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How various all, how varioully endow'd, 100 How

great their number, and each part how good! How perfect then must the great Parent shine,

1 Who, with one act of energy divine, Laid the vast plan, and finish'd the design !”. WHERE-E’er the pleasing search my thoughts pursue,

105 Unbounded goodness rises to my view; Nor does our world alone its influence share ; Exhaustless bounty, and unwearied care, Extends thro' all th' infinitude of space, And circles nature with a kind embrace. I10

The azure kingdoms of the deep below, Thy pow'r, thy wisdom, and thy goodness show: Here multitudes of various beings stray, Croud the profound, or on the surface play: Tall navies here their doubtful way explore, 115 And ev'ry product waft from shore to shore; Hence meagre want expell’d, and fanguine strife, For the mild charms of cultivated life; Hence social union spreads from soul to foul, And India joins in friendship with the pole.



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Here the huge potent of the scaly train
Enormous fails incumbent over the main,
An animated ille, and in his way,
Dathes to heav'n's blue arch the foamy sea :
When skies and ocean mingle storm and flame, 125
Portending instant wreck to nature's frame,
Pleas'd in the scene, he mocks, with conscious pride,
The volley'd lightning, and the surging tide ;
And, while the wrathful elements engage,
Foments with horrid sport the tempeft's rage. 130
All these thy watchful providence supplies,
To thee alone they turn their waiting eyes ;
For them thou op'nest thy exhaustless store,
Till the capacious with can grasp no more.

But, ifone momentthou thy face should'Athide, 135
Thy glory clouded, or thy smiles deny’d,
Then widow'd nature veils her mournful eyes,
And vents her grief in universal cries:
Then gloomy death, with all his meagre train,
Wide o’er the nations spreads his dismal reign : 140
Sea, earth, and air the boundless

ravage mourn, And all their hofts to native dust return.


But when again thy glory is display'd, Reviv'd creation lifts her chearful head; New rising forms thy potent smiles obey, 145 And life rekindles at the genial ray: United thanks replenish'd nature pays, And heav'n and earth resound their Maker's praise.

When time shall in eternity be lost, And hoary nature languish into dust;

150 For ever young thy glory shall remain, Vast as thy being, endless as thy reign. Thou, from the regions of eternal day, View'st all thy works at one immense survey: Pleas'd, thou behold'At thewhole propenselytend 155 To perfect happiness, its glorious end.

If thou to earth but turn thy wrathful eyes, Her basis trembles, and her offspring dies: Thou smit'st the hills, and, at th’Almighty blow, Their summits kindle, and their inwards glow. 160*

While this immortal spark of heav'nly flame Distends


breast, and animates my frame; To thee my ardent praises shall be borne On the first breeze that wakes the blushing morn :


The latest star shall hear the pleasing found, : 165
And nature in full choir shall join around.
When full of thee my soul excursive flies
Thro' earth, air, ocean, or thy regal skies ;
From world to world, new wonders still I find,
And all the Godhead flashes on my mind.
When, wing'd with whirlwhinds, vice shall take its

To the deep bosom of eternal night,
To thee my soul shall endless praises pay:
Join, men and angels, join th' exalted lay!

: 170



E, O my God! thy piercing eye,

In motion, or at rest, surveys ; If to the lonely couch I fly,

Or travel through frequented ways: Where-e'er I move, thy boundless reign, Thy mighty presence, circles all the scene.


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Where shall my thoughts from thee retire,

Whose view pervades my inmost heart!
The latent, kindling, young desire,

The word, ere from my lips it part,
To thee their various forms display,
And shine reveal'd in thy unclouded day.
Behind me if I turn my eyes,
Or forward bend

my wand'ring fight, Whatever objects round me rise

15 Through the wide fields of air and light; With thee impress’d, each various frame

1 The forming, moving, present God proclaim. Father of all, omniscient mind,

Thy wisdom who can comprehend ?
Its highest point what eye can find,

Or to its lowest depths descend ?
That wisdom, which, ere things began,
Saw full exprest th' all-comprehending plan!
What cavern deep, what hill fublime,

Beyond thy reach, shall I pursue ?
V, hat dark recess, what diftant clime,
Shall hide me from thy boundless view?



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