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to enable the Society to persevere in this pious and most useful design, se. veral clergymen, on the Fast Day, mada Clections at their Churcbes; and we bave the pleasure to staid the following sure received for this bepeyolent purposes

£ $. d.
St. Agn's, Blackfriars, Rev. W. Goode : 35 00
St. Swithin's, Capon Street, Rev. Mr. Watkins 37 8 1
Long Acre, Rov. J. Mang

22 16 6
Benlinck Chapal, Rev. E Woodd'

75 4 0 Scots Church, Rev. Dr. Nicol

30 I 7 St. Peter's, Ipswich, Rev. L. Griffin

10 0 0
Leeds, Rev. 1. Atkinson

34 10 0
Reading, Rev. W. Maish
St. Paul's Cray, Rev. J. Simops
Weston, Rev. J, Ousby

- 2 12 8 The result of other Collections are not yet received. It will be highly gratifying to every serious mind to hear, that, in a late shipwreck on the enemy's coast, the sailors, who scarcely escaped with their clothes, carried their Bibles with them to prison.

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of s. d. M. E.

- 1 1 0 Rev. R. Warren, Rector of Mecloneigh in the County of Cork, by M. Blood, Esq. Dublia, Sterling Neuey

55 7 9 A Friend, by Mrs. M.

1 0 A Triend, by the Rev, C. Buok Rev. J. Barker and Friends, Butt Lane Meeting, Deptford A Friend at Bromley, by Mrs. Emerson Rev. Tüm, Wildbore and Congregation, Penryn

- 10 00 B. W. by Mr, Flint

10 @ M. A: N.

-.110 Mr. Steel, Manchester

3 0 0 Mr. Mulford, Basiogstoke

: ca 10 0 0


Minister of the Independent Church, London Wall

Oft has the Muse essay'd the plaintive strain,

Recorded oft the gloomy work of Death.
Another stroke demands the dirge aga ini,
. Another man of God resigns his breath!
Each moment as it passes bears along

The young and old, the humble and tbe great ;
They rise, they fall, a scarce regretted throng,

Who rush promiscuous down the gulph of Fate.
The million fall, forgotten or noknown,

As falls the grass before the mower's sweep;
But when the stately oak is overthrown,

The shock is felt, and Nature's wound is deep !
Thus BARBER fell, who lopg bud fruly stood

Amid the storms of Time and weight of years;
Belov'd while living by the wise and good,

Who o'er his grave shall slied Affection's tears !
Throughout his lengthen'd course he onward trod
* In one undeviating upward way ;'.
True to the cause of Truth, of souls, and God,

From Youth's fresh dawn, to Life's declining day !

In order stedfast, yet in ruling mild,
s Hc felt no bigot zeal nor priestly pride ;
In wisdom strong, yet humble as a child,

He broke no peace, no brother's claim denied.
Ort hadhe seen the restlsss wand'rers rove

lo pa:hs eccentric, seeking empty tame; Yet in his moiseless track resolv'd to move,

Content with doing good and upright aim. A true disciple of the good old school,

He stood aloof iron Rome's obedience blind; He knew no lead but (:ris! the church to rule;

He owo'd no laws but his the soul to bind !
No triling arts to win a giddy crowd

Disgrac'd his pulpit, or the truth defil'd;
No trick theatric, no rude clamour loud ;
. No gesture vaio, vor uotion strangely wild! All
In nervous style, with gravity sincere,

He preach'd redeeming love and beav'nly grace;
With wholesome doctrive fed the chasten'd ear,

Aud bade the vagrant heart the truth embract. Ah! silent now his monitory tongue,

His lengthen'd labours find an honour'd close; His weary'd frame now rests the dead among,

His sou!, unfetter'd, flies to blest repose ! Ah! mourn not Zion, as of hope devoidi,

When some dear spirit quits its morial chains; Tho' carih and all its tenants were destroy'd,

Your Saviour lives, your God forever reigas! When Paul derarts, or when Apollos dies,

The widow's church shall not forsaken roam; Strong for the work young Timothys shall rise,

And briog another race of converis bome!

Oh! Zion, rejoice in your King,

The Prince who is mighty to save'!
He, dying, extracted Death's sting,

And, rising, set open the grave!
The valley indeed may be dark,

And shadows of terror appear:
Their light may decline to a spark,',

Yet saints have no evil to fear
Their bodies consign’d to the dust,

Are sown like the secds in the ground;
Are lodg'd like a valued trust,

In spring with fresh bloom to be found
Corruption may seed on the clay,

And dews may descend on the clod;
Yet vigour shall rise from decay, a

As verdure new bursts from the sod!
Rejoice, as the season draws nigh,

When Jesus his dead shall awake,
To share in his triumph oo high,

Their place in his kingdon to take.
Then, then, shall the foe be destroy'd,

And sorrow and sin be no more ;
But saints be with seraphs employ'd,

Jo rapture to love and adore! . ALIQUIS,

Printed by G. AULD, Greville Street, bondog.

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MAY, 1810.



CURATE OF ALDERSHOT, NEAR FARNHAM. We are indebted for the following brief, but interesting Memorial of a.

worthy Young Clergyman, to a small anonymous Pamphlet, drawn up by his intimate friend, and printed at Reading *.

THE Rev. J. Brownrigg, after having taken his degree at Queen's College, Cambridge, was ordained on Trinity-Sunday, 1806, by the late Bishop of London, to the curacy of Minster, in the Isle of Sheppey. His ministry, though short, was laborious, and blessed to the souls of many individuals. Freguent removals, for the change of air, and relapses of his disorder, marked the chequered scene of his ministerial course. Atlength, on the 21st of October, 1808, he arrived at Aldershot, ucay Farnham, to take charge of the curacy; from which time, ull the period of his dissolution, his health appeared visibly to decline, his sufferings being little less all the winter than during eight weeks of actual confinement to his bed, when he endured excruciating pain.

Deeply impressed with the responsibility of his situation, and earnestly longing for the salvation of his people, he ventured to preach to a far later period than a proper regard for his health would have dictated. The last Sabbath on kuich he officiated, presented a most affecting scene. in opposition to all Mrs. ·Browurigg's entreaties, he literally crawled to church; where a large congregation was assembled, which had been greatly encreased since his residence among them. Tecla ing himself unable to ascend the pulpit, he remained in the reading - desk. The tèxi he selected as from Isa, li.::: ' Thus saith the Lord, Ye have sold yourselves for nougho;

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