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gentleman, residing in Holborn, witnessed above thirty deaths from thesame cause; and that nearly one-fourth of them happened in Eagle Court, from the contagion communicated by a single child! These important particulars, we hope, may suffice to deler religious parents from acting so cruelly and incautiously, A'CAUTION.

senters, under the pastoral care of

Mr. - , ini whose reLegacies, -- Morimain.

ceipt shall be a sufficient discharge SEVERAL instances having lately to my Executors for the same, to occurred wherein Legacies, left to be bý the said Deacons laid out and Dissenting Ministers, or to Disseat invested, in their joint names, ia ing Churches or Congregations, for the publie funds, upon trust, to pay the use of the ministers, or for the and apply the interest and dividends benefit of the poor, or for the ge. thereof, as the same shall, from neral carrying on the public wor. time to time, de received. sbip of God in such churches and

To the congregations, have been lost, hy Minister for the time being, of the reason of the respective teslalors said Church or Congregation, for haviog, unfortunately, made them hs own use and benefit. Or, payable out of real estate's, or out

(Legacy for the Uve of the Poor.) of the rents of houses ar lands (either freehold or leaseholó) iusimad of. As above. Then say, . charging them wholly on their per "Unto and amongst such Poor şonal estale,

Persons, Members of the said The Committee for Supporting Church or Congregation, as the said the Civil Rights of Protestant Dis. Deacons for the time being shall, senters, think it their duty to ap- in their discretion, think it. Or, prize their Dissentiog Brethren in ger:eral, and in the country in par:

(Legacy for the Use of the Place.) ticular, of the necessity of attending As above. Then say, to this distinction in framing their Towards the Expenses of carry. wills,' as, otherwise, any legaciesing on the Public Worship of God they bequeath, payable out of real in the said place, as the said Dea... estates, or out of houses or landscons for the time being shall, in (whether freehold or leasehold) or their discretion, think fit.' the rents and profils thereof, for

R. In those congregations where the benefit of any of their churches

otiier officers are appointed instead or congregations, will be void by

of deacons, the word deacons must the statute of Mortinain; and, con

be varied accordingly. sequently, their intentions will be frusirated.

*** The Committee meet on the And, in order to assist (as far as last Friday in every Month, at the possible) persors who may he de. King's Head Tavern, in the Poultry, sirous of leaving any part of their at 12 «'Clock, to whom any com. property to such purposes, the Com munications may be sent; or to the millee baye thonght fit to subjoin Secretary, Mr. Webster, Queea St., the forın of different clauses, appli. Chicajış.de. cable thereto; which, if adopled, will be the ipeang of securing such

HOXTON ACADEMY. Legacies goiny according to the in. tenlions of the respective donors.

The Annual Meeting of the Sub.

scribers to this Jostitution, was held Legacy for thc Use of the Ministers at the New London Tavern, on Fri

I give and bequeath the sum of day evening, Jan. 12. The Minutes - , lo be raised by my Ex of the Proceedings of the Committee ecutors out of my personas estate, during the past year, were read and and to be paid to ihe Deacons for confirined. Some of these appear the time being, of the Church or particularly important, as they reCongregation of Protestant Dis. late to a considerable improvement

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in the system of education adapted things were. somrlincs so awful, in this Seminary. Several interest. .thai some of his hearers have ing and useful branches of study been extreincly agitated; and he is are now added to those which for ' said in have maintained, That merly engaged the attention of ine svine experience of this kind was Hudents, and this enlargement of 064 niat to true religion. He is the plan of tuition, has rendered ne.. said a s» to have made some very cessary the appointment of a third free reinarks on the cinduct of tutor. To this office the Rev. H. the rich, and also on the regular F. Burder, at the recommendation clergy ; ail which circumstances, of the Committee, was unanimously probably, encouraged a neighchosen. The departments of tuition : bouring gentleman to exceed the are arrange:l as follows:- Rev. R. bounds of the law in his treatSimpson, Hebrew, coonected with ment of the preacher. Had Mr. Biblical Criticism, Jewish Antiqui M·Arthur rendered himself obties, Systematic Divinity, &c. ; -- noxious to the law, he ought to Rev. John Hooper, 'the Latin and have been treated in a legal manGreek Languages, &c. ; - Rev. H. ner ; but the violent persecution F. Burder, Beiles Lettres, The Phi he has endured, has been prolosophy of the Mind, Logic, and perly exposed in a Court of Jus. Mathematics.

lice; and we rejoice that the laws The comfortable accommodation of our country will not permiti of the students has been greatly any man to be injured for his promoted by the erection of thirty endeavours to do good. At the small rooms for studies, which are same time we would recommend furnished with fire-places, and ren it to zealous and well-disposed dered favourable to retirement, by men to refrain from unnecessary brick partitions. A great part of reflections on their superiors, the heavy expence incurred by this which can seldom bave any other improvement has been already de. effect than that of provoking opfraged by the liberal contributions position : of individuals, and of congregaLions: a debt, however, of 600

Court of Sessions, Edinburgh. -still remains; which, together with

On Tuesday, the 6th inst. the court the increased expenditure, attach

determined a case of a very interest. ing to the enlargement of the plan

ing nature:--Mr. Donald M-Arthur, of tuition, renders is necessary to

the pastor of a dissenting congregamake an urgent appeal to the geoe.

tion at Port Bannatyne, in the rosity of the religious publice

island of Bute, brought an action against John Campbell, Esq. of

Southall, upon the ground that the Provincial Intelligence, latter gentleman, on the 201h of

October, 1805, while Mr. M.Arthur EDINBURGH.

was celebrating divide service, in

the midst of his congregation, vio. Persecution exposed..

lently seized upon his person, forced The following Calls, determined in him on board a vessel bound for

the Court of Session, Edinburgh, Greennock; and having landed him about a year ago, isof so much con- a few miles from that place, had, sequence to the cause of Religions after 'confioing him in a small inn Liberty, that we think it necessary during the night, marched hiin along to insert it. Mr. M Arthur, an the road as a common felon, and deirregular preacher, had forinerly livered bim to Capt. Tatham, the been employed in conveying her regulating officer for that quarter,', rings from Loch Fyoe, in Argyle as a fit person to serve in his Ma shire, to Glasgow. Being very jesty's Navy. The officer accord zealous, he began to speak to a ingly (as the pursuer farther stated) few people about their su's; and, sunt hiin on board the Tourterelle by degrees, became very popular. frigate; which speedily conveyed His representations of eternal him out of the jurisdiction of the

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Scoitish courts. After being de dridge's Rise and Progress, among tained for five weeks on board dif- the prisoners of war, and others. ferent ships of war, and suffering, as Endeavouring to keep your ad. he alleged, every species of indignity vice constantly in view, I have, with and hardson, Mii Mödrthur was care and economy,d stributed above discharged by express orier from the two-thirds of Doddridge. This Lords of the Admiralta ; and fus. awakening book was at first sparnished with a certificate, that he was ingly distributed, and received with never again to be iinpressed into his sceining indifference, particularly by Majesty's service. The summons those of an infidel cast; of which concluded aga 1151 Mr. Campbell for there are, aias! too many among £2000 damages, with expences. these captives, who, on looking into

11. Canıphell, in his pleadings the book, threw it away. On a se. hefore the Lord Ordinari, denied condásiribution to a greaier exseveral of the most aroravating cir- tent, it was received by the prisoncumstances of the case. Ju partica- ers' in general with great avidity lar, he alleged, That the parsuer particularly by some to whom I had

as in the practice of preaching im- inefore given a copy of the New Tesmoral and sudicious doctrines; that tament. he was a fitiljit of the impress, . On enquiry, I find Doddridge has having been formerly employed in been, and is still read with considerIne herrian fisiery; and being con- able aitention, even by those who scaliently a scalaring mail; and that, at first treated it with contempt. Yon nnder these circursi anies, acting will unite with me in prayer to the bona fide as a justice of the peace, Lord, that his Spirit may fasten he conceived himself wily entitled the heart-affecting truths contained to deliver him in Capian. Tatham. in it upon their minds! From the The Lord Ordinary lord Meadow. above period, applications were bank) proconnect an interk cutor of made to me frequently for a copy of considerable durin, finding, for the this work ; and it is truly gratisyreasons therein sinted, tne whole ing to observe persons, in different proceedings scarsalues and unjustic corners of the pris in-rooms, read. fable; repealing the defences, whe. ing Doddridge or the Scriptures, ther loonded on the pursuer's having with apparent solemnity and serie once been a safariny man, or on ousness. tte religious doctrineske is said to Having been occasionally furnishhave taughi, oi on the seditious ed with French Testaments by Mr. speeches which it is siated ke ut. B. I have distributed theni' to pertered ; aid lurtlier, finding the pur- sons in 'whom I could confide for their

per collied in £ 105 sierling; as a preservation.--It gives me pleasure avlatium for the wrong he suffered; to aud, that they have taken great iugether with ionchipulication of the care of this invaluable book : it is expences incurred by bin, person- frequently read by them; and they aliy or viherwise, in ohiarins his speak of it with ihe greatest venedeliverance, aliü expences of process.

ration. To soine, I hainiy hope it has excited a desire after religious

knowledge, which, by the blessing Distribution of Thits, &c. among means of their salvation !

'of God, way ultimaiely prove the the Prisoners of Hur.

By the carich that lately sailed, I . [Exirait of a Letter from Mr.

embraced the opportunity of seudto his friend in London.]

jning a few Tracis, Testaments, and

Doddridge's Rise, &c. lnder care of ASSURED that all iníelligence of a French officer, ou whose integrity a religious pature must give some I place great reliance; and who prodegree of pleasure to you, I feel it mised he would distribute them Tal y dutyio siate the progress I have when on his journey home, from the made in the distribution of Religi. sea-coast into the interior, Among 9:15 Tracis, the scriptures, and Doathe prisoners returning lo France in

this cartel was a young midshipman, Rev. Mr. Piatt, for the use of the to whom I had shown some aiten- Naval and Military Bible Society, tion. On taking leave of me, he £40. In May lasi, t'he sue conassured ine he would never forget to gregation contributed £ 40 to the carry the New Testament and Iod. British and Foreign Bible Society. -dridge with him wherever he went. These examples of Christian liber• 'These,' said he, “I inean to make ality are calculated to provoke my companions in the hours of re- or hors to love an ito good works." laxation from duty.'

MANCHESTER. A friend has likewis: supplied me with a few Dutch, German, and Dås

On Thurslay, the 411 of January, nish Tracis, and some Italian Tes

at a very ne rous and respectable taments. some of which I have dis- Meeting of the lohahstanis of the tributed amon. persons belonging above town and ils vicinity, couto these natious, in the prison and vened by public advertisement, an prison - ships. . It gives me plea- Auxiliary Suciety was formed, too ! sure to say, That much good ap- promote the objecis of the British pears to have arisen from the disirin and Foreign Bible Society, which bution of Tracis amous the soldiers happily embraces Christians of every of the militia, and also among the

deroinination. The Rev. Dr. Biarka seamen. Some, who were remark.

burn, Warden of the Colerjale able for profaneness, have been re

Church, wiis appoint d Presideat; strained, and in others, a visible

the Rev. Mr: I'wediale, a Clergy. change has taken place, froin ignor

maan (the Establishment; and the ance, contempt, and disregard of di. Rev. Mr. Hoby, a respectable Dis. vine tbings, to some degree of know. senting Minis'er, Secretaries.. ledge and concern, and a desire to , AMERICA. - We have the plea.. hear the word of God.

sure to announce, on credible auThe boys belonging to the ship, and thority, That, besides the Bible Gasa number of children, whose parents cieties, incntioned in our las: (p. 42) reside on board, have been instruct. similar lustilations have been foran. ed io read, and to repeat Dr. Waits '

sed for the State of Catechisms and Hymns. Many of and the district of Maine ; aud chai the foriner, who scarcely kaew. a let- it was expecice that, in the cours? ter of the alphabet, cap now read of the winter. Bible Societies would the Bible, repeat the whole of the also be cablished in Georgia and Catechisms, a mimber of the hymns, Souih Carolina. .' and various portions of Scripture, with great facility.


Died. Dec. 21, at Clapham, Miss

*Bacon, cide se daughter f the late On Wednesday, Dec. 6, the Rev.

John Bacon, Esq. R. A. Sculptor. T. Humpage was oriained over the

She was a truly pious person, and church at Winchmore th:!, Midille

died in the most placid manner, ensex. Mr. Steil, of Wigan, delivered

joying the peace of God, which the introductory discourse;. $ir..!

passeih all understanding,'' ani in Simpson, of Hoxton, prayed the ine lively hope of a bless:d immorordination-prayer; Mr:Clayin..sin. Halit

tality. of London, gave the charge, fr 1 Rom. xi. 13, laiter part; and live

Died in tie West Indies, - Vr Thomas, of Enfield, preached to the

d to the Bentorn, formerly a Missionary at people, from I Cor. xvi. 10. Mess. Quebec. Morrison, of Barnet, Atkinson, of Mill Hill, apd Whitefoot, ot Enfield,

Awrul SUICIDE. 0: Thursday, engaged in prayer, &c.

Jan. 18, about 100.1, a Mr. Levi, a The Church and Congregation at Jewish Merchant, precipitated him-, Princes Street Chapel, Plsmouth self from the rog on the Monumew, Dock, have lalely forwarded to the in London; and was instantly killed.

Verses addressed to a Friend on Christmas Day.
MAIL, Bethl'hem! highly-favour'd city, hail!

And hail, thou Star!'' I mark thy lustre mild,
Whose faithful light, unerring, points the way
: of eastero Magi to the holy Child!
Yes, ye were wise, - had'search'd the sacred page,

And knew the language of that mystic ray.
Which led your steps from Persia's plains afar,

From the dim twilight to the noon-tide day.
True to the light ye had, that star arose

On you, though distant from fair Salem's towers :
That star pursued, to Bethl'hem leads you, where ,

The Sun of Righteousness his radiance pours.
The pilgrim, thus benighted and forloro, :
5. Who o'er the desert seeks fam'd Mecca's 'shrines,
Catches the first faiot glimmer in the east,

And follows, till the holy city shines !
But he, alas ! in Error's darkness strays;

No guiding light ere dawns upon his soul, a
No day-star darts its beams upon his path;

Bot darker, and more dark his minutes roll!
Ah! how unlike those sages of the east,

Whose twilight dim increas'd to perfect boon:
The Star of Bethl'hem for their guide, they pays'd

Through Wisdom's gates, and saw Salvation's Sun.'"
Thus, my dear friend, may we our vay pursue!

Thus wise, improve our rising dawn of grace!
This faint light follow'd, will to Jesus lead, -

Apd He's our SUN, – the Sun of Righteousness!

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Lines written in the Case of a Lady's Watsh,
by Mr. E. Button, and set to Musie by Mr. J. Whitaker.

ONWARD, perpetually moving, .
These faithful hands are proving .

How quick the hours steal by ;
This monitory pulse-like beating.
Is constantly, nietbipks, repeating :

• Swift, swift, the moments fly!'
Reader, be ready; or, perchance, before
These hands have made one revolution more, .

Life's spring is soapt! -- you die!

To a Lady, with a little Volume, entitled · The Refuge."
. Ir darkness, like Lavinia's, should be thide,

And unbelief prevent thy peace divine,
Accept the volume, which describes so well
The grace and love which in Immanuel dwell.
Look to that Refuge which his gospel brings,
And trust thy soul beneath his shelt'ring wings:
Strong is his arm of mercy, rich bis grace, i
As young Lavinia's happy faith could trace!
Affection's gift peruse; and while you read,
May that besi Refuge be your friend indeed !

Printed by G. AULD, Greville Street, London.

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