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Where from thy fpirit shall I fly,
Diffusive, vital, felt thro' earth and fky?
If up to heav'n's aetherial height,

Thy prospect to elude, I rile;
In splendor there, severely bright,

Thy presence thall my fight furprise : There, beaming from their source divine, In full meridian, 'light and beauty shine. Beneath the pendant globe if laid,

If plung’d in hell's abyss. profound,
I call on night's impervious shade

To spread essential blackness round;
Conspicuous to thy wide survey,
Ev'n hell's grim horrors kindle into day,
Thee, mighty God! my wond ring foul,

Thee, all her conscious pow'rs adore ;
Whofe being circumscribes the whole,

its utmost bounds explore: Alike illum'd by native light, Amid the sun's full blaze, or gloom of night.



3 If through the fields of aether borné,

The living winds my flight sustain'; 50 If on the rosy wings.of morn,

I seek the distant western main There, Q my God! thou still art found, Thy pow'r upholds me, and thy arms surround. Thy essence fills this breathing frame,

55 It glows in ev'ry conscious part; Lights up my soul with livelier flame,

And feeds with life my beating heart: Unfelt along my veins it glides, And through their mazes rolls the purple tides. 60 While in the filent womb inclos'd,

A growing embryo yet I lay,
Thy hand my various parts dispos’d,

Thy breath infus'd life's genial ray;
Till finish'd by thy wond'rous plan,
I rose the dread majestic form of man.
To thee, from whom my being came,
Whose smile is all the heav'n I know,


wond'rous theme, To thee my votive strains shall flow :

70 Great


Replete with all

Great ARCHETYPE! who first design’d,
Expressive of thy glory, humankind.


Who can the stars of heav'n explore,

The flow'rs that deck the verdant plain,
Th' unnumber'd fands that form the shore,

The drops that swell the spacious main ?
Let him thy wonders publish round,
Till earth and heav'n's eternal throne resound.


As subterraneous flames confin'd,

From earth's dark womb impetuous rise, The conflagration, fann'd by wind,

Wraps realms, and blazes to the skies: In lightning's flash, and thunder's roar, Thus vice shall feel the tempest of thy pow'r.


Fly then, as far as pole from pole,

Ye fons of slaughter, quick retire; At whose approach my kindling soul

Awakes to unextinguish'd ire: Fly; nor provoke the thunder's aim, You, who in scorn pronounce th’Almighty's

The wretch, who dares thy pow'r defy,

And on thy vengeance loudly call, On him not pity's melting eye,

Nor partial favour, e'er shall fall: Still fhall thy foes be mine, still share

9.5 Unpity'd torture, and unmixt despair. Behold, O God! behold me stand,

And to thy strict regard disclose
Whate’er was acted by my hand,

Whate'er my inmost thoughts propose:
If vice indulg'd their candour stain,
Be all my portion bitterness and pain.
But, O! if nature, weak and frail,

To strong temptations oft give way;
If doubt, or passion, oft prevail

105 O'er wand'ring reason's feeble ray: Lęt not thy frowns my


reprove, But guide thy CREATURE with a FATHER's love.

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An HYMN to Divine Love,

In Imitation of SPENCER.


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Far from my

O more of lower flames, whose pleasing rage

With sighs and soft complaints I weakly fed; At whose unworthy shrine, my budding age, And willing Muse, their first devotion paid, Fly, nurse of madness, to eternal shades Y 31

foul abjur'd and banish'd fly. ie ad And yield to nobler fires, that lift the soul more high.

O Love! coeval with thy parent God,
To thee I kneel, thy present aid implore ;
At whose celestial voice and pow'rful nod,
Old discord fled, and chaos ceas'd to roar,
Light smil'd, and order rose, unseen before.

But in the plan of the eternal Mind,
When God design'd the work, and lov'd the work

III. Thou

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