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close of it, the remarkable circumstance of the Committee having been called to witness the happy diss lutiou of three young females, silice tbe recent commencement of their labours ; and that they cannot withhold their con viction, when coupling there with the other favourable indications, that it is the work of God, to whom alone they ever desire to ascribe all the praise.

BRITISH AND FREIGN BIBLE SOCIETY. On Weilnesday, the 21 of May, the British and Foreign Bible Society held their Sixth Anniversary at the Old London Tavern, B snopsyale Street. The Right Hon. Lord Teigninouih, President of the Society, read from the Chair a iepirt of Proceedings during the last year, which contained a variety of interesting information relative to the success of the institution, both at home and abroad.

It appears that it has now produced three Socielies on the Continent of Europe, anú the same oumber in the United Staies of America, on a prin. ciple similar to its own : and that, as well through these as through in. dividuals and other bodies, it is largely promoting the circuation of the Scriptures in different parts of the world. Ils success, within the United Kingdom has also been very considerable. Numerous Auxiliary Instilu-tions, in aid of its funds, and in furthera.ce of its objeci, have been esta. blished in England, Scotiand, and Ireland. To England :- At Birmingham, Reading, Nottinghai, Newcastle-upoo-Tyne, Penryn, Leeds, Manchester, Leicester, Bristol, Sheffield, Kendall, Huii, &c. in Soutland: - The Greenock and Port Glasgow, the Edinburgh, the East Lothian, and the Scottish Bible Societis. In Ireland : – The Hibernian, and the Cork Bible Societies; and several branches froin the former in Limerick, Bel. fast, Dungannon, New Hoss, Taliy more, &c. The Parent lestitution has also been greatly assisted by individual, congregational, and other contri. butions; among which more than € 2,000 were enumerated, as transmitted from Glasgow and other Presbyterits during the lasi year.

Some Extracts of Correspondence were read, conveying very affecting intelligence respecting the successfui tispersion 'of the scriptures oth boy i sa aud land, and among Roman Catholics as well as Protestanis ; but for these, and other particulars, we must reter to the Report iselt; which, with the Correspondence, List of Subscribers, &c. will, as speediiy as pogo sible, be issued from the Depository, 169, Fleet Street., Very supressive Addresses were delivered by the President, the secretaries, Mr. Wirbero force, and other Geallem n. The attendance was romerous beynind all former example, and truly respectable. Among the company piesent, and wbo took a share in the busiаess of the day, were, besine ihe President, the Bishops of Salisbury, St. Davro's, aud Ciorne, tie Rev. Dr. Black. burne, Warden of Manchester, Lord Hennilei, Sir Ale raudoi Jobusion, Messrs. Wilberforce, Bavington, &c. Th. B'sopot Lurúum te pre. vented by indisposition from giving his usual artendence, expressed his re. gret in a Leiter, which was read from the Chair. The names of the Bishops of Clogher and of Cloyne were announced as additional Vice Presi. dents.

On the whole, the traosacions of the day excired and maintained a deep interest in the numer's asserpbly, which appeared to be of one heart and of one soul; and the Meeting Cerruinated in a mamer which promises to extend and cons lidate lae influence of this highly importani and bencficial lostitution.

HIBERNIAN SOCIETY. Tac Andual Meeting of the Hibernian Society, for the Diffusion of Religious Knowledge in Ireland, was hed at the New Lindon Tavern, on Friday, May 11, at Seven in the Morning. The alieudance was very Dumerous and respectable.

' It appears, by the Report of the Committee, that they have begun la carry into effect a Plan, suggested at the last Aunual Meeting, to instruct the Irish in their Native Language. Dr. Neilson, 'of Dundalk, at the request of the Committee, has compiled a Spelling. Book for that purpose ; & large edition of which has been printed, and is now in circulation. It is on the Pian of the Spelling-Books used in Sunday Schools, the Reading Lessons being chiefly taken froin ihc Scriptures, The British and Foreigo Bible Socieiy having also undertaken to print the New Testament in Irish, from the authorized versivo of Bishop Bedell, it may be expected that much good will result from these measures; especially when it is considered, that, such is the attachment of the Irish to their native language, tbat many thousands of them may be induced to receive religious instruction through this medium, who wou id peither hear a sermon nor read a book in English,

The Committee have lately sent over to a much-neglected and ignorant part of Ireland, wher: little else is spoken except the Irish, a pious and zealous ieacher, whose nalive language is the Gaelic. The Object of bis miss on is to teach the children to read either Eoglish or Irish, as their paren's shall choose; aad to converse with those who understand the Irish only, on the concerns of their souls. This experiment has fuliy answered the its gn of the Commillie. In a few weeks, on account of tbe aflioity between the Gælic and Irish languages, he was able to converse with the people; wbo were much pleased to hear him. He has coin menced the work of tuition; and has a considerable number of children ander bis care, chiefly Roman Catholiis. He says, in one of his letters,. It is greatly in our favour that we teach no religious book but the Bible. Your Plan is much approved by many here ; that is, 'To have no respect of persons, whether Catholics or Protestants, and to interfere with no sentimenis; but to teach all, oid and young, as many as are willing to learn the word of God, in both Irish and English.'

The Committee have also engaged Four Young Men, nalives of Ireland, who are now in a course of tuition, under the superintendence of a respectable clergymar, for the purpose of being qualified to officiale as Schoolmaslers, in different parts of Ireland. These, it is expected, will soon be fitted fur occupying the important staticos for which they are designed. The Coiamittee have judge: it expedient to continue to maintain a similar nomher at the Seminary, to be sent out from time to time, as they shall appcar qualified for the iris ruction of youth. The most beneficial results may be anticipated from this branch of the Society's operations...

Many respectable Gentlemen from Ireland were present at this Meeting ; 'and it was highly graiifying to hear thein express their gratiture for the lively interest lelt on this side of the water, for ihe welfare of their native country; encouraging the Society to pursue their labours of love, not with: $.andin; remaining impediments, with the confident expectation, that though their progress for a time may be slow, their success will be ultimately cornpleie.

RELIGIOUS TRACT SOCIĘTY. The Elevenih Annual Meeting of the Religious Tract Society was heid on Thursday, the 10th of May, at the City of London Tavern, in Bisho:sale Street'; when, it is compiled, that upwards of 600 persons as sambil; and the season was peculiariy interesting, from the Report and Corres; orecare which were read, and the cuminunications made by several genllevan present.

The extenders and increasing operation and influence of this Socicly must be bralifying, so the highest degree, to the mind which is expanded by the uenin indueneas vf divine grace. About 12 years ag», some individuals alte.

nted the untrusion of divine truth, by the printing and distributiny of sis tracks, under the denoinination of Village Tracts ;' which shortly

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after gave occasion to the formative of the Religious Traet Society, whose distribution now extends to about a million and a half of tracts per annum, furnishing supplies of religious instruction not only lo kogland, Wales, aud Ireland, but to the interior of France, to the islands of the Mediierranean,--to Italy, Spain, Portugal,mto Germany, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, and Iceland, - to the islands in the West Inuies and North America,

to St. Helewa aud the Cape of Good Hope. When we reflect on thes; things, may we, not truly say,' What hath God wrought!' - and, in the evercise of faith, entertain a confidence that the sued of divine truth thus extensively sown, will not be in vain; but that many a tract, like the little maid in Naaman's house, may point the forlorn enquirer in a remote nation, to that prophet, whose words are spirit and life.' • The influence and example of the Society has proved the happy occasion of the formatioå of a Religious Tract Society at Sturgard, in addition to those noticed in former Reports, as having been formed on the Continent, aud in the United Kingdom; each of which continues actively cogayed in the distribution of Religious Tracts to a very considerable extent.

The expenditure of the Society during the last year, not withsianding the strictest attention to econoiny in the management of ils concerns, has amounted to the sum of £ 2452 ; and, in the current year, it cannot be estimated at a smaller sum ; to meet which, extraordinary means are necessary, as well as, the ordipary supplies by Subscription or Donation. The Committee have, therefore, very properly recommended the formation of Auxiliary Societies in different paris of the country, which might approa priate a portion of their funds to the distribution of tracts in their respec. tive neighbourhoods ; id at the same time assist the Parent Society, by contributious to its funds, for the general purposes of the Institutivo.

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. GENERAL CONGREGATIONAL Union.'. . On Wednesdar, May 16, was held the Third Annual Meeting of the Members and Friends of lhis Insiitution, at the Rev. Mr. Wali's Meetings house, Moorfields; when an excellent discourse was delivered by the Rev. Dr. Winter, on the Union of Congregational Churches. After the service, the Report of the Committee, detailing the importante, bjccts which have occupied incir attention during the past year, was read, and the regu. lar business of the Institution transacted.; “The Comunittee's Report, with aji Appendix, containing some interestins particulars, and a List of Members, are in the press ; which, together with Dr. Winter's Sermon, will soon be ready for publication, and may be had, by application to the Secretaries, Rev. T. Hill, Homerton, and Rev. C. Buck, Primrose Street, Bishopsgate Street, London.

Society for Missions to Africa to which the attention of the Society and the East. - On the s2h of June is directed, are, Profanations of the (Whit Tuesday) being the Tenth Lord's Day,m the Frauds and Abuses Anniversary of this Society, a Ser- practised in selling by False Weights mon will be preached at Blackfriars and Measure“, - blasphemous, liChurch, by tbe Rev. Dr. Buchanan, centious, and obscene Books and who was, for several years, resident Prints, - illegal Insuranies of Luta in India. A collection will be inade tery Tickets, - riotous and disfor the Institution. Service to be orderly Houses, &c. gin at 11 o'clock.'

The eff:cis of this Society have

been consid ralle : the prosecuSociety for the suppression of Vice.

tions, reluctant resoried 10, have

amounted to nearly 600. At the Tars Society has lately circu- siggestion and by the influence of iated (graiis) an Cccasional Report the society, ihe Master Burchers of of their Proccedings. The objects several of the principal markets in

London, have formed an Association, that the sum of £1310 has been for the purpose of preventing the distributed among many morthy Sale of Meat on Sundays; whereby men of that description, during the some of the most obstinate delin. year 1809. The Extracis from Let. quents have been brought to obedi. ters received by the Committee, are ence.

very affecting, as they disclose the · Several base impostors, pretendheavy trials to which many of the ing to be fortune-tellers, bave been clergy are subjected lay the narrowbrought to punishment. The So- ness of their income, and at the same ciety bas taken pains, with good time that submission to the divine effeet, to prevc:it the manufacture will, and gratitude for the donations of obscene and blasphemous toys of this Society, which do honour to and drawinys, made by French pri- their Christian character and minis. soners at Norman Cross. A man has terial calling been convicted of exposing a very One clergyman writes, “ My sapernicious work to sale at his stall; lary, from three lahorious curacies, and sentenced to two years impri- which I continually serve, is, as sonment, and to stand in the pile usual, € 45 per angum. We have lory.

now nine children, and expect an A person has been convicted at increase.' Horsham, for indecently exposing Another says, he has a wife and bimself at 3 bathing place (Brigh- nine children, and his salary does not ton); and obliged to find security exceed £ 25. for his good behaviour for two Another has a wife and fifteen years, with a fine of £ 20 if he children; ten of whom are at home, commits the same crime again. The and his salary for serving three public ought to be acquainted with churches is 75. this decision, no person having a This excellent Institution well de right to bathe in the front of a serves the support of the religious house or road, so as to offend against public of all denominations. In the decency.

List of Subscribers, we are glad to The Report contains a vindica- see the names of some liberal Dis. tion of the Society agajost some 'senters. ~ Mr. Smith, Little Moormisrepresentations which appeared fields. in the Edinburgh Review for Jan. 1809, and ip another publication ; Kibtrnian Bible Society. while they quote the far superior This Society, which was instituled anthority of the Lord Chief Justice, in 1806, has lately published their who raid. That "the Society ap. Report for the year 1809. Three peared to him to deserve tbe thanks

new branches of the institution have of all good men.'

been formed, viz. in Dungannon, • Those who wish to promole simi- in New Ross. an

in New Ross, and in' Armagh. Dura lar'exertions, may avail themsolves

ing the last year, the issue of Bibles of the knowledge and experience of

and Testaments amounts to 4234 ; this Society, by corresponding (post which is nearly double that of the paid) with the Secretary, No. 34,

year preceding. A desire to read Essex Street, Strand.

the Scriptures is prevalent, and We are giad to see that a second

widely extending through the island. edition is announced of a book pub. lished by the Society; and which we conceive may be of very material

Kendal Auxiliary Bible Society. use : ' A Cwmpendium of the Duties On the 12th of January, 1810, a and Powers of Constables,' chiefly respectable Meeting was held at as they relate to the apprehending Kendal, in Wes'murelaod, for the of offenders, and laying informations purpose of aiding the British and before Magistrales.

Foreign Bible Society in London ;

when several Resoluciiins to that By the Report of the Society for effect were unanimously passed ; and the Relief of Poor, Pious Clergymen more than £ 300 have been collected of the Established Church,' we find for the object.

On Wednesday, April 4, the Mid. of Highgate, is expected to preach, dlesex and Hertfordshire Union held on 7 The Peculiar Advautages of their Half yearly Meeting at the Secret Prayer.' Rev. Mr. Thomas's, Enfield. Mr. Atkinson, of Mill Hill, preached on

On Wednesday, July 4, the Inde• Establishment in Grace.' Messrs. pendent Ministers of the County of Berry, of Ware, Huinpage: of Winch. Kent, will hold their Annual Assemore Hill, and Knight, of Pooder's

under's ciation at Mr. Piercy's Meeting, End, engaged in prayer. The next Woolwich. The preachers appointMeeting will be at the Rev. Mr. ed are Messrs. Vincent, Topasend, Whitefoot's, Enfield, on the Wed- and Chapman. In case of failure, Desday after the first Sabbath in Sep. M tember; when the Rev. Mr. Porter, Parnell,



The Report of the Sunday School Society, with many other Ar. ticles of Home Intelligence, are unavoidably deferred.

AFRICA. By a vessel lately arrived from the coast of Africa, information has been received, which seenis to deserve credit, That Mr. Mungo Park was alive in January last. Information to that effect had been received by the Governor of Senegal, who had ordered a boat to be immediateiy sent up the river Senegal for his assistance in pursuing his exertions.

It is stated in aaother account, That the King of Sego had shewn Mr. Park much favour: that he had passed very far along the Niger; and intended to proceed eastward, if possible, as far as the Red Sea.

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. MISSIONARY COLLECTIONS, &c. This List contains only Public Collections, Legacies, and Occasional Donations. The Names of Annual Subscribers will appear in the List annually published, with the Report.

L. S. d. P. H. by Mr. Forbes

- 4 so A Friend, for the South African Mission, by the Rev. R. Alliot . , Mr. Peter Septoe, Debenham

-.10 oo Rev. Mr. Saltren and a few Friends, Bridport Samuel Mills, Esq.. A Lady at Silver Street Chapel, Aberdeen Missionary Society, for aiding or co-operating in Foreign

Missions, to be employed in aiding a Translation of the Scriptures into one of the Languages of India, or in the Purchase of Transla.

tions for Distribution, by the Rev. Mr. Philip - : - 50 0 0 The Congregation formerly under the pastoral care of the Rev. . G. Cowie. Iluntly, North Britaio, by the Rev. J. Philina

23 Rev. Donald Morrison and Congregation, Duncansion, North Britain, by the Rev. J. Philip


O From the Church of Cabrack and Rynie, under the pastoral care of

the Rer. G. Crucksbaoks, with Contributions from other friends, thereof, by the Rev. J. Philips

- I! I From a Praying Society in the Parish of Old Machar, by the Rev.. J. Philip

- 2
T. B. by the Rev. Mr. Wilks
Collection by the Congregation of the Rev. G. Gill, Market Har-

borough, on occasion of a Sermon preached by the Rev. A. Fuller 200
Contribution of a Young Person, by the Rev. G..B.
R. S. G.
P. W. S. by the Rev. Mr. Burder
Rev. Mr. Berry and Congregation, Warminster
Rev. R. Herdsman and Congregation, South Petherton
W. K. H. [Donation]
W. H.Donation] .
Miss Chubbs of Chester, by the Rev. Mr. Foster

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