Texts of the Russian "peace".: Temporary Advance Sheets

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1918 - 211 Seiten

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Seite 17 - Russia obligates herself to conclude peace at once with the Ukrainian People's Republic and to recognize the treaty of peace between that state and the Powers of the Quadruple Alliance. The Ukrainian territory will without delay be cleared of Russian troops and the Russian Red Guard.
Seite 1 - ... notice to terminate it, and if this be not done, then the armistice will automatically remain in force until one of the contracting parties gives such seven days
Seite 16 - Russia will, without delay, carry out the full demobilization of her army inclusive of those units recently organized by the present Government. Furthermore, Russia will either bring her warships into Russian ports and there detain them until the day of the conclusion of a general peace, or disarm them forthwith.
Seite 16 - Rusian troops and the Russian Red Guard. Russia is to put an end to all agitation or propaganda against the Government or the public institutions of the Ukrainian People's Republic. Esthonia and Livonia will likewise, without delay, be cleared of Russian troops and the Russian Red Guard. The eastern boundary of Esthonia runs, in general, along the river Narwa.
Seite 152 - ... moment that this triumph of the imperialist and the militarist over the international proletarian Revolution is only a temporary and passing one. Under the present conditions the Soviet Government of the Russian Republic, being left to its own forces, is unable to withstand the armed onrush of German imperialism, and is compelled, for the sake of saving Revolutionary Russia, to accept the conditions put before it.
Seite 163 - Lithuania, agreements, among other agreements, are to be concluded with Russia, as to the following points: 1. With regard to the nationality of the former Russian inhabitants of these territories, as to which they must in any case be allowed the right of option and departure; 2.
Seite 120 - Section 7, be settled in accordance with the following basic principles: The supervised, safe-guarded, or administered properties are, upon the demand of the person entitled thereto, to be released immediately; until the transfer to the person entitled thereto has been effected, the safe-guarding of his interests is to be attended to. The provisions of the preceding paragraph shall not affect properly acquired rights of third parties. Payments and other obligations of a debtor which have been accepted...
Seite 37 - Vessels which voluntarily or of necessity arrive with cargo at a port and leave it without having effected any trade. This exemption shall not extend to lighthouse, pilotage, towing, quarantine, or other dues which are payable on the vessel for services rendered or apparatus used, and which are established in the interest of traffic, and which are equally payable by native ships, and by those belonging to the most favored nation. If...
Seite 164 - Voronezh, as well as of the occupied territory east of it, and a suitable frontier district west of it, including the town of Rostov, will follow as soon as this is demanded on the Russian side. Until the evacuation, Germany will permit the forwarding of grain and other goods for the Russian Government, under the supervision of Russian officials, on those portions of the railway situated in the occupied territory; the same applies for the portions of the railway lines Taganrog-Rostov and Taganrog-Kursk,...
Seite 154 - The Prime Ministers and Foreign Ministers of the Entente, assembled in London, feel it to be their bounden duty to take note of the political crimes which, under the name of a German peace, have been committed against the Russian people.

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