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could have been much better adapt. which they were a moral poison, a ed to the purpose.'. P. 27.

fatal pestilence to the community, Mr. Hale and Mr. Tuomas are to a condition of virtuous ipdustry, · strong advocates for 'branding with of honourable reputation, and reli

infamy' these women. Mr. Hodson gious influence in their circle, what treats this part of the subject with inay not be expected from the due great propriety. He says, page 32, and universal use of similar means • The question is not Whellier genes in the education of youth, who rerally vicious characters should be lain their native ingenuousness and branded with jofamy? bit, Whether sinepiicity?' 'I have the pleasure this brand sould be abxed upon to say, that every successive inquiry the particular individuals, who re- into the subject has teuded more nounce their infamous courses, --and fully to convince me of the immovethat also at the very moment in able firmness of the principle, aod which this renunciation is made the solid practical utility of this in"I appeal to every candid realer, fant estabiishment.' whether there be either wisiiom, jus... tice, or tunity in sucb a proceed. The Power of Satan limited, and his inz as this?

Poli'y confounded by Chrisi : a We lament that want of room Sermon, preached at Hambledon, disables us from following the au. in Bucks, April 16, 1809. By thor thro' the various arguinen's b.y W. Lasim at. Price 6d. . which Mr. Uale and Mr. Tionas

This Sermon, it appears, was are, as we think, so admirabiy refuted; we must content ourselves

prini dal the request of some who with referring our readers lo the

heard it. The author has chosen for pamphlet itself, which will fully re

his text Luke xxii. 31, 32; and dipay their allention; and, if weinis

vided it as follows:-1. Affectionate take not, add inore than a few to

Information; 2. A pleasing Assørthe supporters of the Institution,

tion; ani, 3. Divine Icsiruction. The conclusion i& p.culiariy execi.

We confess we have 'both read and lent. Mr. Horon expresses h's cou

heard much abler discourses ou the cern that gocci men siould be found passage. The matter indeed's good'; in boslilily against an Instituiion

but the style will adinit of consider. which hears so close a resemblance

able improvenient... We suppose it to the Gospel ! this resemblacce he is the author's maiden sermon. traces with distinctness; and olsa servis. That the beneficial effects . Literary Notices.. which have already crowr.ed the efforis or live Managers, bave pro).

The Works of the Rev. R. Cecil, duced in their minds a very powers

in tirce vols. 8vo, will not appear, ful and satisfaciory conviction of the

as a as at first intended, in separate value of ils religious and moral eco

volumes; but will be published tonomy ;' and leadas, 11 some. * of gether in the course of a few months. ihe innatts of the Pepiteniiary, once. In the trees, A Biographical regarded as ihe very drags and le. Skcich of the Rev. J. Sanderson, cuience of society are raised by of Bowell. By his Kinsinan, the sich means from é coedition in Rev. B. Hobson, of Great Drificlu.

* About half the number pow in the Institution have never been upon the town.

SELECT LIST OF RELIGIOUS PUBLICATIONS.". Escol: a Cluster of the Fruits of loteresting Particulars in the Sei Casaan. By Dr. Owen. New cdit. cund Vosage of the Missionary Ship 18no, 19. 6d.

the Duft. - By W. H. SuperintendThe Judgemeni delivered by Sir J.aut of the Vission, 12mo, 44, 611.' Nichoi, in the case of the Roy. Mr. "Meuoirs of the late Rev, Joba Wickes, Is. 6.

- Clark. By W. Jay. 58. Od.

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MISSIONARY SOCIETY, The Anniversary of this Society will be held, by Divine Perouisa sion, on Wednesday, the 9th of May, and the Two following Days.. The Rev. Mr. Kerly, of Dublin, and the Rev. Dr. COLLYER, of Peckham, are engaged to preach on that occasion. “- Further partia culars in our next.

The Annual Meeting of the BritISH AND Foreign Bible SOCIETY will be beld on Wednesday, May 2, at the fold) London Tavern, ia Bishopsgate Street, Dear Cornbill, the former place of meeting baviag been found too small.-The Presideot will take the Chair precisely at Twelve o'clock.

The Annual Meeting of Tue London Female PENITENTIARY will be held on Tuesday the 8!h of May, at the New London lavery, Cheapside, át Twelve o'Clock precieely; and the Annual Sermon will be preached by the Rev. Legh Richmond, on Wednesday Evening, the 2d of May; of which further notice will be given.

The Annual Meeting of the RELIGIOUS TRACT SOCIETY will be held on Thursday, the 10th of May, at the City of London Taveri), Bishopsgate Street, at Seren o'clock in the. Morning. - The Cornmittee intend to make such Arrangements for the Accomodation of the Society and its Priends at Breakfast, as, they trust, will prevent the occurrence of the iaconveniences experienced last year.

AFRICA. Letters have been received from Mr. Anderson, dated Cape Town, October 24 and November 27, 1809. From the former it appears, that he had received great encouragement from the government al the Cape, for the protection and support of his Missionary Station at the Great River ; and that he was then on the point of returning to it. By the last Letter of November, the Directors are formed, Thal on his journey he was seized with a fever, which so much reduced him, that he was unable to proceed; and has been obliged to return to the Cape until his bealth is re-established.

Extract of a Lelter fron Mr. Pritcheti, dated Cape Town, Nov. 27.

We have much reason to rejoice on account of the success which has attended the preaching to the soldiers, &c. Sometimes the congregation cobsisted of about 150. This, and the change which has laken place in soms jodividuals, calls for the liveliest expressions of gratitude. The respect.. which these men bave obtained from their superiors is worthy to be no. ticed; and shews how the effect of divine grace, in the conduct of be. lievers, approves itself to the consciences even of the unconverted. Indeed, the conduci of the officers lowards them is altered very much for the better.

- B b 2



Extract of a Letter from a Minister lieve there was one who went to bed

of the Gospel, ncar the Cape of before day-light! Tents were pitched Good Flope, dated Dec. 23, 1809. in the parade, in the market, and in

On Monday evening, Dec. 4, he all the open places; and those persong tween 10 and 11 o'clock, there was

who could not procure tenis, nad an earthquake here. The noise was

their waygons fitted out, and sat up tremendous; and, by the shaking of

in then. Oge child of eight years the ground, many houses were da dropped dowo in the street, and inniaged in the walls; but I heard of

Heard or stantly expired, through terror. Two only one that fell, which was situa

or three persons have been deprived ted between the Cape and the Wyn. of speech ; and several others are burgh. In two or three places the

suffering severely in various ways, ground opened; but no person was from the effect of extreme fear. hurt. This event has occasioned no small

ORDINATIONS, &c. consternalion among the inhabit. ants. On Wednesday evening, Dec. 7,

The East Kent Association held we had a very solemn meeling for

their Half. yearly Meeting at Mr. prayer. Mr, s. spoke from Rev.

Start's, folkstone, Sept. 20, 1809. ii. 10, Il; the place was crowded.

Mr. Young preached in the moraFor eight days successively we have

jog, from I Cor. iv. 7; Mr. Giles in feit one shock or more ; and it seems

the evening, from Josh. xxiv. 15;

Mr. Tomlin the preceding evennot to be over yet. Ever since the first shock, we have a great attend..

doing, from Col. i. 27. - Their next ance of Hottentois, both male and

Mceling, with divisie permission,

M female, every evening to hear me; so

w ll be held at Mr. Cramp's, St. that I am obliged to preach to them

Peler's, in the Isle of Thanet, April in the open air, the place being too

18, 1810: Mr. Start to preach in small. They are very attentive and

the morning, Mr. Broady in the much affected. I hope Gud is work.

evening, and the preceding evening joy on their hearts' by his Spirit Mr. Gurleen. - more than before!

The West Kent Union held their last I bless God that I felt such confi. Half-yearly Meeting at Mr. Sabive's dence in him, even during the severend Chapel, Tunbridge, Oct. 14, 1809. shock, that I was nol terrifieri, --but Mr. Popperwell, of Marden, preachegabled to rejoice. I thought with. ed at Three, from Jobm xvii. 3 ; and in myself, What God does is well Mr. Martell, of Heathfield, at Six, done, even though we should all from Isa. Iv. 1. - The next Meeting perish. Let the Lord do according of this Union is to be on April 17, to his good pleasure ! I can bebold at Mr. Popperwell's, Mardes : Mess. the glory and Majesiy of God in this Ralph and Sabine to preach. Pube event, and look upon him as my re- lic survias lo begin at Three iu tho conciled God and Father in Christ afternoon, and at Six in the cven, Jesus.

ing. The ininisters. &e. to meet · ANOTIPR account states, That be.

at eleven in the forenoou, precisely, tween the hows of ten on Monday

for prayer and busiuess. weight, and five the next morning, Nov. 16, 1809. A New Meetingabout juuricen shocks were experie house was opened in the village of enced; but, excepting the thrcefiisl, Oln, in Northamptonshire. Mr. they were sight.

. Toller, of Kettering, and Mr. Bull, The ships in the bay, although jun. of Newport Paynel, prenched in the water was not apparently ayi. the morcing: the former from Mat. lated, were so strongly affected by xi. 5; the latter from Acis ii. 47. the shocks, thai several on board Mr. Gill; of Market Harborough, them were thrown out of their han. preached in the evening, from Gal. mocks! The ia habitants in general vi. 14. Mess. Chater, Whitehead, forsook their nouses during the Wood, and Gronow, engaged in the whole night of the 4th instant. Of other paris of the service. There the Dutch inbabilauls, I do not be. had bocu a Munihiy Leciure preach

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ed at this village by the neighbour- The Bedfordshire Union of Chris,
ing ministers for more than sixiy tians will be held at Bedford, ou
years, until the Midsummer of Wednesday, the 23d of May. ,
1808, when the friends of religion The Wilis Association will meet
exerted themselves in an extraordi- at Wilton. April 25. ,
Dary manner, obiained regular
preaching every Sabbath-day from
The Rev. W. Bull's Academy, at

Newport. Since then a neat and
com modious place has been 'erected,

On Wednesday, March 14, Mr. and the congregaiion has increased

James Vautin was ordained pastor to beiween 4 aod 500 people.

of a church assembling at Salera

Chapel, Shadwell. Mr. Williams Jan. 3. The Rev, A. Jones was began the service by prayer, &c. ; ordained pastor of the Independent

the introductory discours, &c. was church at Bangor, Carnarvonshire,

given by Ür, Winter; the ordination North Wales. The service was in.

prayer by Mr. Burder; the charge troduced, and the Scriptures read by

by Mr. Lewis; and the sermon hy Mr. Evans, of Amlwih; Mr. Ro.

Mr. Ford. Mr. Charles Hyatt, at 'beris, of Lanbryninair, delivered a whose place the service was pershort dixourse on the nature of or formaroncinden dination, &c. founded on Eph. iv. 8, 11, 12; Mr. Jones, of Pwllhely, Tuc English Roman Catholics asked the questions, &c. ; Mo have presented a Petition to ParliaLewis, of Bala, offered the ordina. 'ment, prising for a total repeal of tion-prayer; Mr. Grifith, of Car- every tesi, oalh, declaration, or pronaryon, gave the charges froin vision, which has the effect of 811b2 Tim.. iv. 5; and Mr. Powell, of jecting them to any penalty or disParadise, 'preached to the people, ability whatsoever on account of from Exod. xvii. 12. Messrs. D. their relig 0915 principles. They Davies, of Rhes'cae, Williams, of plead, thatthough they profiss some Wern, Griffiths, of Machyntieth, religious principles which are not and Jones, of Moelfre, engaged in professed by the esiablished church, the afternoon and the evening, get their creed was once the creed Messrs. Powel; of Denbigh, and R. of the three kingdoms. It is (say Roberts engaged the preceding they) the actual creed of four-fiths evening. We hope the Lord beyir's of Ireland, and of nuch the greater to smile again upon his cause in this part of Europe. It was the creed of neighbourhood.

ihose who founded British Liberty

at Ronymeåd, - who conquered Feb. 21. Mr. M‘Lean, late stu

at Cressy, Poitiers, and Agiscurt. dent at Manchester, was ordained

Am-ng those who repelled and annito the pastoral office in the Inde

bilaied the Spanish Armada, none - pendent church of Christ at Kendal,

bore a nobler part than those by Westmoreland Mr. Parsons, of

whom th's creed was professed. la Leeds, wave the introductory lis. all ines: achievements, in every course ; Mr. Roby, of Manchester, other scene in which the ancient engaged in the ordination · prayer

valour or ancient wisdom of this and the charge ; and Mr. Charrier,

er, country has been displayed, the an. of Liverpoul, preached to the people. cestors of several of your Petition

The next Half yearly Association ers have been distinguished, their of Ministers in the ovunty of Dorset, creed did not ks:en their zeal for will be held, by divine permission, their King and Country: it does not at Lyine, on the Wednesday in Easter 'lessen that of their descendants. Week (April 25). Mr. Collins, of The Catholics of Irelan: bave sigSwanaye, to preach in the morning; nified iheir total disapprobation of and Mr. Saliren of Bridport, in the a measure formerly proposed by evening. Mr. Bqonister, of Ware some of their denomination, viz. bam, to preach the preceding evening. that his Majesty should have a veto,

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or negative, to their choice of Bir her journeyman, John Best, in not shops. This is likely to oppose a suoding for proper assistance lo exnew obstacle to the success of their tricate the deceased out of tbochim.' applicatiov.

ney flue whilst living.”

We take this opportunity of reUnhappy Death minding our readers, that a laxdable of a Poor Chimney-Sweeper. Society was established, a few years

On Friday morning. Sovember 21 ago, for the purpose of superseding Lewis Reilly, a chimney sweeper's chinup

: the use of climbing bois, by a ma.

chinery which has, we believe, been boy, about eight or nine years of

found to answer very well. It is age, was scot iip a chimney in the house of his mistress, in Litile Shire

greatly to be regretted ihat this me

thod has not becu more generally Lane, near Temple Bar. After hav.

adopted. The nnhappy fate of poor ing been up some time, he caine

Reilly will, we bope, operate on the down, not being able to get farther

humanits of many of our readers, 80 up, owing to the narrowness of the chimney; and objected to attempt

far, at least, as to make the experi. ascending again. The journeyman

ment of the machinery. (who has since been discharged) and

By a Report of the Society, we his mistress, however, ordered him

learn, that the following persons are

recomiended by them to cleanse to go up; which he did. This was, it is understood, about tea o'clock.

chimvics by the machines : - R. He remained in the chimney a con

Johnson, 4, Baldwin's Place, Bald. siderable time; and not coming

win's Gardens, Holborn ; G. Smart,

Ordnance Wbarf, Westminsterdowo, a boy, named William Duncan, allempied to pull him down by

Bridge ; R. Smart, 15, Bell Alley,

Coleman Street, ; and B. Watsoa, the legs. This not succeeding, Dun. can climbed up another chimnes,

2, Portland Street, Cavendish Square. which communicated with that in Erercise of Prayer for our Country. which Reilly was; and took from him bis can, and scraper. At about The Exercise of Prayer for our a quarter past one o'clock, a brick- Country, which has for several years layer in the neighbourhood was sent past been heid wcekly, at the meet

for, who broke an opening into the ing-houses of many dissenting minie. - flue; through which the dead body ters in London, will hereafier be a

of Reilly was taken. How long he monthly service, viz.on the Wednesday bad been dead before he was extri. evening after the Second Lord's Day cated, does not appear. Wien taken in every month ; on which occasions oul, he had no clothes on, they hay- an å udress will be delivered by one iog beon stripped off, it is suppose!, of the rainisiers. - Tho First Moti. in order to make his climbing the ins will be held ai Mr. Gaffe's, in chimney less difficult. The boss, New Broad Sireet, 0 Wed:esday when ciscovered, was found stick evening, April 11, ät hail past six ing by the upper párt of it, the o'clock. Mr. Humphrys to give the legs hanging down. - A Coroner's Address. Ioques! was taken the next day, a! The anniversary of Hayes Chapel, the Punch Bowl, in Hemlock Court, Middiesex, will be on Wednesday in Ship Yard, St. Clement Danes, -- Easter Week. A seriod will be when the following verdict was delipreached on the occasion by the vered:---"Dead, through very great Rev. l.. Hill, M. A. for the henelit negligence of Mrs. Whitfield, and of oi a Sunday School ai that place.

Naval and Military Bible Society. It is with great satisfaction that we karo, from the Committee of this Institution, that the applications for Bibles from the Sailors and Soldiers of the British Army and Navy, havo lately been vary great. At the close of the last year the funds of the Society were nearly exhausted, by the increased d:s re of our valiant defenders to read the word of God. In order

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