of Arts and
physical examination and the laboratory
anamfuation, arrives at a diagnosis which

Sciences, which provides for systematic work ho must defend, outlines the treatment leading to the B.S. degree at the end of the under his lastructor and observes and second year in the medical course. noordo the result. In case of operation or of autopsy be follows the specimen and identties its pathological nature. Two general hospitals, one of which is owned and School of Pharmacy, School of Dentistry and controlled by the University, one special beapital and the municipal hospitals and

Graduate School of Medicine also. laboratories are open to our students. The attoncons are gpont in the College Dlopen Women admitted to all Schools of the sary and la clinical work in modical and rurgical specialties and in conferencer

College of Medicine Summer School-A summer course in pathologs covering For bulletins and all other information, address sporod of de wonin during June and July will be given in anco there is a nationt number of applicants

Tulane College of Medicine Address the Secretary of the Collego,

P. O. Box 770 207 Orange Stroot SYRACUSL, N. Y. I

New Orleans, La.

The Long Island
College Hospital

College of Medicine


The One Hundred and Fifty-Fourth Annual Session will open

September 26, 1919 REQUIREMENTS FOR ADMISSION Candidates for admission are required to have completed at least two full years of college work which must include specified amounts of English, French or German, Physics, Biology and Chemistry (including Organic). Laboratory work is required

in the three sciences. Brooklyn-New York

The first and second year classes are limited to 100 studento.

Women are admitted. Application should be presented before Two years of study in a college

July 1st, as on that date the selection of the entering class will

be made. of liberal arts or sciences are re

About 125 students can be acoommodated in the third and

fourth year classes and applications for admittance on advanced quired for admission to the four standing will be considered from students who have made ex

cellent records in other “Class A” medical schools. year medical course leading to

INSTRUCTION the degree, M.D.

Clinical instruction is given in the University Hospital on tho A student with any condition

campus with 400 beds and the immediately adjoining Phila

delphia General Hospital with 1600 beds. The fundamental whatsoever cannot be admitted, branches are taught in the Hare Laboratory of Chemistry, the

combined Laboratories of Pathology, Physiology and Phar. whether advanced standing is macology, and the Laboratory of Hygiene and Bacteriology. sought or not.


Information concerning courses in the recently organized A few courses for graduates.

Medico-chirurgical College Graduate School of Medicine of the

University of Pennsylvania, which includes as a unit the former A two-year collegiate course Philadelphia Polyclinic and College for Graduates in Medicine,

can be obtained from the Dean as well as information about conducted by Columbia Uni courses leading to the degree of Doctor of Public Hygiene (Dr.

P.H.) and courses in Tropical Medicine. versity.

TUITION OTTO V. HUFFMAN, M.D. Undergraduate study, $200 annually; fees for graduate and

special courses on application. DEAN OF THE FACULTY

The annual announcement, application blanks and other 350 Henry Street

information may be obtained by application to the

Dean of School of Medicine
University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, Pen

University of Alabama

School of Medicine

Mobilo, Alabama

Entrance Requirements The satisfactory completion of two years of study, in an institution of collegiate grade, to include Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and a reading knowledge of French or German. In addition to four year High School diploma.

Combined Course The Combined Course which is now offered by the University in connection with its Medical Department gives to the student the opportunity of obtaining the B.S. and M.D. degrees in six years. This course is recommended to all intending students.

The equipment of the school is complete. The clinical facilities ample. Eight full time teachers.

For catalog and any desired information,
Tuckor H. Frazer, M.D., Doan

School of Medicine
St. Anthony and Lawrence Sto.,


University of Georgia


Augusta, Georgia ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS The successful complotion of at least two years of wort including English, Physics, Chanistry, and Biology in an approved collogo. This in addition to four youn of high school.

INSTRUCTION The courso of instruction oooupios four yean, begirning tho socond weok in September and ending the first week in Juno. The first two years aro dovoted to the fundamontal sciences, and the third and fourth to practical clinio instruction in medicino and surgery. All tho organised modical and surgical charities of tho city of Augusta and Richmond County, including the hospitals, aro under the entire oontrol of the Board of Trustees of the University. This agreement affords a large number and variety of patients which are used in the clinical teachiag. Especial emphasis is laid upon practical work both in the laboratory and clinical de Dartmonts

TUITION Tho charge for tuition is $150.00 a year coapt for residents of the Stato of Goorgie, to whom tuition i troo. For further information and catalogue addrom

The Medical Department, University of Georgia


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