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III. Thou fill d'st the waste of ocean, earth, and air, 15 With multitudes that swim, or walk, or fly: From rolling worlds descends thy gen'rous care, To insect crouds that 'scape the nicest eye : For each a sphere was circumscrib'd by thee.

To bless, and to be bless’d, their noblest end; 20 To which, with speedy course, they all unerring



Conscious of thee, with nobler pow'rs endu'd,
Next man, thy darling, into being rose,
Immortal, form’d for high beatitude,
Which neither end nor interruption knows, 25
Till evil couch'd in fraud began his woes:

Then to thy aid was boundless wisdom join'd,
And for apostate man redemption thus design'd.

By thee, his glories veil'd in mortal shroud,
God's darling offspring left his seat on high; 30
And heav'n and earth, amaz’d and trembling, view'd
Their wounded Sov'reign groan, and bleed, and die.
By thee, in triumph to his native sky, On

On angels wings, the victor God aspir'd, Relenting justice fmild, and frowning wrath retir'd.


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To theç, munific, ever-flaming Love!
One endlefs hymn united nature sings:
To thee the bright inhabitants above
Tune the glad voice, and sweep the warbling strings.
From pole to pole, on ever-waving wings, 40

Winds waft thy praise, by rolling planets tun'd;
Aid then, Olove! my voice to emulate the found.


It comes! it comes!' I feel internal day;
Transfusive warmth through all my

bosom glows;
My soul expanding gives the torrent way ; 45
Thro' all my veins it kindles as it flows.
Thus, ravish'd from the scene of night and woes,

Oh! snatch me, bear me to thy happy reign;
There teach my tongue thy praise in more ex-

alted strain.


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AIL! source of transport ever new;

Whilft thy kind dietates I pursue,
I taste a joy fincere;
Too vaft for little minds to know,
Who on themselves alone bestow

Their wishes and their care.

Daughter of God! delight of man!
From thee felicity began;

Which still thy hand sustains :
By thee sweet Peace her empire fpread,
Fair Science rais'd her laureld head,

And Discord gnash'd in chains.


Far as the pointed sun-beam flies,
Through peopled earth and starry skies,

All nature owns thy nod:
We fee thy energy prevail
Through Being's ever-rising scale,

From nothing ev'n to God.

Envy, that tortures her own heart
With plagues and ever-burning fmart,

Thy charms divine expel:
Aghaft she shuts her livid eyes,
And, wing'd with tenfold fury, flies

To native night and hell.


By thee inspir'd, the gen'rous breast,
In blessing others only bleft,

With goodness large and free,
Delights the widow's tears to stay,
To teach the blind their smootheft

way, And aid the feeble knee.


O come! and o'er my bofom reign,
Expand my heart, inflame each vein,

Thro' ev'ry action fhine ;
Each low, each felfifh will controul,
With all thy essence warm my soul,

And make me wholly thine.


Nor let fair' Virtue's mortal bane,
The foul-contracting thirst of gain,

My My faintest wishes fway; By her pofsefs'd, ere hearts refine, .. In hell's dark depth shall mercy shine, in

And kindle endless day.



If from thy sacred paths I turn,
Nor feel their griefs, while others mourn,

Nor with their pleasures glow :
Banish'd from God, from bliss, and thee,
My own tormentor let me be,

groan in hopeless woe.

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her reign;

FIGHT; brooding o'er her mute domain,
In awful silence

Clouds press on clouds, and, as they rise,
Condense to solid gloom the skies.

PortEntous, through the foggy air,
To wake the Daemon of despair,
The raven hoarse, and boding owl,
To HECATE cuit anthems howl.


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