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Or, scornful of each low retreat,
On fortune's favour dost thou wait
And, in the gilded chambers of the grcat,

Protract the revel, and the pleasure fwell ?


Ah me! the Hermit's cell explore ;

Thy absence he, like me, complains ;
While murm'ring streams along the shore,

Echo the love-fick shepherd's ftrains
Nor, where gilded domes afpire,
Deign'st thou, O Goddess ! to retire:
Though there the loves and graces play,
Though wine and mufic court thy stay;
Thou fly'ft, alas! and who can trace thy way,

Or fay what place thy heav'nly form contains ? 30

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If to mankind I turn my view,

Flatter'd with hopes of social joy; Rapine and blood * mankind pursue,

As God had form’d them to destroy.

* This Ode was written in the year 1745.


Discord, at whose tremendous view

33 Hell quakes with horror ever new, No more by endless night depreft,

Pours all her venom thro' each breast;
And, while deep groans and carnage is increas’d,
Smiles grim, the rising mischief to enjoy. 40

Hence, hence, indignant turn thine eyes,

To my dejected foul I faid;
See, to the shade EUANTHE fies,

Go, 'find EUANTHE in the shade : Her angel-form thy sight fhall charm,

45 Thy heart her angel-goodnefs warm There, shall no wants thy steps pursue, No wakeful care contract thy brow; Music each found, and beauty ev'ry view,

Shall ev'ry sense with full delight invade. 50



Exulting in the chårming thought,

Thither with hasty steps. I press;
And while th’inchanting maid I fought,

Thank'd heav'n for all my past distress :


Increasing hopes my journey chear'd,

55 And now in reach the bliss appear'd; Grant this sole boon, O fate! I cry'd ; , Be all thy other gifts deny'd, In this shall all my wishes be supply'd;

And sure a love like mine deserves no less. 60

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In vain, alas ! in vain my pray'r,

Fate mix'd the accents with the wind
Th' illufive form diffolv'd in air,

And left my soul to grief resign'd: As far from all my hopes she flies,

As deepest seas from loftiest skies :
Yet, still, on fancy deep imprest,
The sad, the dear ideas rest;
Yet still the recent forrows heave my breast,
Hangs black o'er life, and preys upon my mind. 70

Ah! Goddess, scarce to mortals known,

Who with thy shadow madly stray,
At length from heav'n, thy facred throne,
Dart through my
foul one chearful ray:


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Ah! with some facred lenient art,
Allay the anguish of my heart ;
Ah ! teach me, patient to sustain
Life's various stores of grief and pain ;
Or, if I thus prefer my pray’r in vain,

Soon let me find thee in eternal day.


On EUANTHE's Absence.

An O DE.


LEST heav'n! and thou fair world below!

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Is there no cure to footh


No balm to heal a lover's woe,
That bids his eyes for ever flow,

Consumes his soul, and pines his heart?
And will no friendly arm above

my tortur:d soul from love?


II. As



As swift-descending thow'rs of rain,

Deform with mud the cleareft streams;
As rising mists heav'n's ażure ftain,
Ting’d with Aurora's blush in vain;

As fades the flow'r in mid-day beams i
On life thus tender forrows prey;
And wrap in gloom its promis'd day.

Ye plains, where deàr Euanthé strays,

Ye various objects of her view;
Bedeck'd in beauty's brightest blaže;
Let all its forms, and all its rays;

Where-e'er she turns, her eyes pursue :
All fair as she, let nature thine :
Ah! then, how lovely! how divine !

Where-e'er the thymy vales descend,

And breathe ambrosial fragrance round,
Proportion just, thy line extend,
And teach the prospect where to end;

25. While woods or mountains mark the bound:


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