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Rev. Mr. Tracey and Friends, Yeovil
From a Charitable Fund, by the Hon. Mrs. Grey
Legacy of Mr. Andrew Knies, late of Wellclose Square,
by J. B. Knies, J. Itler, J. Coope, and H. Baiger L. 50 0

Duty - 5 0

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Rev. D. Bogue and Congregation, Gosport -
W. N.
Rev. Mr. Evaps and Friends, Ford, near Kingsbridge
Mr. Joseph Stevens
Rev. Isaac Sloper and Friends, Beccles
Rev. Mr. Weaver and Friends, Shrewsbury
Pev. Mr. Boden and Congregation (Annual) Shelfield
Rev. Mr. Harris and Congregation, Fordhain .
Rev. Mr. Lambert and friends, Hull

41 S
Friends at a Prayer ileeting, in Pear Street
Rev. Mr, Taylor and Friends, Colchester
Rev. G. Townsend and Congregation, Ramsgate
Rev. Mr. Kingsbury and Friends, Southampton
Mrs. Thornton, Hull, by the Rev. G. Lambert
The Donation of a German Sugar- Baker, by Rev. Mr. Stienkopff
German Friend,

Mr. Kliogelman, Dover

A Friend, with the words, i li is the blessing of the Lord that maketh

rich. · The first fruits are the Lord's'
A few Young Genilemen at the Rev. W. Loyd's School, Hadley
Samuel Pinder, Esq.
Rev. S. Rooker and Congregation, Bideford
Rev. R. Ivans and Congregation, Appledore

Rev. T. Martyn, of Pertenhall, near Kimbolion, and Friends
Rev. Mr. Sykes and Friends, Guestwick, Norfolk. - .
Rev. Mr. Rooker and Friends, Tavistock and
Rev. B. Pyle and Frieads, Duxford ,
D.F. accanpanied with il. towards reprinting, Doddridge, in French I o o
'Two Friends, bv Rev. Mr. Start :
Mrs. G. Ives, Tiichfield, by Rev. Mr. Hunt
The Mite of a Missionary Friend (by pos)

20.0 Donations at the Rev. Mr. Jones's Chapel, Islington, at a Missionary Prayer-Meeting' - :

.2 9 6 Mr. J. Panton, of Wareham

2 4 6 Rev. Mr. Rohy and Congregation, at Manchester

Mr. Walker and Congregation, Peppard
Mr. Kent and Congregation, Gravesend

J. Yockney and Congregation, Staines
· Dr. Cracknell add Friends, Weymouth ..

Mr. Surman and Friends, Chesham
A Donation at Silver Street Chapel
From a Society of Youvg People
The Amount of a Subscriprion of One Penny a Week, by Six Per-

sons in a Bakehouse, by the Rev. R. Studhart
A Lady, near Andover
"Rev. Mr. Davidson and Friends, Rochford
Mr. Modhy, by Rev. Mr. Bogue.

- Tio An Anonymous Friend, at Higham Ferrars

- 0 17.8 (Omitted in a former Number) Rev. Mr. Hudson and Congregation, collected on the Jubilee Day

- 15 50 6 All Communications to the Missionary Society, whether addressed to the Trvasuror or Secretary, are requested to be directed to No. 9, Old Swan Stairs, Thames Street, London.

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Printed by G. Auld,-Greville Street, London,

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JULY, 1810.


OF .

• Her God sustain’d her in her final hour!

• Her final hour brought glory to her God!' YOUNG... The subject of the present Memoir was well known to many of the readers of the Evangelical Magazine ; and, as I her early piety displayed the power of divine grace in no ordinary degree, in the hope that the record of it may prove useful and encouraging to others, especially to young persons, it is now presented to the public.

Mary Stevenson was born at Castle-Hedingham, in the county of Essex, on the 14th of February, 1784. Her parents were most anxiously solicitous to imbue her young mind with a deep tincture of religiop; and so successful were the means which they employer, under the Divine Benediction, that there is reason to conclude she was under the most serious impressions in a very early period of life. . . * When a child, she was remarkably thoughtful about serious subjects, - talking with great earnestness to her younger sister, Sarah, upon the importance of religion. This solidity of disposition was united with an innocent playfulness and cheerfulness of temper, which peculiarly endeared her to her young associates. Her memory, which was very retentive, she was continually storing with select hymns upon the most interesting subjects. She was a most constant and attentive bearer of the word. O, şaid she,' with what pleasure and encouragement do I listen to my dear father, when, in presenting the bread and wine at the Lord's Supper, he repeats so many animating promises of Scripture!' &c.

How soon she began to note down the operations of her own mind, as to religious concerns, cannot be known. The XVIII, .,


first minutes which have been found since her decease were dated in the 13th year of her age. The commencement of these minutes is dated January 1, 1797; and on the opening year, when she was not quite 13, she thus presents her pious ejaculations to the God of all grace: - O Lord, help me to live more than ever unto thee, since thou hast kept me, and preserved me in so many dangers! () may I live to thy glory!

Evening of January 1, 1797. • Help me, Lord, now to remember my Creator in the days of my youth! O may I not delay, as many others do, till it is for ever too late!' i sin

It would too much enlarge the bulk of this Memoir to transcribe the whole of her Diary The following short notes will clearly shew how strong and lively was her sense of religion in this very early period:

January 26, 1799, Sabaih morning. How sweet and pleasant are the returns of Sabbath-moraings! not only as they give rest from many of the trifling concerns of this life, but as they afford an opportunity of waiting upon God in his earthly courts, of joining with his people in prayer and in praise; and not only his people in one congregation, but with many thousands of his dear children, who are at the same moment surrounding his throne. Delightful thought ! and if this he so delightful, what will the transports of Heaven be, when they shall conxe from all nations, king. doms, peoples, and tongues! O inconceivable joy ! inexpressible glory!'.

On February 14, her birth-day, being then fifteen years old, she says,

• Thanks, a thousand thanks, to the great Author of all good, for bis merciful kindness to me, a poor frail, belpless, worthless, aud polluted worm of tbe earth! He has preserved me to the end of another year of my life. With wbat shame and confusion of face have I reason to look back upon it! what sins have I committed !- how have I misspeni my, time! During publie service, how inattentive have I been! - how care. less and thoughiloss! now little have 1 done for him! O what sins are in my best duties! but, Lord, if thou art pleased to spare me another year, help me to live mure' entirely to Him who died for sinners, and is risen again! Help me; for without thy strength enabling me, I can do potbing ! .. February 19. Hear, 0 heavens I and attend, 0 earth! listen, ye angels of his that de his pleasure, and witness the sincerity of my heart, while I desire now solemnly to dedicate myself to him, -to devote myself, my tinie, my talents, my youth, my all to his honour and glory! Blessed sacrifice ! lo whom should I go but unlo lhee ; for thou hast the words of eternal life!. Lord, accept the surrender, accept me for thine! Give me my work to do, and help me, as ap bireling, to accomplish my day. May I not be of them that draw back unto perdition, but of them that he. lieve to the saving of the soul! Do tbou keep ine, that my footsteps slip not!

• Feb. 2, 1800. This morning I went to the house of God, with my body; but, O my wandering heart, was too far from him! I heard an excellent : sermon, from 2 Cor. vii. 10. O that I may experience, that godly sorrow wbich worketh repentance unto salvation, not to be repented of!.. . .

Nov. 6, 1803, Lord's Day evening. I have this day been received into the church of Christ. O what an iin portant situation do I now stand in! a prosessor of the name of Jesus! How many duties does that character involve!. May I be more than ever careful to depart from all jaiquity,

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