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serious, and gratified on the solemn charge; Mr. Stevenson, of Castle, occasion.

Hedingham, preached to the people; : June 21.' The Rey. S. Adams. and Mr. Jonuings, of Thaxted, conJate at Bris'ol' Acadeiny, was oor.'

? cluded with prayer. In the even. dained over the Baptist church at ing, Mr. Duon, of London, preachKeslingbury, in Northamptonshire. ed; and Mr. Hopkins, of Newport, Mr. Cux, of Clipsione, began with engaged in prayer. reading and prajer; Mr. Fuiler de An Annual Association was held lisered the introductors discourse, at a new Independent Meeting, &c. ; Mr. Nichols. of Collinglain, house, called Salem, near Conwaj, offered up the ordination-prayer, North Wales, July A. "The service

with the lasing on of handa ; Dr. beyan at nine o'clock, with reading "Ryland gave the charge, fr-10 Rev.' and grayer, by Mr. H: Williams, of

ji. 10; Mr. Sutcliffe addressed the Clicltenham ; Mr. Lewis, of Bala, church, from Ps. cxxii. 6; and Mr. preached from 1 John iv. 9; and Bock, of Suptone, concluded with Mr. B. Jones, of Pwllheli, from prayer. Mr. leighton, of Road, 2 Pet. i. 10. in the afte noen, Mi.

began with prayer in the evening; W. Jones, o Wern, preached from • and Mr. Norman, of Braunston, Rev. xxii. 20; and Mr. Lewis, of

preached from Rom. i. 16. The Llanuwchllyn, from Hel), ix. 28. gospel has been preachei orcas ()}to lithe evening, Mr. Dan. Davies, of ally in this and the neighbouring Rhes y Cae, preached from Like

villages for 30 years, the congirga. XX!. 31; and Mr. Hughes, of Brya , lion nas gradually encreased, and y Bedda, from Joho x. 27. Mr. T. the place has been twice enlarged. Jones, of New market, aod Mr. D. The church was formed by an ami. Jones, of Holywell, preached the

cable separation Iron ihat in Cole preceding evening. ilege Lart, Norliali pton.

July 5. A neai and commodious June 27. The Rev. G. Norianchapei was opened for divine wor. · (late of Sutton, Eiv) was ordained ship al Frome, in Somersetshire.

pastor of the Baptist church at Soc. Mr. Bogue, of Gosport, preached ham, Cambridgeshire. The service m the inornino, Im Hag. 1.1, was iotroduced with reading and Mr. Jones, late ni Plymouth, 'in the prayer, by Mr. M.Kenzie, of isle. afternoon, from Ps. lxxiv. 22; and ham ; Mr. Freemail, of 'Bedford. Mr. Berry, of Warminster, in the received the confession, &c. : Mr. evening, from 13a. xlix.35. Messrs. Tail, of Swacy, ffered the ordina.. Steve

• Stevenson, Lewis, Davis, Murch, tion prayer : Mr. Fuller, of Ketter. Innis, Mantel, and East conducted ing, gave the charge, from 1 Tim. the other parls of the service. jv. 15, 16; Mr. Farcy, of Bluni- July 18. A new chapel was opensham, preached lo the people, from ed al Buxton, for the use of the ju. Ps. cxviii. 25 ; Mr, Ingle, of Rom- habitants and numerous persons wbo sey, concluded the service with resort thither for the benefit of the

prayer. In the evening, Mr. Ar waters. Two scrinons were preach. · Toh, of Godmarchester, engaged in eu, by Mr. Bradley, of Manchester,

prayer; and Mr. Audley, of Cam. from P: XXVII, 4; and Mr. Bodil, · bridge, preached from Rom. i. 16. of sheffield, from llev, ii. 1. Mess.

Juls 4. The bes. Mark Rozir father, of Sheffield, Boothroyd, of son (lale siudent of Hoxica Acu

Honteract, and Cole, of Bakewell, deiny) was oitained pastor of the Bored in the devotional paris of Jadepeudent church at slempie

the service. It is boped, that those · Bumpeled, mi's ex. Mr. Bowtis,

who frequent Buxton, and love the of Haverhill, beg on with prayer and

Cause of Christ, will use every exerreading ; Mr. fielding, of Cogres.

tion to countegance and sport hall, delivered the iproductors ds.

this new interest. .. . course, &c.; Nir. Bass, of liaisieil, Juis 31, was held the First Anni. prayed the ordinalion-prayer, with versary of he opening of Mr. Col. Jaying on of hands ; Mr. Chaplin, let's Meeting house, at Swanlourve, of Bishop Slortford, gave the Dear Winslow. On this vecas On

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three sermon's were preached : hy property was long employed in do-
Mr. Reynolds, of Nash, from Ps. ing gooi, bolh to the bodies and
cxxxii. 15; Mr. Scraggs, of Buck souls of men.
ingham, from Ps. xxxi. 19; and Aug. 9. A neat Meeting-house
Mr. Seymour, ef Triar, froin Hom.

was opened at Bottesham Load, in
viii. 14, 15. Mess. Tomlins, Gard. Carnh

Cambridzeshire. Mr. Tall, of Swan-
Dør, Donner, Johuson, and Pickett,

sey, read and prayed; Mr. Ilarris,
engaged in prayer. Each service

of Cambridge, preached the sermon, was well attended. -- The above in.

from Exod. xx. 24. In the afterfapt cause owes its origin, and much

noon, Mr. Tall preached from Heb. of ils present support, to the gener.

vi. 12, to a large congregation, conous exertions of Mr. Dawney, of

sidering the balloess of the weather.
Aylesbury; and there is a pleasing - This infant cause owes its origia
prospect of success. .

to Mr. Thomas Reynolds, resident in
Aug. 1. The Rev. S. Neale was that place.
ordained over the 'Independent

Aug. 15. The Rev. Mr. Creak,
church at Thirsk, Yorkshire. The late student in the Congregational
service was opened by Mr. Cook,

Academy at Homerton, was ordain. of Rethe, with prayer and reading

ed to the pastoral charge over the the Scriplares ; Mr. Cockin, of Ha- church of Christ assembling at Burnlifax, delivered the introduction, ham Westgate, in the county of asked the questions, and prayed the Norfolk. Mr. Ray, of Sudbury, de-' ordination-prayer ; Mr. J. Cockin, livered the introductory discourse :

Mr. Townsend; of Bermondsey, ad. 1 Tim. iv. 11-16; Mr. Vint preach.

dressed the minister, from the coned to the people, from 1 Thess. v. cluding clause of 2 Tim. iv. 5; and 15; and Mr. Thurgoland, of York, Mr. Carter, of Mattishall, stated the concluded with prayer. Mr. Cook Duties of the Church towards theic preached in the evening. The ato

Minister, from 1 Thess. V. 12, 13. tendance was respectable, and the The devotional marts of these people expressed considerable satis. were conducted by Messrs. Brown, faction with the services of the day of North Walsham ; Johnson, of which were the more impressive, as Fakenham; and Huil, of Norwich. most of the people had never seen Mr. Ritchie, of Wrentham, Suffolk. any thing of the kind before. . preached the precediug evening; and · Aug. 8. The Rev. J. F. West, Mr. Hull in the evening of the day from Huxton Academy, was set of ordinalioo. apart to the pastoral office at Chigwell Row, Essex: Mr. Smith, of

The Autumnal Association of InBrentwood, commenced with prayer qepen

er dependent Ministers in Gloucestere and reading: Mr. Alkicson, óf Mill shire, will be held at Bristol, on Hill, iook the introductory part and Tuesday, the 18th of the present asked the questinos ; Mr. Simpson, .

month. The morning service will of Hoxton, offered the ordination

on? be held at Mr. Thorpe's Meeting, at prayer, with imposition of hands;

eleven o'clock; and in the evening, Mr. J. Townsend, of Rotherhithe,

at Mr. Lowell's, at seven... On the gave the charge, from 1 Tim. ii. 7i preceding evening there will be a Mr. Ford, of Stepney, preached to

ched to sermon al Castle Green ; after which the veople, from Col.'ii. 6; and there will be an open Committee in Mr. Knight, of Kingsion, conciuded.

ded the vestry, for auditing the accounts The cause in this place commenced

of the independeat benevolent Sasome years ago, by the occasional ciety. preaching of the lale Mess: 8. Bryson The next Hall-yearly Meeting of and Moreton. Since 1801 it has been the Associated Ministers of Doiset. supplied by students from Haxton. shire, is to be held at Blandford, on Jul 1804 the present chapel was Wednesday, Sept. 12: Mr. Jones, erected, at the sole expence of the of Birdbusn ; and Mr. Wheaton, of iale cxcelicat Mis$ Tonkins, whose Lyme, to preach.


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By the Report of the Committee reading and prayer, described the of the Hull Society for the Suppres. nature of a gospel church, and asked sion of Vice, &c. it appears that a the questions; Mr. Fleming, of considerable check has been given Cork, prayed the ordination prayer, to the profanation of the Sabbath aud gave the charge, from 1 Tim. in that beighbourhood, particularly iv. 16.; Mr. Thomas preached to in driving of caltle and slaughtering the people, from 1 Thess. v. 12, and brass on that day. Some bave concluded with prayer. The whole been convicted of cock-fighting, and of the service was peculiarly solemn other scandalous offences The dis- and impressive, the congregation orders which used to attend Easter, large and very attentive; and it is Wbit. Sunday, &c. have been sup. hoped ibat the good eff cis of this pressed. Dram-shops and hair-dress. day's service will be seen for a long ers have been shut up, partiya time to come. the request of sime of the more respectable of the latter profession. EDINBURGH BIBLx Society. - By, Particular attention has been paid the First Report of this newlyto check prosliiutiop;. aud punish. formed Society, it appears that they inent has been inflicted on those have been very aetive, both in rais. who kept disorderly houses. The ing lands and distributing Bibles. Committee conclude, that though Danis., French, and Dutch 'Testa.

less has been effected than migót ments have been given to the prison. be wishe), as much has been done ers of war in Scotland, and English as could reasonably be expected in Bibles to the army, navy, and poor 80 short a time.'

families. They have presented 3001.

to the British and Foreign Bible Soo A CIRCULAR Letter heslalels been ciel y, 2001. Co the Hibernian Society, tranemitted by the Br. of Hereford 2007. towards the Oriental Trans(Dr. Luxoioro) to the Clergy of his lations, and 1001. to the Icelandic. Diricose, requiring from them a par. More than 17001. has been raised ticulier Account of the State of Re. for the benevolent purposes of this Jigion within their several parishes, Society witbin the year. and comprehending principally the foilowing subjecie, respecting which SLAVE TRADE. – A causs, of neá distinct answer is to be given to small imporiance to the interests of certain queries: --How, and how hunianity, was lalely decided in often the services of the church are London, by the Commissioners of perlurmed, especially on the Lord's Appeals, &c. The Amedic; a vess: 1 Day? - Whether the inconveni !!!1er American colours, with slaves zes.dex in his parish, or leaves it to f10 Africa, was captured in Dec. the careof a cuiale? - The rea on of 1807. The owners pleaded that she guch non residence? - The annual

was bound to Charleston, South shinend of the corale ! - What are Carolina, where the imporlation of the seasons for calechizing the child. siaves continued to be lawful until Den? - What number of Disstning the end of that year; but thal, hay-places of worship there are in the ing been detained on the coast, parish, and of what denomination ? there was no prospect of reaching

Charleston before January 1, 1808, , TIIBERNIAN Society. - The Rev. when the Slave Tracle was to be Thomas Gordon, who has for some totally abushed in th:United States; time paso been labouring success. the master, therefore, bore away to fully al Youz ball, in Ireland, under Cuba. *This claim. however, was the patronage of the above Society, justly overruled, and the judgment of was, on Friday, July 6, solemnly the Court was,-- That the claimants get a part, by the imposition of hands could have no right, upon praciples and prayer, to the pastoral office ef universal law, to ciain the restiover a church recentis formed in tution, in a Prize Court, of human that place. Mr. Thomas, of Chelms. beings carried as slaves.' -.On this Word, Essex, began the service by decision depended, not only the pro:

perty of the vessel, but the liberty submitted to the consideration of the of the slaves; and we trust that it religious public, who, ever zealous will give a death-blow to the con- to advance the Redeemer's kingtraband trade in human blood, dom, and promote the eteroal good which has been secretly carried on of immortal souls, it is humbly under the colours of different hoped, will cheerfully render their pations.

aid on the occasion. -- See the Ad

vertisement on our Cover. Aug. 7. A Meeting was held, at the New London Tavern, Cheapside, of about 60 gentlemen, for the pur. RECENT DEATAS.-Aug. 15, died pose of enlarging, and more fully the Rev. Richard Cecil, M. A. many establishing, a Society, which has pears Minister of St. John's Chapel, existed for some time past, for Bedford Row, London. He has Promoting the External Observation been laid aside from his beloved of the Lord's Day, and for Suppress. work for more than two years, hav. ing Public Lewdness. By a Report ing been greatly afflicted with palsy. wbich was read, it appeared that, On the evening of the 14th he was in about the space of 12 months, altacked with a fit of apoplexy, the few aciive members who com- which totally deprived him of mo posed the original society, had con- tion and sensibility. In this state victed more than 200 persons for he continued until the evening of exercising their callings on the the 15th, when he expired without Lord's Day, annon; whom were a struggle, and apparently in a prosome persons of consideration. It found sieep. Mr. C. was in his 63ů may be hoped that, by the acces.

year, and has left behind him a sions which are likely to be made to widow, with two sons, and four tbis Society, very important advan- daughters, to lament, with the relitages to the state of public inorals gious public at large, the loss of a may be obtained. The following ipost excellent man. We hope to gentleinen were chosen as the foun: procure, and to present to our readation of a Committee, with power ders, a full account of tbis valuable to add to their pumber : -- Andrew and useful servant of Christ, who Birch, Esq. Treasurer; ihe Rev. was certainly one of the best preachMessrs. Gurney, Harper, Wilcox, ers of his time. Jones, Saunders, and Shenstone. Also, Messrs. Myers, Hardcastle, June 10, at Manchester, the Rev. Butterworth, Masset, Robinson, Dr. Barnes, a Dissenting Ministers: Mitchell, Bridgeman, Sergeant, Hebe in the 64th year of his age. .. dite, Allen, Brown, Dury, aud Cal. Lately, at Gogport, Miss Shepherds leader.

who, for many years, boarded the · CHESĦUNT COLLEGE. - The Rev.

Missionary students there, under J. J. Richards (late of Hull) hos

the care of the Rev. Mr. Bogue. been appointed Tutor of this Semi

She was an amiable and useful per.

son, whose loss will be regretted by Dary, in the root of Dr. Draper, now Minister of Camden Chapel,

many. Soine account of her may Camberwell.

be expected shortly in our Obitu.

ary. A new chapel is about to be erect. Sunday Morning, Aug. 12, the ed at Ryde, in the Isle of Wight. Rev. David Jones, Rector of Llare Two frieads of the gospel lately gan, died at Manorowen, near Fishpurchased a picce ol ground in a guard. He had been at Langeilho central part of R de, aod have of. Association, where be preached fered it gratuitously to build a pew about ten days preceding his death; chapel, if money can be raised to and we believe only reached Manoaccomplish so desirable a work. rowen, where he rexided part of the The iinportance of tbis is, therefore, year, the day before he died.

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July 18. Ar the Meeting of the Editors of the Evangelical Magazine,

the following Cases were admilted, and Relief voted :-
Denomina- Recommended

Denomina. Recommended
Cases. tion. by Mr. L. Cases. tiun. by Mr.
M.K. Presby. Bigue 4U. R. Indep. Wilks
J. G.
ditto Ewing

J. Ć.

ditto dillo ditto Waugh

A. A.

ditto ditto ditto ditto

M. P. dillo Dr. Sinith B. ditto ditto

Baptist, Hinton R. ditto ditto

5 l J. S. ditto ditto ditto Bisck

4 il M. C. ditto • ditto ditto Dr. Smith 5 s. D.


Buck ditto Fuller

ditto Townsend ditto Duncanson


ditto B. Indep. Simpson

ditto Puller

d tio

ditto Wilks

M. M. dilto ditto

A. E. dilto Dr. Ryland
ditto Fuller

E. E. diito ditto diito ditto

ll J. R. Methodist, Dr. Ryland ditto Burder 5 J. B. ditto Wilks E. H. ditio Clayton

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er at vi har en en er or a va vi er


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€ 8. d. A Friend, hy Mr. Evans, Carmarthen

2 2 0 Rev. G. Ford and Congregation, Stepney

- 7000 A Friend, by ibe liev. Mr. Lake, Worcester N. M. St. Helen's

- 1 1 0 A Friend, by the Rev. Mr. Lewis ,

0 10 6 B. K. Uppinghain

2 2 0 S. M. C.

110 Rev. Mr. Longmire and Friends, Hargrave, Northamptonshire 50 Three Friends

- 1 0 0 Collected at the New Tabernacle, Plymouth, after a Sermon preached by the Rev. W. F. Pliilt

12 00 A Friend, ač Stonehouse, by the Rev. Mr. Burn Rov. Mr. Allen and a few Young People ai Lynn

T. Bingham and Congregation, vinilchurch, Hanis A Friend, by the Rev. Mr. Ewiog, Glas :ow

2 2 0 The late Mrš. Muich, by the Rev. Dr. Draper

5 5 0 A Frieud, by the Rev. J. Guard, Liskard

Collections after Sermons preached by the Rev. Mr. BOGUE.
Rey. Mr. White's Congregation, Chester £2300

Mr. Sidart's ditlo, Liverpool ll 6 3
Mr. Charrier's ditto, ditto

- 5310 Nerington Chapel,


31 10 0 key. Mr. Johnson's Congregation, Warrington 15 00 Nr. Steill's ditti, "Wigan

17 T0 0 Mri Sowden's


Bolton .- 18 30
Mr. Fletclier's ditto, Blackburn 22 10 6
Mr. Bowden's diiio, .. Darvin

ili 6
Mr. Bradley's ditio,

Marciiester *124 14 6"
Nir. Jagk's dildo, diito
Culleciion at Miilbaak

dittu *7 7 17 10,
e. . --

335 14 7 The separaie amounts (not yet received) will be ivgerted next Month.

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