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béén pou ed out in copious effa. more, which make glad the hearts sions. In many towns, within the of the friends of Zion. bounds of our sister churches in The Assembly are happy to learn Connecticut, Vermont, Massachu. that the fruits of the great revival seits, and New Hampshire, the gos. in some of the southern states, which pel of Christ is seen to be the power took place years ago, still remaiu; of God, and the wisdom of God to tbat there also apostacies are very salvasion.' Zion is there putting on rare, and professors of religion apher beautiful garments, – there is, pear to have their conversation in flowing with a full stream, that Heaven. lo some instances, proseg. viver which makes glad the city of sional characters, formerly notoriour God; and the great Shepberd is ous for ibeir adherence to the prinleading his dock to the green pas. ciples of infidelity, and for inatten. túres, by the living waters.

tion to the duties of religion and • Advancing towards the south, morality, are now found publicly we see the footsteps of our glorious manifesting their attachuent to the Redeemer, within the bounds of the friends and the doctrines of Christi, Presbyteries of Long Island, Hud. aniiy. son, and New York. Jesus shows “With pleasure we have received that he is able to save, even to the the information, that several semiutterinost, by the conversion of old naries of learning have been favourand hardened sinners, of open avow. cd with the special grace of God; ed unbelievers, and of abardoned and some of those' gouihs who are profligates. The slaves of Satan are expected hereafter to influence pub. delivered from their bonjage, and lic opinion and sentiment, have beadmitted into the glorious liberty of come disciples of a crucified Rethe sons of God. In the wesiera deemer. parls of the state of New York, par. In addition to this general view ticularly in the newly-settled re of the good things which God has gions, the progress of religion has done for us, it is remarked, that the been great ; that desert buds and Missionaries employed by the Geneblossoins as the rose; and promises, ral Assembly, and by other Mission. under the auspices of grace, to be ary bodies within their bounds, come as the garden of the Lord. It have performed their services with is mentioned as a proof of this, that fidelity, and, in several instances, in the space of 11 years the number with considerable success. The gos. of ministers of Jesus, in that country, pel has been carried to deetitute bas increased from two to nearly 50. places, and the Sun of Righteous- :

.• Although the revival in New dess has risen, with healing under Jersey, of which the Assembly made his wings, upon some of the dark report to the churches last year, bas, and bepighted régions of our wilder. in some degree, declined, yet we ness. A goodly number of churches are delighted to hear that the pre- have been organized during the cious fruits of it remain, that year past; and now, in several apostacies are very rare, that they places, there is an earnest cry for who pame the name of Christ, ap. the stated preaching of the gospel, pear generally to walk worthy of where, ten years ago, there were. their vocation, and that, although done who cared for thése things. the harvest seems for the present to The Missions to the poor blacks ia be past, yet still, in many places, our country, have also been,' in the gleanings are considerable. some degree, blessed by the load of

in the Presbytery of Philadel. the church ; and even the heart of pbia the work of the Lord goes on, the savage has been melled by the in the congregations of Cape May all-subduing grace of God. aud Fairfield. Many souls are there. It is pleasing also 'io remak, brought from darkness to light, and that in some places, where Iofides from the power of Satan unto God. lily appeared to have built her

• There are tidings also from some strong holde, the doctrine of Christ palls of the Presbytery of Baltia crucified bas triumphed. The im.

pious heresy of Socinianism, which "The means, in addition to the reduces to the level of a mere man preaching of the word, which God our blessed Lord and Saviour, bas has owned and bless d, are, catechis. heen also, in some instances, conaja ing and prayer-m ctings ; and the derably dimninished.

Assembly hail it as an auspicious The Assembly cannot forbear omen, that, upon many of his mentioning here, with great saiis. people and churches, God has pourfaction, the institution of several ed out a spirit of grace and suppliBible Societies, in addition to the cation. We rejoice in beia: able to one established nearly two years say, that praying -scieties have conago, in Philadelphia. We thank siderably increased in ihe last twelve God that he has put it into the months. Let those who have been hearts of the pious and benevolent favoured with the effusions of the of various denominations, to de Holy Spirit, persevere with increas. vise and furnish the means of send. ing diligence in the use of those ing the Scriptures, which alone are meaos which it has pleased God to able to make men wise unto salva- bless ; and let those who are still in tion, to the poor and peedy ; and a stale of languor and coldness, rewe anticipate with joy the happy member that it is only in the diligent effects which it is hoped will result use of the means appointed by God, from these institutions. It is onr that they can expect to obtain his most ardent prayer, that they may biessing. We recoinmend this the be increased, until all who dwell up. more earnestly, dear brethren, beon the earth shall be favoured with cause, allhough the state of the the word of God, the only infalli. church, on the whole, is prospering, ble rule of faith and practice.' yet, in some very extensive and po.

* The Assembly also acknowledge pulous regions of our country, reli with joy the goodness of God in gion declines, errors prevail, vice checking the progress of the errors, abounds, and souls are perishing! and healing the divisions which have Let the friends of Jesus, throughout prevailed for some years in a few of our land, united in one purpose, and ihe weslern churches.

animaled by one spirit, rise to more • In produciog the happy effects vigorous, exertions for the promowhich have been just detailed, God tion of vital piety. Let their time, has done honour to his word and use their talents, and their all, be dodinances. As the Assembly canpot' voted to tbe cause of God and of recognize as genuine any work in Christ. God has done and promised the hearts of meu bearing the name enough to encourage our hopes, and of Religion, but that which is pro animate our labours. The time is duced by the instrumentality of approaching when Jesus will come truth, acknowledges and honours in the glory and majesty of big that truth, so they observe as usual, grace, proceed from conquest to # confirmation of this great princi. conquest, and fill the whole earth ple in the reports coucerning the with his salvation ! Try then, breatate of religion at the prescot seg. threo, the utmost efficacy of prayer, sions. In those parts of the church, and let every soul with fervour cry, without exception, in which vital • Even so, come quickly, Lord Jepeligion has flourished, in the course sus! Amen.' of the last year, the fundamental

Attcst, JACOB J. JANEWAY, doctrives of the gospel, viz..the

Stated Clerk.' total depravity of human nature, the divinity and atonement of Jesus

NEW YORK. Christ, justification by his imputed righteousness, the sovereignty and A Gentleman in New York, writ. freeness of divine grace, and the ing to a friend in London, says, That special influences of the Holy Spirit the ministry of the Rev. Dr. Roja the regederation and sanctifica. meyn, who has laboured in that lion of signers,' have hesn decidedly cits for two years past, has been received and honoured.

omincutly blessed. Dr. Milledolles, another minister in New York, also July 26. Mr. D. Davies was or. has been remarkably successful, es- dained to the pastoral charge over pecially in that part of the city the lndependent church at Rhes-ywhere the ship-builders reside. cae, Flintshire. Mr. Evaps, of About 40 comunicants were lately Ruthin, began the service ; Mr. added to his church, most of whom Griffiths, of Machynlletb, explained were awakened under his preaching the Nature of a Gospel.cburch, from

We learn also with pleasure, that I Cor. xiv. 40; Dr. Lewis, of Llan. many useful institutions are formed uwchllyn, asked the questions; Mr. among the people. "We bave,' Jones, of Holyweil, offered up the says our correspondent, a Bible ordination-prayer; Dr. Lewis deliSociety; a Tract Society, a Chrig. vered the charge, from Col. iv. 16; tian Friendly Society, a Young Mr.J. Jones, of Liverpool, preach. Man's Assistant Missionary Society, ed to the people, from 1 Thess. v. and a Youth's Assistant Missionary 12 ; Mr. Williams, of Wern, and Society, besides many others. The Mr. Lewis, of Bala, preached in the number of our prayer-meetings is evening; and Mr. Jon's, of Llan. increasing, both here and in Phila. peter, the preceding ev.ning. Mr. delphia,

Jones, of Newmarket, and Mr. Sale of Negroes.

Thomas, student from Wrexham,

engaged in the devotional parts of From a Gazette published in the

the services. The congregations were West Indies.]

far too numerous for the chapel, Por SALE, on Tuesday, the 3d and appeared (as usual on such oc. Gay of July next, fifty negroes; casions) very serious and much afamong whom are thirty who have fected. - The Members of this Sa. always been employed as a jobbing ciety were heretofore a part of the gang. Not less than ten will be Independent church at 'Holy well, bargained for, Those unsold by the who, after Mr. Davies accepted 8th of the same month, he will put their call, separated, and formed a up to sale one by one. — At the distinct Society, -- Mr. Jones, of same time he intends to sell the Holywell, has preached in this property left by the late F. S. ; conneighbourhood for more than seven sisting of a house, &c. a very able years; and Mr. Daries has laboured young negro man, five young won in this place for the last 15 months men, and two children!

with much acceptance.

Sept. 5. Mr. Abr. Toothill (only · Provincial Intelligence. son of tbe Rev. J. T. of Rainford,

Lancashire) travelling for a respectWhit-Monday last (June 13) was able house in Manchester, lost nis held the usual Anniversary, at Mr. life, as supposed by accident, ia onc Walker's, Peppard. Toe Rev. Mr. of the lakes of Westmoreland. He Kingsbury,of Soirthampton, preach. was a young man of serious and ed in the morning, on the luiquit. amiable character, having just atous Practice of Revelling, from tained the age of 21. A Bible was Prov. xiv. 12-14; Mr. Castleden found in his pocket. His remains in the afternoon, from 1 Cor. xv, were interred at Rainford ; and a 58'; and Mr.Lovegrove in the even- fuperat-sermon preached by Mr. ing, from Luke xy. 7. Messrs. , Kenworthy, of Horwich, from Job Churcbiil, Reiford, Eastmcad, i, 24. .. Watkins, and Wood, assisted in the

The Sussex Mission Society held various services of the day. The

their Half-Fearly Meeting at Brighchildren of the schol, with about ton, on Sept. 26. The sermon in 50 poor people, were dined and sup.

the foredoon was preached by Mr. pied with provisions for the day; John Burder, from 2 Cor. v. 19, at and the crowning of the whole was

Mr. Styles's Meeting ; Mr. Ottaw ay the presen e of the Lord, which

preached in tbe ereging, from Acts inade it m, pieaşiøg and profitable

V. 42, at Mr.Guugh's Meeting ; Mr. opportunity.

Griffiths preached on the preceding

evening, at the Countess's chapel, kingdom, can look back upon the from Luke xxiv, 47. The devo- few last years, and not rejoice in tional exercises were conducted by the highly beneficial efforts which Messrs. Mather, Styles, Fisber, have been used to disseminate the Gough, and Kerby. The business Bible, and enlighten the Heathen of the Society was transacted after nations abroad; and also to prethe morning service ; and very flat: mote Suuday-Schools and Itineraat terin; prospects were unfolded. - Preaching'at homes The next Annual Meeting is to be The writer of this paper would held at Chichester, in the second most sincerely regret if he were to week of April, 1811. Mr. Burder's say or do any thing that would, in sermon, we understand, is to be the smallest degree, tend to the in: printed, with the Report of the jury of these truly important opeCommittee annexed to it, at the re. rations. It is, however, needful to quest of the Ministers of the Asso. be on our guard, that, whilst we ciation,

are suitably occupied with these An Institution has been formed at great objects, we do not forget Forest Dean, for the distribution of

other duties, which, though of Bibles and otber religious books;

much liss magnitude, are, in some and schools have been opened, which

measure, connected with them; and are attended by upwards of 100

in regard to which it may be truly children. Subscriptions and Dona.

said, ' These ought ye to have done, tions of Money or Books, are re.

and not have left the other undone.' ceived by the Rev. J. Horlick, of

Whilst our ministers have taken a Mitchell Dean ; the Rev.W. Bishop,

most active and liberal share in Gloucester, &c.

these works of faith and labours of

love, and some even beyond their A West Lothian Bible Society has ability, it is evident to the writer, been lately instituted. They first

23 well as to many others, that somemet in Ballgate ; but now meet in

thing is needful to be done towards Linlithgow, the county town. The supplying their necessities and ligbt. magistrates have been so polite as eoing their cares. Some of them to give them the council-chamber

have already spent, and others are

have alread for their place of meeting. They, cheerfully and laboriously spending amount already to 100 of the most'

tbeir time, their strength, and their respectable inhabitants in that part talents, for the cause of God and of the country.

the advantage of their fellow-men,

whilst the interests of their own faLONDON

milies are not adequately provided

for. Much has been said upon the CONGREGATIONAL ASYLUM.

subject, and many ways proposed To the Ministers, Officers, and all

fer their relief; but it is time that

something of an adequate and perother Members and Friends of the Congregational Churches in

manent nature was actually done.

The advocate of this new object England.

has long bad his eye and his heart + Christian Friends,

fixed upon this work of mercy ; • It has been allotted to us to but the time and labour required lire in a day in which the activily to nourish and bring to maturity his and zeal of our churches have been first and darling child, have hitherto called forth with an energy, and to prevented *. Providence having an extent seldom witvessed hereto: now accomplished that object, far fore; and the various measures beyond his inost sooguine expecta. which are still pursuing to diffuse tion, be has determined, by the as. the blessed gospel, greatly exceed sistance of the Alm'ghty, to devote those of all preceding periods. Who all the time and strength which can that loves the souls of men, and sin- be spared from other necessary and cerely desires to see the extension important avocations, to the for. and establishment of the Redeemer's mation of an institution to be dena.

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minated The Congregational Asylum; self, either now or in futarı : he is

to embrace, Ist, Tbe educating and of course necessarily exorerated . boarding (and clothing, if possible) from even the suspicion of baving of 80 or 100 Children of Ministers' any interested motive in devoting of the above denomination; and, himself to this need!ul and import2d, To provide a comfortable retreat aut service. for 10 or 12 aged Ministers, worn in making this appeal to the out in the honourable and arduous liberality of Christians, the writer service of the Cbristian sanctuaryt. thinks he may especially and most

In proportion as the exertions in confidently reckon upon the zealous favour of religion increase and prog- 'co-operation, not only of the minis. per, and the churches of course are ters and officers of Congregational multiplied, the number of our pub. Societies, but he also hopes that the Jic teachers must also increase ; and rich and afflueot among the laity in it is a fact too well known to need general will show a prompt zeal (as any enlargement or proof in this they have done upon so roany other Circular Leiter, that the pecuniary occasions) not merely by their own circumstances of the generality of individual subscriptions, but by enour ministers are far from being deavouring lo influence all within what they ought to be ; but few of their neighbourhood, to whom Prothem can provide for their families vidence has afforded the means of more than food and raiment; some doing good. What may be done scarcely these. As to any surplus by strenuous exertion and persevere to lay by to meet the peculiar ne. ing application, and that in a short 'cessities of old age, or decently edu. period of time, has been so abun, cate their children, with too many dautly demonstrated to the writer it is ullerly impracticable,

in the case of the Asylum for the The chiidren of Dissenting Minis. Deaf and Dumb, that he feels no ters are shut out from all those hesitation in persuading himself that schools which are under the influ- ample and growiog success will at. ence of the Establishment. Is it tend this work also. J. TOWNSEND. not then much to be regretted, that Jamaica Row, Bermondsey, as yet there has been no better pro

Sept. 25, 1810. vision made for thein among their

Ministers of the Congregational own deuominations? The want of

Denomination, who inteod to make this accounts for their being gener. alls so ill-educated. As to Dissent

application for the admission of ing Ministers teaching their children

children, should send an account of themselves, that is next to impos

their number and age to the writer sible, owing to the multitude and

of this paper, together with the

names and residences of such Anvariety of their avocations; and to provide them with suitable private

nual Subscribers and Benefactors as schools is nearly as difficult, arising,

they may procure. Subscriptions jn general, from the smallness of

are also received by the following

Bankers : - Down, Thornton, and their incomes.

Co. Bartholomew Although the individual who, in

Lane; Fuller, ap bumbic dependence upon God,

Challeris, and Co, Lombard Street; bas taken upon himself the labori.

Hankey and Co. Fenchurch Street; ous task of raising and establishing

Rogers, Olding, and Co. and Mainthis temple of mercy, and op whose

waring and Chalteris, Cornhill. exertiobs and zeal it must materially

The following Cuse of the Rev. G. depend, at least for some time, is a

Bullock, is submillel to the Allenminister of that denomination for wbose advantage it is formed, - yet

tion of the Benevolent. he fecis great saligsaction in being Mr. Bnllock was a student in the able to say, that Providence has late institulion at Mile End, under placed iim out of the reach of de. Dr. Addirigton. He passed through fiving any advantage from it bim. his studies with respectability; and

* The nature and extenťof this part of the plan must depend on eircumstances.

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