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Whether his faithful hounds in view,
With speed some timid prey pursue ;
Or some fell monfter of the wood
At once his hopes and snares elude..

Good to bestow, like Heav'n, is thine," V
Concurring in one great design;
To cool the fever's burning rage,
To knit the feeble nerves of age, 0.69
To bid young health, with pleasure crown'd, 604
In rofy lustre smile around.

FO7 My humbler function shall I name; My fole delight, my highest aim; Inspir'd thro' breezy shades to stray, Where choral nymphs and graces play Above th' unthinking herd to soar, Who sink forgot, and are no more ; To snatch from fate an honest fame, Is all I hope, and all I claim ;

70 If to my vows EUTERPE deign The Doric reed's mellifluent strain, Nor POLYHYMNIA, darling Muse ! To tune the Lesbian harp refuse.



But, if


rank me with the choir,
Who touch with happy hand the lyre;
Exulting to the starry frame,
Sustain'd by all the wings of famo,
With bays adorn'd I then shall foar,
Obscure, depress’d, and scorn'd no more ;
While envy, vainly merit's foe,
With fable wings fhall flag below;
And, doom'd to breathe a grosser air,
To reach my glorious height despair.

PSALM 1. Imitated.


OW bleft the man, how more than blest!

Whose heart no guilty thoughts employ God's endless sunshine fills his breast,

And smiling conscience whispers peace and joy.

[blocks in formation]


Fair Rectitude's unerring way

His heav'n-conducted steps pursue ; While crouds in guilt and error stray,

Unstain’d his foul, and undeceiv'd his view.


While with unmeaning laughter gay,

Scorn, on her throne erected high, Emits a false delusive ray,

To catch th' astonish'd gaze of Folly's eye;

Deep in herself his foul retir'd,

Unmoy'd beholds the meteor blaze, And, with all-perfect Beauty fir’d,

Nature, and nature's God, intent surveys.


Him from high heav'n, her native seat,

Eternal Wisdom's self inspires ; While he, with purpose fix'd ás fáte,

Pursues her dictates, and her charms admires. 20

In sunshine mild, and temp'rate air,

Where some refreshing fountain flows;
So nurs'd by nature's tend'rest care,
A lofty tree with autumn's treasure glows.




Around its boughs the fummer gale

With pleasure waves the genial wing ; There no unfriendly colds prevail,

To chill the vigour of its endless spring.


Amid its hospitable fhade,

Heav'n's sweeteft warblers tune the lay ; Nor shall its honours ever fade,

Nor immature its plenteous fruit decay.

By God's almighty arm fustain'd,

Thus Virtue foon or late shall rise ; Enjoy her conquest nobly gain'd,

And share immortal triumph in the skies.


But fools, to facred wisdom blind,

Who Vice's tempting call obey, A diff'rent fate shall quickly find,

To every roaring storm an eary prey.


Thus when the warring winds arise,

With all their lawless fury driv'n, Light chaff or dust inceffant flies, Whirl'd in swift eddies thro’ the vault of heav'n.

B 4



When in tremendous pomp array'd,

Descending from the op'ning sky, With full omnipotence display'd,

Her God shall call on nature to reply:

Then Vice, with shame and grief depress'd,
Transfix'd with horror and despair,

50 Shall feel hell kindling in her breast,

Nor to her Judge prefer her trembling pray'r;

For, with a father's fond regard,

To bliss he views fair Virtue tend; While Vice obtains her just reward,

And all her paths in deep perdition end.



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