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sions; and rejoice that, in our days, Now there are thousands, both so many other Christian Societies in Switzerland and Germany, who have imitated their excellent exam are animated with the liveliest zeal ple. Among these you stand distin- for the success of your Missions : guished; for to your society the and are willing to contribute their Missionary Societies in Rotterdam, mite, according to the bosi of their Elberfield, and also the Berlin Sé- ability.? minary, owe their origin. The lat. iOnly a few weeks ago, we ree ter has already produced several received 300 florins (about 2 303 useful Missionaries, as the brethren from a venerable old friend, Mr. Albricht, Nylander, Buischer, &c.; Steinman, io S. Gallen ; so that and our highly esteemed friend Mr. altogether, we now have 1500 florios Jannicke continues to preside over (about 150) for the further sup: it with the most unwearied aiten, port of the Berlin Seminary. Your tion, noiwithstanding the pressure sending (as you have so kindls hie of the times, and his own puinerous therto done) your Transactions, ministerial duties. We, therefore, Sermons, and Magazines, will also consider it incumbent upon us to greatly contribute to the keeping assist him with those contributions up of the lively interest which so which we receive from time to time. many of our Swiss and Geripani This good ınan sincerely laments friends take in your Society.' : We that some of his pupils, who seemed add the pleasing intelligence, that to promise well, have disappointed our Society, which has now sub. his expectations; but, painful assisted these 30 years, and has memsuch occurrences are, who can enbers in Switzerland, Germany, Prus. tirely prevent them ?:.- who knows sia, Holland, and Denmark, purwhat is in man, but He who search- sues its silent, but successfulcourse; eth the heart and trieth the reins, and annually increases in numbers, and who alope can, with infallibie both among the higher and lower certainty, discern (he vessels of bo- classes of people; which often en. nour and of dishonour! We are con: courages us, when cast down by the vinced, dearest brethren, that you prevailing spirit of infidelity. It is view things in the same lighi with our most earnest wish and constant ourselves, and that you will not endeavour to cherish that spirit of disown the whole seminary because love and union among all parties, of a few of its inimbers have failed. which you have set us so excellent We, therefore, recommend it most an example ; and we are happy to carnestly to your coutinued aticir- say, that our labours have not been tion; and add our urgent request, entirely in vain. How glorious will that you would coon call some of that period be, when there will its siudents (several of whom have be but one fold under one Shepbeen no less than five ya s in the herd ! . . seminary and place them, at least, In the meanwhile, let us mulu88 assisiants to gomg experienced ally recommend to our faithful Missionaries, in one or other of Lord every institution that pro. your Missionary stations. i. : moles hus glory, and the salvation

We are often asked, Why no. of inimorial souls ; and most ear: more of the Berlin students are call. nestly enircat him is preserve, biess, ed by the London Sociely, though, and enlarge them, till at last we from several oils Missions in Af shali flow together into one great rica and the West Indies, the most assembly, - if not on Larth, in pressing applications have been made Heaven ! for additional labourers? Should As a pledge of this, we give you, no more regard be paid to the Borin the most respectful and affeclin Seminary, it most of course · tionate mander, the right hand of drop; and the interest of many of fellowship ; aod, assured of your our German friends in the Mission- love and faithíulness in the cause of &ry Callse would be greatly dimi. the Lord, we remain, with the wish,

that the peace of God, which passe oth all understanding,' may fill our All is going on well : a very great kearls and minds,

number of peopie attend in towo. your humble servants and friends, A gentleman is going to build a new

The Members of the meeting for Mr. Davies. I preach Basil Religious Society, every Thursday evening, when I In their Name,

am well, in the house of a lady of

colour. Many people attend. The signed by the Two oldest Members,

greatest thing we want is help. Had Joan WERNHARDT Herzog, D. D.

· we another person here, one of us . aged 33} years ; .

could goto Berbice, and other places, Joun Rudolf BURKHARDT,

to try to obtain an entrance; but it aged 71,

would not be well to leave the peoRector of St. Peter's Parish, Basil.

ple here long together. Besides, if

we could obtaia no more places tban DEMARARA.

we have, here is enough to do for Extract from Mr. IV ray's Letter, another Missionary. I have at predated Demarura, Avril 17, 1810. sent plenty of Dr. Watts's Cate

chisms. A few of the Assembly's; I can assure you that I have a

with Proofs, would be very accept great deal more to do than I possi

able; and also a few of Dr. Walis's hiy can effect'; and I ain of opinion, Second, with Proofs ; and likewise that there is work enough in Dema

a few Primers, the same as you sent Fara for more Missionaries. It is

before. ** indeed laborious employment to in struct the ignorant slaves in the principles of the Chrisiian religion, so as to enable them to understand

JERSEY. it. Indeed it cannot, in my opi

We are informed, that io the nion, be done by preaching only ;- islands of Jersey and Guernsey, the caleebizing appears to ine to be the

ministry of the gospel has lately principal way; add the Calechisin, If possible, must be learnt by heart;

been well attended. and it ought to contain every tiring April 230, a la

April 23d, a large and commodi. pecussary to salvation ; and the ons chapel was opened at St. Joha's, easiest answer must be repealed in in the island of Jersey. In the morna general upwards of ose hundred ing, Mr. C. Perrot preached from times over before theň can remem- ] Sam. ji. 35 ; and in the afteravon. berit. It requires paiienre, sirength,

Mr. F. Perrof, from Mat. vi. 10, and a great deal of line to teach

"The congregations were much too 5 or 600 persons; and unless they large for the place, although it will be taught in this way, they cannot

contain nearly 500 persons. It is understand what is said in a sermon.

situate in the centre of the islandi I have not much to communicate and has been erected entirely at the to you at present from Demarara, expence of the French Congrega. only that the work of the Lord con. tional Church at St. Helier. The tinuts to prosper: the neople are great Head of the Church bas still very alientive to the word of abundantly blessed the labours of Sife ; and our corçregation increaser, his servants in that part of his vine. especially on the week - evenio s. yard, and much goot is still duiog You have beard that I have lately to the praise of his maine. . been preaching at Mabaica-ferry, Al St. Aubin's also, good appears to where another establishment is like have been done. Evarigelical books, ly to be made ; and I cannot help in the French langiage, are much telling yon, that my soul was stirred wanted. The translation of Dodwithin me, when, jusi afier preach. dridge's Risu and Protoss of iteliing, I teneld, I suppose, upwarcis gion is very acceptable. We are of 500 negroes assembled I gether, glad to hear that a minister of the selling their fowls, yamy, &c.; for gospel is now translating Boston'a liere They have a markel, the sanc Fourtoll State into French.. as ja Staebrook,

Provincial Intelligence." " cal principles be admitted on this

foundation. WALES.

* IV. That each student shall have The Address of certain Minislers

e £ 10 per annum allowed him out of

the Fund. of the Independent Persuasion, c. v. That no Meinber of a con

By the divine blessing, the Re- gregation, which doth not contri. deemer's interest has of late years bute towards the support of this Se.

had considerable success in the prin- • minary, be admitted on the Foun. * cipality, by an accession of Memn. dation.

bers, and the formation of several VI. That a Committee be ap. additional churches, which require pointed to manage the concerns of

a proportionate addition of minis. ihe said Institution, viz. B. Evans,

ters. ' Notwithstanding the great of Trewen ; P. Maurice, of Robene. - kindness and liberality of London zer ; J. Jones, of Rhydy bout; M.

Friends, in 'supplyiog many congre- Jopes, of Treleach; and T. Jones,
gations with literary pastors, we are of Saron.
still deficient in numbers; and the VII. That George Thomas, Gen-
aged among us arę bending under tleman, of Landyssil, be appointed

infirmities. We have many young 'Treasurer and Secretary of this la: men of promising talents, who wish "stitution.

to be useful in the Lord's vineyard,
and stand in need of proper instruc. January 18, 1810. Mr.T. Davies was
tion, who cannot be admitted to en.“ ordained pastor of the Independent
joy the, and are churgh at Bethania, Carmarthenshire.
unable to support themselves under Mr. Davies, of Alltwen, began the ser-
a course of education ; and wao,

havice with reading and prayer; Mr.

Bourn. of Neath, delivered the introperhaps, from their habits of life,

ductory discourse, and proposed the cannot sustain a period of four years usual questions; Mr. Davies, of Swanof constant sequestration and study.. sea, offered the ordination-prayer; Mr. on these accounts, you are now. Peters, of Carmarthen, gave the earnestly invited to make a common charge, from Col. iy. 17; Mr. Davis, cause of the matter, by cordially of Lanyhi, preached to the people, joining to support a Private Aca. from Rev. xxij. 21; Mr. B. Saron

demy of your own, in 's me conve. preached the preceding evening, from * nient country place, in which such Rom. y. 5.. * Young Men inay be educated, un ' March 29. Mr. W, Jones, late stu.

der a qualified Tutor, for the space deat at Wrexham, was ordained pastor

of Two Years, in the English Gram. Over the above church; and anorher : mar, in a proper Pronunciation and assembling at Brymneyo, GlamorganHabit of Speaking, in Writing and

i shire. On the morning preceding, at Arithmetic, in Church History, 10

Brympeyn, the service was opened by

Mr. w. Baynon. Mr. T. Davis, of Logic, and an Introduction into the

Bethania, preached from Rom. viii. 8; Classics; and, at the end of that S. Davis, of Maindy, from Heb. vii. term, good proficients may be pro. 26. In the afternoon, service recommoted into a Public Academy, for menced with prayer, by W. Thomas, of further degrees of Literature. Largonwyd; G. Hughes, of Groswin,

preached from Heb. ix. 23; D. Davis, RESOLVED,

of Swansea, from Ezek. ix. 4. - At 1. That the said School shall be. Bridge-End, that evening.sermons were gia October 1, 1810, at Neuadd. preached' by 1'.' Bowen, of Neath, lwyd, Cardiganshire...

from Psa. cxxii. ; Mr. Jones, of Mer: Il. The Rev. J. Maurice, former- thyr, from Jer. I. 5. Next inorning by Master of the Grammar School, armar anhool the service begun with prayer and read


ing the Scripiures, by Mr. Davis, of Carmarthen, to be Classical 'Tutor ;

Godwihos; Mr. Davis, of Swansea, and the Rev. T. Phillips Davioity discoursed from Acts xiv. 33, on the Tutor.

Form of a Christian Church, &c. ; Mr. 11. That none but those of up. Bowen offered the ordination prayer; questionable piety and of evangeli: Mr. Hughes gave the charge, from


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1 Thess. v. 12, 13; Mr. Morgan, of to the exertions of Mr. Tunstall, resi. Deptford, preached to the people at dent in that village for the last three

Jargo, from John iii. 3. The congre- years; who has likewise, without the * gations were numerous, and the ser-. smallest remuneration, formed a very vices peculiarly impressive.

- thriving Sunday School, for the bene. The Annual Glamorgan Independent tit of the many poor children therein ; Association was held at Swansea, April

il and by whom the future services are to 25 and 26. On the former day, two, be conducted.. sermons were preacbed in the morning,

April 10. Mr. M. H. Williamson by Messrs Jones, of Bridge End, abd was ordained to the pastoral office over Bowen, of Saron; and two in the even- , the Associate Congregation of North ing, by Mees. Griffiths, of Glandwr, and . Sunderland, parish of Bainburgh, Williams, of Builth. A conference was county of Northumberland, by the held in the afternoon. Next day six Rev. ile Members of the Associate sermons were preached, by Messrs. Presbytery of Collstream. Mr. CampDavies, of Bethania ; Peters, of Car- bell, of Stockbridge, introduced the marthen; Hughes, of Croswen, Jones, service of the day by prayer, and of Trelech; Jones, or Merthyr; and

prezched a sermon from Acts xvi, 17; Davies, of Maindy. The auditors were Mr. R. Hall, of Kelso, asked the usual numerous, and the services interesting.

questions, &c.; Mr. Camphell offered June 15. A new Independent Meet up the ordination prayers Mr. Robert. ing-house was opened for public wor- son, of Wooller, delivered the charge ; ship, at Bridge end, Glamorganshire. and Mr. A. Thompson, of Coldstream,

The service began with reading and preached from 1 Cor, i. 18; Mr. D. • prayer by the Rev. W. Williams, of Patterson, of Alnwick, and Mr. Robt.

Newton; Mr. Hughes, of Groeswn, M'Clauren, of Coldingham, assisted at ; preached, from 'John ii. 16; Mr. the ordioation. The house was erowded

Davis, of Alitwen, from Haggaiii. 9; during the whole of the service, . Mr. Davis of Swansea, from. Titus ii. This meeting-house was opened by the

, 13; Mr. Bourn engaged in prayer; Mr. ahove ordination. It is about ten years - W. Jones preached the preceding since the gospel was first introduced

eyening, from 2 Cor. xiii. 5. The con- into this place: first, by the mipisters

gregations were respectable and at-' of the Wesleyan connection; it was • tentiye.;

afterwards supplied by the IndependJune 29. Mr. Roberts was ordained

ents; and, lastly by the Associate 1 pastor of the church of Christ at Ceir.

Presbytery of Coldstream, Mr, J. Anching (Anglesea) and Bodedero. Mr.

derson first supplied a house to preach A. Jones, of Bangor, introduced the

in ; and afterwards gave to the congre.

gation, on a lease of 99 years, a piece service; Mr. J. Powell delivered the

of ground for building this new meeting. introductory discourses : Mr. Evans, of Amlwch, asked tbe questions, and.

house upon, for a small gratuity, by offered the ordination prayer; Mr.'

way of acknowledgement; and the Rt,

Hon. Earl Grey gave consent for quarry Griffih, of Carnarvon, gave the charge,

leave, with his usual liberality. The • from John xxi. 16; and Dr. Lewis : preached to the people, from Phil. i.

meeting-house is vot quite finished.

The congregation has been much aided I 27. ,Messrs. Williams and Lewis en.

by charitable Christians; and take this gaged in the afternoon; and Messrs. Jones, of Bangor, and Trawsfyuydd. opportunity of returning thaoks. pieached the preceding evening

April 11. The Rev. R. Brackstone,

late student at homerton, was ordainApril 3, in the afternoon, a conve- ed over the Indepeodent eburch at nient building at Wetton, near Ash Vicar Lane, Coventry. Mr. Eagleton bourn, previously fitted up as an inde.', bogad the service by reading the Scrip

pendent meeting - house, was opened tures and prayer ; Mr. Jerard deliver· by the Rev. Mr. Johnson, of Leek (late ed the introductory discourse, and

of Hoxton Acaderny) who preach asked the questions ; Mr. Burkitt, of ell from Psalm lxxix. 15; Mr. Sleigh, Kenilworih, prayed the ordination: of Newcastle under Line, also preached prayer: Mr. Brackstone, seu, of Ash• · 'in the evening, froin Joshua xxiv, 15. ford, Kent, gave the charge, from

The congregations both times were Heb. xiii. 17; and Mr Hartley, of Jarge and very attentive ; and There is Luiterworth, concluded the morning. every appearance of much uture suc- service. In the evening, Mr. Burkitt cess. 'l his jolant cause oues jls origin introduced the service hy prayer; Mb

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Brewer, of Birmingham, preached to prayer; Mr. Collins preached fron,
the people, from 1 Thess. v. 12; 13; Ps. tc. 'li and Dr. Crackuell recom-
and Mr. Franklin, of Coventry, closed mended a liheral contribution towarris
the exercises by prayer. The service's the County Fund for propagating the
were conducted with the greatest so. Gospel, and concluded with prayer. -
lempity; and it appeared to be a time The afternoon - service began with
of refreshment, from the presence of prayer, by Mr. Herdsman; Mr. Wina
the Lord.'

ter, 'of' Chard, preached from Rom. The Aunual Meeting of the Susse viii. 15; and Mr. Sınall concluded with Mission Society was held at Heathfield,

thfield prayer. The Eveniøg Lecture by Mr.

pri April 18. Mr. Fisher preached in the

. Saltren, froun Luke viii. 1; Mr. Rogers **

S mofning, from Rom. x. I § Mr. Kerby"

began with prayer ; and Mr. Crook in the eveniog, from Isa. xi. 10; Mr.

concluded. ' A sermon was preached Finley the preceding evening, from Ps.

the preceding evening by Mr. Banister, cxxii, 6. The devotional paris of the of Wellington; Mr. Keynes prayed. services were conducted by Messrs. Ot.. Thé 2 3d General Meeting of the Lintaway, Hall, Gore, and Martell. The coloshire Association was held at SleaMeetings were well attended; the Re. ford, May 16. The morning-services port of the Comınittee satisfactory; were opened by Mr. Gladstone, io read. the business of the Society copduced ing the Scriptures and prayer; Mr. with unanimity, and crowned with an Jeanes preached from Mark viij. 38. abundant blessing: The next llalf. In the afternoon, Mr. Thompson prayyearly Meeting is to be held at the ed ; and Mc. Gladstone preached, fron Rev. Johu Styles's Meeting, Brighton, Col. iii. 3. In the evening, Mr. Woodthe last week iu September.'

ward prayed, and preached from 2 Cor. April 19. The Rev. R. Slate (late i. 24; and Mr. Keyworth concluded. student of Hoxton Academy) was or Alter which Mr. Smelle opened the dained over the Independent church at service of the Lord's Supper; and Mr. Stand, near Manchester. Mr. Jones, Thompson distributed the elements, of Bolton, began by reading the Scrip- and concluded the solemn opportunity. tures, &c. ; Mr. Fletcher, of Blackburn, - At this Meeting Mr. B. Jeanes, of delivered the introductory discourse,

Market Deeping, was proposed and &c.; Mr. Blackburn, of Delph, offer- accepted as a Member of this Associa. $ ed the ordioation prayer; Mr. Charrier, tion; and his case of the chapel at of Liverpool, delivered the charge, Market Deeping was also approved, from 2 Cor. iv. 2; Mr. Evads, of Stock &c. - The next Meeting of this Asso-, port, preached 10 the people, from ciation to be held at fir. T., White's, 1 Thess. ii. 12; and Mr. Rohy, of Man. Ricoft, on the Second Heduesday in chester, concluded with prajer. · October ensuing.

April 24. The Rev. T. Scales (late May 16, the Rev. W. Duroford was' of Hoxton Academy) was ordained to ordaived pastor of the loderende: 6 the pastoral office, over the church and Church at Winshan, Suinersei. Mr. congregation neering in Princes Serter, Winton, of Chard, prayed; Mr. Herz Wolverhampton, , Mr. Barber, of de bourek, of Bishop's Hull, delivered Bridgeporth, introduced the service the introductory discourse ; Mr. Golu.' with reading the Scriptures and prayer; jog, of Fulwood, asked the questions, Mr. Dawson, of Dudley, described the &0.; Mr. Saltren, of Bridport, offered Nature of a Gospel Church, ani pru- the ordination pracr; Mr. Herdsman, posed the questions ; Dr. Grove, of of Souill Pether!on, delivered the Valsal, ofered up the ordination charge irom Acts xviii. 27; and Mr. prayer; Mr. Brewer, 'of Birmingham, Pyke, of Broadway, concluded. In delivered a solema and impressive the afternoon, Mr. Jones, of Bird busti, charge, from Ezek. iii. 17 ; Mr. Ed. preached to the people from Deut. 111, wards, of *em, addressed the peoplc, 28; Mr. Small, of Axwinster, and Ms.. from 2 Cor. i. 24, For, by faith, ye Torns, of Charli, prayed. Mr. Gold. stand ;' and str. Richards, of Sious ing preached in the esering from Heb. bridge, concluded with prayer. Mr.' xiii. 13. Mr. Ballister, ví Welling. Theodosius, of Gornal, preached in 100, preached on the preceding evening. the evening; and Mr. P. Edwards the

May 191h, a small neat chapel was preceding evenicg.

opened for divine worship at Valkele, The Associated Ministers of the veur Stevenage, llells. Dr. Druper, county of Dorset, held their Hall-year of Cheshunt College, preacher in the Jy Meeting at Lyme, April 25. Mr. morning, Iron Psalm 1xxxix. 15; Mr. Hickor Qud Mr. Binister engaged in Stodharl, of Pell Siret!, preached in

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