The Iliad and the Odyssey of Homer, Band 2

Joseph T. Buckingham, 1814

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Seite 324 - Dog ! neither knees nor parents name to me ! I would my fierceness of revenge were such That I could carve and eat thee, to whose arms Such griefs I owe ; so true it is and sure That none shall save thy...
Seite 235 - The universal mischief to return. Then, whirling her around, he cast her down To earth. She, mingling with all works of men, Caused many a pang to Jove, who saw his son Laborious tasks servile, and of his birth iss Unworthy, at Eurystheus
Seite 286 - For on the belly at his navel's side He smote him ; to the ground effused fell all His bowels, death's dim shadows veil'd his eyes. Achilles ardent on his bosom fix'd His foot, despoil'd him, and exulting cried.
Seite 220 - There also all the stars, which round about, As with a radiant frontlet, bind the skies ; The Pleiads and the Hyads, and the might Of huge Orion, with him Ursa called, Known also by his popular name, the Wain.
Seite 407 - But me no comfort cheers, whose bravest sons, So late the flower of Ilium, all are slain. When Greece came hither, I had fifty sons ; Nineteen were children of one bed, the rest Born of my concubines. A numerous house ! But fiery Mars hath thinned it.
Seite 227 - Seated, the potter twirls it with both hands For trial of its speed, now, crossing quick They pass'd at once into each other's place.
Seite 55 - It was an ambush of sweet snares, replete With love, desire, soft intercourse of hearts, And music of resistless whisper'd sounds That from the wisest steal their best resolves ; She placed it in her hands and thus she said. ' Take this — this girdle fraught with ev'ry charm. Hide this within thy bosom, and return, Whate'er thy purpose, mistress of it all.
Seite 196 - Of his whole length he lay, disordering wild With his own hands, and rending off his hair. The maidens, captived by himself in war And by Patroclus, shrieking from the tent Ran forth, and hemm'd the glorious Chief around.
Seite 293 - But vain shall be his strength, his beauty nought Shall profit him or his resplendent arms, For I will bury them in slime and ooze, And I will overwhelm himself with soil, Sands heaping o'er him and around him sands Infinite, that no Greek shall find his bones For ever, in my bottom deep immersed.
Seite 263 - Of a steed azure-maned. They, pregnant thence, Twelve foals produced, and all so light of foot, That when they wanton'd in the fruitful field They swept, and snapp'd it not, the golden ear, And when they wanton'd on the boundless Deep, 285 They skimm'd the green wave's frothy ridge, secure. From Ericthonius sprang Tros, King of Troy, And Tros was father of three famous sons, Ilus, Assaracus, and Ganymede Loveliest of human-kind, whom for his charms 290 The Gods caught up to heaven, there to abide...

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