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life; and though the analogy might, in some instances, perhaps, be rather fanciful, yet it proved the relish of his mind for holy contemplation. I was this morning,' he observes in his Journal, June 4, 1798, - awakened by the ringing of bells. The sound was soleninly pleasing, and struck me with sạrprize; but I immediately recollected, that it was his Majesty's birth-day. It is well to see patriots displaying their attachment to a good Sovereign; but if such reverence and honour be due to an earthly prince, how much more to King Jesus! On the day of his birth, angelic beings sang the best anthem that ever was heard by mortals: Peace on earth; and good-will to men, Christ made peace by the blood of his cross, and reconciled a guilty world to God. May his birth-day ever be revered by me!

Fearing to exceed due limits, we here close this plain account of a man who did much for his Saviour and fellow-creatures, in a station comparatively unfavourable for exertion, -May others, in similar circunstances, be induced, by his example, to go and do likewise! – and may those to whom Providence has given greater advantages, be stimulated to a proportionable improvement of the talents entrusted to their trust!



TO A YOUNG MAN, Having, I hope, derived benefit from the inclosed Letter, addressed some · years since to a young Christian, and being desirous that it should have

a more extended influence than it can possibly while only circulated among a few individual friends, I send it you for the purpose of inser110g, - should its a luption be compatible with the arrangement of the Evangelical Magazine ; for the continued success of which useful work

you have the humble wishrs of Somers Town.

your Friend and Servant, F. B.

I RECEIVED your kind letter the day before I set out on a long journey; from whence I am but lately returned, or I should have answered it sooner. .

I bless God that any serious impressions have been made on your mind; - the deeper such convictions are, the better the more you will see of the evil of sin, the infinite value of Jesus, and the beauty of holiness. My dear friend, take great care how these serious convictions wear off, lest, when you find yourself casy, you should find yourself careless. Have they led you to late sin? - have they driven you to Jesus asa your only Saviour: - Have they excited your earnest desires

and endeavours after, universal holiness? Head-knowledge will ruin your soul, if it does not influence your heart. Take care, lest you think yourself something, while you are nothing. Pride, self-conceit, and vanity, are the peculiar sins of youth, and slay their ten thousands. I speak from experience, not to discourage you, but as my dear brother, to warn you. Let me faithfully ask you, Sir, do you see your nature corruptet, your heart deceitful, and desperately wicked ? Do you see the jus lice of God in your condemnation ? - and does your soul adore the rich mercy that has spared you, and kept you from Hell? Is Jesus in every character ? is he altogether precious to your poor soul, and honourable in your eyes ? 'Have you committed all into his hands? Are you depending upon him for a full and free salvation, and daily, yea, hourly, praying that he may be made unto you wisdom and righteousness, sanctification, and redemption? You once lived to yourself, do you now live to him ? ' Do you aim at his glory in all things? Say, are you become so conscientious, that whether you eat, or drink, or whatever you do, you have in all a view to the glory of God, in the name of Jesus Christ ? Do you hunger and thirst after righteousness, and esteem the means of attaining it more than your necessary food? You once feared pain, sorrow, death, &c.; - but now do you most of all dread a wounded conscience? Do you fear secret sins ? - fear the least degree of guilt? - fear to offend others ? - fear being a scan dal to your profession ? &c. Your greatest joy was once in earthly pleasures, indulgences, &c. Does your joy now spring from God, from Christ, from the Holy Ghost, from prayer, from the promises, from ordinances, &c.? You once resolved to oppose this or the other sin; do you now oppose every sin? Can you say as Balaam to Balak, Ifthou wouldst give m e thine house full of silver and gold, I would not again transgress the commandment of the Lord? You once resolved to do all these things in your own strength ; are you

W deeply sensible that, without Christ, you can do nothing? are you constantly looking to him, and depending on him for grace to help in every time of need? Are you praying that he would make his strength perfect in your weakness ?

ow I beseech you get by yourself; examine your heart on

e Particulars; see how far all old things are done away, u all things are become new. Can you say this change is

ed upon you ? Can you say you earnestly and constantly qesire and pray, and strive that it may? Then take courage, Jesus is

is at your right hand; ye shall not seek the Lord in vain!

exalted to give repentance and forgiveness of sins; -ask, ye shall receive them; seek, and ye shall find them. If the tarr

arry, and hide his face for a while, yet wait for hiin. Say, B esthou cast down, O my soul! Hope thou in God, for "Sltalt yet praise him. Sorrow inay continue for a night, but


He is exalted to and ye shall

wvare thou thou slzalt yet

joy will come in the morning. I pray you be more concerned after holiness than comfort. Cry earnestly for a clean heart and a right spirit. If we have not the Spirit of Christ, we are none of his. I entreat you never to neglect private prayer, and see to it, that your heart be engaged in that work: Apostacy begins at the closet-door. I charge you beware of your company. A companion of fools shall be destroyed. Take great care to improve your Sabbaths well. Do not indulge yourself in the wretched, pernicious custom of taking your pleasure on the Lord's Day; nor in the other wretched practice, which so much prevails in London, of running from morning till night from one sermon to another: - if you do not secure time to reflect on what you have heard, to apply it to your own conscience, and pray it over at the throne of grace, I am sure you will find little or no benefit from it.

My dear friend, think on these things. Now is the time, while youth and opportunities last, to attend to your everlasting concerns. Yoû will probably never enjoy such advantage ous seasons agam. If you neglect them now, you will probably be ruined for ever. If you attend to them now, you will probably, through divine grace, be happy in both worlds; happy for evermore! Amen.

I have written in a hurry; I have very little time for letters. I pray God to bless this to yonr soul, and entreat you always to pray for Your very sincere friend and wellwisher, Your very sincere.friend and



Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to-day, and for ever.

Heb. xii. 8. The Christian in his journey Heavenward is exposed to many evils, distresses, and enemies, which often alarm and discourage him; but his Lord is mighty, and therefore they cannot prevail. He is able to save to the uttermost, and therefore the believer need not be discouraged or cast down by the most formidable opposition. The unchangeableness of their Jesus bears them up and comforts them, all their journey through.

It comforts and encourages the saints to think that Jesus is the same yesterday, and to-day, and for ever in his worthiness. The hope of the Christian rests on the perfection of Christ's work, and the sufficiency of his atonement. Through this they are justified, because thereby divine jusice is satisfied. Hence they shout Worthy is the Lamb that was slain!' But as his merits procured for all the saints that have entered Heaven,

admission into that holy place, so they remain undiminished still, and shall continue unimpaired. The devil will often try to obscure the sufficiency and perfection of this work, and to shake the confidence and joy of the saints in depending on it; -- but when they recollect that he is the same yesterday, and to-day, and for ever, he cannot fail, nor they be endangered. 'His merits must be sufficient for all that will come to him, if they were ever sufficient for any; for as he is a divine and" unchanging Saviour, he must be always worthy.

It must afford comfort to the Christian, to find that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, and to-day, and for ever, in his love . to his people. The Christian often inanifests unsuitable and unbecoming conduct to his Lord. This darkens his prospect,.. hides his heavenly Father's face, and renders the sense of the Saviour's love to him less evident and lively. When they discover the evils that are in thein, they are cast down; and per-: ceiving inore clearly their own unloveliness, they feel such apprehension, as makes them perlaps imagine that the Savious has ceased to love them, or has never loved them at all. The arch deceiver is ready to harrass them, and tell then their hopes are vain, the Saviour never loved them, and they are too black, too vile, for him ever to love them; -- but when from, themselves, their fears, and their enemies, they apply to the meritorious Saviour, he dispels their apprehensions, by the proofs of his disinterested love to them, in giving himself for . them, and by shewing his unchangeableness, as one that resteth in his love ; so that whom he loveth, be loveth to the end.

It comforts the Christian also to find that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, and to-day, and for ever, in his wisdom to direct his friends, and to baffle his enemies. The saints often labour under much remaining ignorance and darkness. This not only often obscures their own evidence and prospects, but often perplexes their minds as to what is their Father's will and their own way, while it enables their enemies to attack them with advantage. “When, however, they discern not their way, and cannot unravel the designs, stratagems, and temptations of the enemy, and are at their wit's end, and know not what to do, the Lord sets them at liberty, by drawing them to himself, to unbosom all their griefs, and make known all their difficulties. They find that in him are laid up all the treasures of wisdom. and knowledge. They confide in him, aud follow his directions in his word; and the way is made plain, and no lion therein. They find that his wisdom directed his people, with his eye set upon them, in former ages, and that he is as wise now to direct and guide all that believe, and will remain the same for ever.

It must comfort the Christian to find that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, and to-day, and for ever, in luis ability to sup. port and deliver all his people. It might weigh with the XVIII,


Christian, under distresses and discouragements, that Jesus, tho' once able to save, might ere now have exhausted his strength. Or it inight be apprehended that he had too much upon his hands, to be able to inspect and take care of the whole, and support and deliver cvery one of his people; --but my friends, all that he has to attend to is not too much for his care, his vigilance, and his ability. He is able for the whole. He was able to deliver his people who trusted in him in former ages, and proved himself a glorious Conqucror over all his enemies; and he will manifest still that he is the same to-day as he was yesterday for supporting, and comforting, and delivering his people. He will shew his ability also hereafter and for ever. None shall perish that trust in him. When the Captain of salvation is once foiled, then the saints may begin to fear. As thiis cannot take place, for ever, let them rejoice evermore.

'It also affords comfort to the Christian, to find that Jesus is the same yesterday, and to-day, and for ever in his glory. Our Lörd is highly exalted, and has unsearchable riches; but if his glory could come to an end, or his treasures be exhausted, our expectations might be damped, and our hearts discouraged; but as this cannot take place, we have no cause for apprehension. He says "Father, I will that they also whom thou hast given me, be with me where Lam, that they may behold my glory, which thou hast given me, for thou lovest me before the foundation of the world. The Saviour shines conspicuous in yonder world, the unclouded and unsetting Sun in the celestial firmament, while all the saints ascribe salvation to him that sitteth upon the throne, and to the Lamb for ever.

Believers, cast all your cares and burthens on the Lord : he will sustain you! You see where your great strength and unchanging security lies. Be not afraid of your enemies. Only trust in the Lord and steadfastly follow him, aud you are safe! *Falkland.



- The continuance of the preaching of the gospel of Christ is a wonderful manifestation of the goodness of God, and a strong proof of its being from Heaven. It is the appointed means for saving sinners;-and, without controversy, great is the mystery of godliness. God was made manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory.' Jehovah may, and sometimes does, employ other incans to alarm sinners; but the soul that is fully convinced of its dlanger, is anxious to bear the preaching of the gospel as the

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