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olher of nearly 100 persons, beside badaro, frona 2 Tim. i. 10; Mr. a Suoday.School of 60 children, has · Griffiths, of Glandwr, from i Peter

been established at Laves Lane, Mil. i. 12, last clause ; Mr. Jones, of - ton, where there is a chapel in con- Liverpool, from 1 Cor. vi. 12 ; Mr. nectiou with the Tabernacle, Eaves Lewis, of Wrexham), from Psalm

Laue and Badley Edge are supplied xci. l; and Mr. Jones, of Pwllhely, ** by the Society every Lord's Day, from Rom. xiii. 11. Mr. Williams, and Bagnal every other,

of Wero ; Mr. Jones; of Traw 8The Gloucestershire Association “ fynydd; and Dr. Lewis, engaged in of Independent Ministers was beld prayer. This interest commenced i in Bristol on the 17th and 18th of 'in the year 1802, by tbe labours of

September : and three appropriate Mr. T. Jones, minister of the place ; sermons were delivered by Messrs. the church was organized in the Lewis, of Wooton; Bennett, of year 1803,--Mr. Jones was ordainod Romsey; and Bisbop, of Gloucester. in the year 1804, - and the chapel The devotional parts of the several built in 1805.' The prospect of suo services were conducted by Messrs. cess is trụiy encouraging. Several Phillips, Richardson, Daniel, Spils doors bave since been opened in the bury, Tyreman, and Lacey. This ceighbourhood ; and a church has Association was very numerously been forined in one place, wbich is and respectably attended, and was considered as a branch of that at rendered peculiarly interesting by a, M

ha Maelfre. The next yearly meeting resolution which was unanimously will be held at Carnarvon the last adopted, for supportiog a Mission.'

n Wednesday and Tbursday in Separy to preach the gospel in such of tember, 1811. the dark and populous villages, Sep. 21. Mr. Lewis Powell, late

within the county of Gloucester, as student at Wrexbam, was ordained i are most destitute of religious in: pastor of the Independent church at

struction. The Rev. Mr. Lowell, of Llanrwst, Deobighshire. Mr. A. Bristo!, is appointed Sucretary for 'Jones began with reading and the affairs of the inteuded mission; prayer; Mr. J. Lewis, of Bala, disand steps are taking for oblainiog a coursed on the Nature of a Cburch suitable minister for the purpose of Christ; Mr. Phillips, of Neuod.

The Annual Meeting of the Inde. dlwyd, proposed the usual ques. pendents in North Wales, was held

tions, &c.; Mr. Hughes, of DipasThe 19th and 20th of September, at mowddu, oifered up the ordination - Moelfre, in Denbighshire. On the prayer; Mr. Powell's father, from 19th, the service was opened by Mr. Anglesea, delivered an impressive Jones, of Liverpool; Mr. Lewis, of

charge; Mr. B. Jones, of Pwllhely, Bal, preached from Micah ii. i ;

addressed the church. On the preMr: Hugbes, of Dinasmowddu, ceding evening two serinons were from lleis, iv.:16, and concluded preached, and four in the remaining with prayer. At a conference held parts of this day, by different minis. in the afternoon, it was reported,

tedters from North and South Wales. That a considerable addition had

had As the old chapel was not sufficiently been made to the churches during

large to contain the people, tbe the preceding year. At 6 o'clock,

Baptisis kindly opened their chapel; service recommenced with prayer

but a spot of ground is purchased, by Mr. Davies, of Rhesscas : Mr.. on which a new one is to be erected. Griffiths, of Machyniteth, preached Sept, 25. Mr, T. Griffin was ortron I Corinthians xv. 24, 25 ; Mr. dained pastor of the Particular Griffiths, of Carrarvon, from I linn. Baplist Church at Kidderinioster. j. 15, 16, aud concinied by prayer. Mi. Trotman, of Tewkesbury, inOnlise following rement, saunais nere troduced the service; Mr. Mason, preached by Dr. Lewis, from Eph. of the Coppice, described the Nature V. 2 (Mr. Jeges, of 'Trelcach, being of a Gospel Church, &c. and reabsent through indisposition) ; Mr. coined the confession of faith ; Mr. Paulins, of Neediliwyd, froin isa. Muckley, Brit'e Lane, offered liis. 12; Mr. Shadiücii, of Llan. up the vidination prayer; Mr.

Edmonds, of Birmingham, delivered Oct. 2. The Independent Ministhe charge from Mark xvi. 15, 16; ters of Cornwall beld their HalfMr. Draper, of Coseley, addressed yearly Meeting at Penzance. Mr. the people from Acts xv. 36; and Angear, of Love, preached in the - Mr. Elmore, lodependent minister · morning, from Acts v.31; Mr.Cope, · in the town, in wbuse chapct the ' of Launceston, in the eveaing, from

service was performed, closed with Gal. iv. 18; after which the Lord's , prayer. Mr. Trotman preached in ' Supper was administered. The Serinthe evening. "The Baptist interest'tures were read, and prayers offered in Kidderminster is quite in its in- ' up by Mr. R. M'All; Mr, Smith, of fancy. Mr. Griffin, of Bewdley, · Penzance ; Mr. Moore, of Mevagis. has preached to them for four years 'sey; and Mr. R. Cope. Mr. Wildgratuitously, in a private house; bore, of Penryn, preached on the but a friend has offered a piece of preceding evening, from Rev. iv. 3. ground, if the friends of the gospel will assist them to build a meeting.'

LONDON. · house.

* Death of her Royal Highness the ' In March last, Mr. Slatterie's old. Princess Amelia.

plase of worship, called the Great On the morning of Friday, the Meeling, in Chatham, which was a 2d of November, ber Royal Highwooden building, and 'bad been ness the Princess Amelia was restanding upwards of 100 years, was

moved by the hand of Death from a pulled down, that a new one, double

state of excessive suffering. Altho' the size, might be erected on the this iermination of her affliction had same scite of ground. On the 30th been long expected, it was most seof that month, the foundation stone verely felt by the Royal Family, was laid by the Rev. Rowland Hill, and, potwithstanding her Royal who delivered an appropriate ad- Highness had herself resigned the dress to a large concourss of people' desire of living, such was the affece on the occasion. Since that time, tion towards her existing in the the dew place, which is 70 feet by hearts of her illustrious relatives, 50, with galleries all round, and that they belield, with inexpressie will contain about 1500 persons, has ble sorrow, the certain advances of been so far completed, that it was that dissolution for which the Prinopened for divine worship on Sep- cess herself prayed. The King and tember 26. As previous notice of

Queen, always exemplary as the the opening had been circulaled, a'

most affeciionate of parents, suffered large congregation assembled at an all those pangs which, under such · early hour. In the morning, Mr. circumstances, parents only can feel. • Ralph, prayed; Mr.Waugh preached in the loss of this amiable sister, the

from Zech. ii. 5; in the aftercoon, members of the royal house were Dr. Coilver preached from Hom. deprived also of a friend most tenviii. 31. 'In the evening the place derly beloved, whose estimable gua. overflowed, and many were obliged lities and endearing manners, to go away. Mr. Jay preached whose invariable attachmeat and from Jobin xx. 17; Messrs. Jackson, agreeable temper, made her their Piatt, and Rames, engaged in prayer. idol wbile living; and have sealed About 30 ministers were present. upon the bearls of her family a reThe collection at the doors amounted membrance wbich can never be efto 103. The congregation had faced, now that she is dead. The before raised upwards of £ 1700; tears which were sed upon her bier aur many friends to the cause of were the tributes of true paternal Christ in London bad libcrally con. affection; and those of the family tributed towards defraying the great who were not present on that awful expence that had been unavoidably occasion, mourned in secret with no jocurred, by erecting so large a less sio cerity. Her filial affection place, suited to the great population has been away, most ardent; and of Chathaw and its neighbourhoodh her last expression of it, in placing

a ring, with her own hair, on the Winter gave the introduetory adfinger of her Royal Father, with her dress ; Mr. Ford the ordination. own hand, as a memorial of the at prayer ; Dr.Nichollhe charge, from tachment of a dring daughter, over. i John xv. 16, 17 ; Mr. Hyatt préachcame the fortitude' of his Majesty, ed from 1 Cor. xvi. 10, 11; Mr. whose constitution was unequal to Morrison, of Barnet, concluded. Mr. the shock abich his heart bad re. Liefchild, of Kensington, preached ceived. The attendants of her Royal in the evening. Higboes bear the most decided tos. timony to ber uncomplaining pati: Nov. 7. A large and commodience, her persevering resignation, ous place of worship, in the New and her devotional spirit, during her Road, near Somers' Town, called protracted and severe illness. It is Tonbridge Chapel, was opened for now closed; aod while the removal public wership; when two sermons of the youngest of the Royal Fainily were preached : by Mr. Clayton, has had a voice to those of them who sep. in the moraing, from Malt.

survive, it speaks also to the higher xviii. 20; and Dr. Winter in the · 'classes of society, in language to evening, from Isa. liv. 2, 3. Mess.

which they can scarcely refuse to Goode, Townsend, Ford, Waugh, listen : it reminds them that earthly aod Lewis engaged in prayer. This distinctions are vain, as shields chapel has beea erected by the against sorrow; and that earthly united exertions of several gealle glory terminates in the oblivion of men desirous of promoting the cause mortality. - To the young, this visi. of God and truth in a very increas. tation is peculiarly addressed,-since ing neighbourhood. neither youth nor beauty, - neither cstimable qualities nor amiable man.. pers, -neither royal birth nor orna. Sunday School Society. mental acquirements, — neither fa. By the last Half-yearly Report of mily affection nor universal esteem, this very useful Institutivn, we could suaich from the grave the learn, that since their Meeting in Princess Amelia, at the age of iwen April, 1810, fifiy five Schools bare ty-seven! While every heart sym- been added to the Society's List. pathizes in the bereavement of the Since the commencemcot of the Royal Family, let every Christial Institution, 292,832 spelling-books, remeinber them with affectionate 63,565 New Testaments, and 7764 cardour in his prayers. Her Royal Bibles have been distributed among Highness was born Aug. 7, 1783 ; schools, containing upwards of died November 2, 1810, at Wiad.

270,000 scholars.--Persous disposed sor. The ponr of that place, to to aid their benevolent exertions, whom she was a post liberal bene. may apply to the Secretary, Mr. T. factress, will deepl, lament their loss. Sinit

5. Smith, 19, Little Moorfields. Her Royal Highness was in!erride at eight o'clock, on the evening of Tuesday, November 13, in a (tem

Manchester School. porary) vault of the Chapel Royal, We are happy to learn, that the at St. George's, Windsor. The fu. friends of religion and literature, ia neral was atteoded by the Prince of the neighbourbood of Manchester, Wales and the Duke of Cainbridge : have just established a Grammar. the latter as chief mourner. These School and Academy; wbich, we royal personages were deeply affecied bope, will be of eminent advantage on the solemn occasion. The body to ine rising generation and to the is to be removed to a vault prepas church of God. The Rev. George ing for the purpose, in the adjoining Phillips, A. M. has accepted the of. chapel of Cardinal Wolsey.

fice of Classical Tutor; and the ce.

lebrated Mr. J. Dalton will superOct. 31. The Rev. Juho Haslock, intend the Mathematical and Pailofrom Hoxton Academy, was ordain: sophical Department in this semied at Kcalish Towo. Mr. Hooper nary. - See the Advertisement on bagan the service with proyer; Ds. the Cover of this Magazine.

Edinburgh Gratis Sabbath School Schools in the Highlands and Islands Society. - At the 13th Anniversary

of Scotland. of this Society, bold April 22, it ap. The exerlions of the Society in peared that there are 38 schools Scotland, for propagating Chrisiian now under their care, which are Knowledge, during the past century, attended by about 1500 cbildren. it is well known have been attended The Committee are very desirous of with the most beneficial effects in the extending the benefits of this Iosti. Highlands and Islands. ·Many thou. tution to a far greater pumber of sands of our countrymen have been the poor, ignorant, and careless taught to read the Scriptures, and children of Edinburgh, &c.; and, prepared for occupying important therefore, carnestly solicit the prav. stations in the various departments ers and contributions of all who love of society, who, without the eiluca. the Lord Jesus.

tion received at Society Schools,

must have been entirely excluded Edinburgh Lancastrian School So-'

from these advantages. By the last ciety.-- A Society with this title has Report, which has been published, Jately been iustituted, for the pur it appears, that the pumber of chil. pose of facilitating the invaluable dren of both sexes apoually attend. blessing of a good education, by ega ing these schools, amounts to nearly tablishing and supporting one or 16,000 The revenue of the Society more'schools, as, may be found ne is completely exhausted by the aucessary, on the plan practised by Mr.

pual expenditure ; yet toere are Joseph Lancaster, in St. George's many extensive districts where Fields, London.

schools are greally wanted, to which the Society has it not in their power

to extend their aid. With a view to Hibernian Sunday School Society. remedy this eril, and to diffuse more - A respectable Society has been widely the benefits of education to formed in Ireland, to promote the the rising generation in the Highe, esiablishment, and facilitate the con- lands, the Directors of the Society ducting of Sunday-Schools in that have it in contemplation to bring. part of the United Kingdom. They forward a plan, lvy which they may design to procure and disseminate be enabled to accoinplish tbis objeci, the most approved plans of conduct withont infringing on the fundo apa ing tbese semiparies, - to supply propriated to the support of their them with spelling-books and copies ordinary establishment. The funds of the sacred Scriptures at reduced to be raised by a voluntary subscripprices, – aud by contributing to de. tion, and placed under the managefray the expences of such schools, ment of the Society; not to be accuwhere necessary, without interfering mulated, but completely expended with their internal regulations ; and every year; and Accounts of Re. as to religious instruction, confining ceipts and Disbursements to be rethemselves solely to the sacred Scrip- gularly published. It is proposed tures.

That the teachers shall devote their At the head of this laudable in- attention exclusively to teaching stitution, we see the names of the children to read: ihat unmarried Bishop of Kildare, several noble La persons only shall be employed in dies as Guardians, and a respectable ihis service, which will preclude the Committee of Ministers and Gentle- necessity of those accommodations men. - Subscriptions are received which the Society are accustomed to by the Right Hon. David La Touche demand for thela ordinary teachers. aud Co. Dublin.

These are a few of the outlines of We rejoice at the commencement the Plan, which is not yet sufficiently of an Institution so essen jally neces. matured to be laid before the pub. sary to the welfare of Ireland; and lic; but, it is hoped, it will be prehope it will meet with the most ef. pared in time to be submitted to the fectual support.

General Meeting of the Society. of Missionary Collections in the Supplement,

ON THE DEATH OF . Thus while thy mercy, day by daj, THE PRINCESS AMELIA, YIT DDI Marca AMELLA .. Our earthly deed supplies.

Help us to seek that peaceful way and the Indisposition of the King. That leads above the skies !

Defend us thro' Life's dang'rous road, WHAT sounds of joy can Britain hear,

. From ev'ry tempting snare : When tow in death Amelia lies? Oh, make us fit for thine'abode, — Fy Mat foreign storm can call her fear

And then receive as there ! From fate careering in the skies?, So when these weak, expiring tongues, In vain may Gallia's tyrant boast,

Shall fajut beneath thy praise, She heeds no more his idle threat; Our souls may join th' angelic throngs, And Wellington's victorious host

Aed straips immortal raise ! But mingles joy with her regret.

HENRY. ller valiant sons have drawn the sword,

And conquest on their side appears ; But till her patriot-King's restord,

· Hymn for Sunday Schools, She can but thank them with her

TUNE, tears!

Guide me, O thou great Jchovah ! Bround Amelia's royal hearse,

God, or Father, great Creator, No feigning heartless inourner weeps ;

At thy feet we henbly bow, No hireling hand shall write the verse Gratiti

Gratitude for houndless Savour Upon the tomb where greatness

Shall in praise for ever low! sleeps!

Great Jehovah, A nation feels the Monarch's grief, -,

· Praise to thee is ever dne! A Princess dead, the country mouras; Gracious Jesus, mighty Saviour, . Nor can Britannia find relief

Hear our lispings io thy praise ! Till to her Sovereign bealth retums. Thou didst bless such little children,'

And invite them near thy face.
Behold, we bow heneath the rod, -

Son of David, . .
The nation weeps, but not despairs; Loud Hosannas to thy name!
Saccour must come from thee, O God!.

Holy Spirit, take thy dwelling
Our sios forgive, accept our prayers!

W. B. C.

, In these wretched hearts of ours; ! Purify us by thy graces,

Sanctify our inmost powers.

Source of Comfort, An Hymn for Charity-Children.

Lighten our bepighted minds. Our God, our Father, and our Friend! Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Oh, hear a youthful band,

One in Tbree, and Three in One; That in thy presence now attend Now accept our cheerful praises, At Gratitude's command !

Let thy will op earth be done!. . Thy pow'r, that form'd our mortal

God of Glorý, frame,

Make us all for ever thine 1 Still guards our tender age : ?, Shew es all thy great salvation, Then let the praises of thy name. Lead us in the way of truth;

Our lips and hearts engage! Keep us safe from all temptation,
Thy love our gen’rous friends inspires,

Be the Guardian of our youth !
And bids their bosoms glow:

O, protect us
All that our helpless state requires

Through this wilderness of woe !
Thy lib'ral hacds bestow!



Page 455, in the Title of Beroard's Latio Hymn, for Saera, read Sacra.

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