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0 Thou! whose judgments must be

right, Occasioned by attending the Deaih

Cause me to how beneath thy rod; · · Bed of a beloved life.

Make thy good word ny chief delicht, HERE, in Adliction's useful sehonl, And thy dear self my blest abode!

I'll wait, and steiny Father's hand: - He governs by a righteo:is rule;

By this correcting, painful stroke,

Some useful lessou make me learn, Each cross is by his wise command.

Nor saint beneath the kind rebuse, . He speaks': 3nd, lo! his servipi Death, Nor soorn the haud tbat makes me Severs the dearest te I have!

mourn. Death brings this faint, expiring breath,

Audrags her to an early grave!: Dear Father, now reveal thy love,
Sadness and Sorrow Iningle here;

Ardbless thy gentle roll to me,
Each beart with tenderness is moy'd;

vo: That I no more from Thee way rove, The husband's and the moiher's tear. But act and live alone for 'Thee! Must drop o’er one so much beluv'd.

In mourning her expiring breath, , With hears o'erwhelm'd we pensive Thy trun aitords a sweet relief, stan't,

Eternal gain will bless her death, To see our Mary's deathly face; . And here I find' the joy of grief.'. . Yet even here we own luis band, Who saves her by his soy'reigo grace.! What, though pale Death awhile may

reigi), Oh! what a source of peace divine

And break a union form’d hy love! · Is brought by ey'ry dying word ! .

Ere lung 't will be resum dl again, ,! Eachuttrance m'kes his mercy shine,

And rais'd with wobler ties above! And proves the bli's his trutlis afford. In vain might banalsysteins aim

There sin, and death, and sorrow ceasè, To yield tranquility like this,

in These storms ne'er reach that bliss. Our Mary loves our esu's name,

ful shore : And hence this calm, this heavenly The region all is joy and peace ; " peace! .:

, .

There we shall meet to part no more! Long ere this last, this solemn hour, Till I arrive at that blest home,

She priz'd the gospel' joyful sourd: Fareweil, dear wife, a short fare. In early days she prov?! its pow'r,

well! And now in this relief is found! Soon shall some beav'nly envoy come, Pitber, se sceptics, turn your eyes, ' . And we with Christ shall ever well!

Nor care insmit the sacred page! . With such rich prosrecis full in view, See how a true believer dies, -

This siamo scene has lost its gloom ; .. The Scriptures all her scars assuage. The thoughts of learen niy:joys renew, Turu hirker, a!! ye sons of Earın.

I look with triumph o'er the comb! “Ye wand'rers from the ways of l'eace, See here ihe prize of a worn;

c? Once more, dear Lord, permit my · Here, see what true Religion is.

prayer, sosten

Thiae earthe servent prayer receives; Oh! what a scene is here to view! Look down with illy paternal cre.

Lord, hear the wypog parient pray: On the dear child thine handmaid (Why are thy chariot-wheels so slow?

leares ! • Cowe, jesus, quitkiy come a way.' Here, by her side, I love io stand. Be Thou his Guide, his Guardian be. "Affection promots, and bids mestay:

Thro' allinis streary wilderness; , I'll waici her breath, - I'll clasp her,

Then take him home to reigo with Thee, hind,.

And sing the praise ofşoy’reign grace! Tillive dear spişir flies away!

There, in the realms of endless light, Oft bas she prov't her kird concern Saviour rekeive us as thine owo,

To raise my joy, and see he y care; That we may gloriously unite My loss, dear Mary, I musé mouin, - Inglad H annahs round ihy throne !

A loss this world can be'er repair! .• Greenwich.

Printed by G. ALLD, Greville Street, London.

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Extracted from the Funeral Sermon delivered by the Rev. Peter Roe, A, M.

Vicar of Dungarvon, Minister of St. Mary, Kilkenny, and Chaplain to the Garrison of that City] :

BROUGHT up under the iminediate inspection and fostering care of a kind and indulgent' father, Mr. Pidgeon spent the morning of his days in an abstinence from many vices of the age; and being naturally vivacious, possessing a clcar understanding and much acquired knowledge, his company was courted and prized by the men of the world. At length the period arrived when he was raised to the important situation of a Minister in the Established Church.. His new employment. wrought no change in his heart, no reformation in his life: he was careful and anxious about the things of the world, but had no serious concern about eternity. He therefore lived as before his ordination, — caressed and admired by the world, for the world will ever love its own. The most highly ornamented regimentáls cannot inspire the heart of a coward with courage; neither can an outward plainness of dress, nor any merely outward appointment, qualify a sinner to be a teacher of the ignorant, and an example to the church of God. Happy and highly-favoured are all they who, with the outward designation to the work of the ministry, receive the sanctifying influence of the Holy Spirit. How lamentable is it to reflect apon the many candidates for the ministry, who rush into the sacred office, declaring That they are moved to it by the Holy Ghost, while they exhibit no one temper or disposition which we are taught in Scripture to regard as the fruits growing from his influence !

Living, as Mr. Pidgeon did, in the follies and pleasures of the world, we cannot wonder that his preaching was unaccom

panied by the divine blessing, and ineffectual to produce a real change iu the hearts of his hearers. After preaching many years, he and his flock were as much attached to their worldly and sensual enjoyments as ever At length this day of sin and folly drew to a close, and God, whose thoughts and ways are not like ours,' visited his heart with divine grace, and opened it as he did Lydia's; so that he attended to the things which were spoken by the Lord. The conversations of some pious friends, and a careful perusal of the writings of some excellent men; were made instrumental of much good to him; but the Holy Scriptures, applied by the Spirit, gave him a clear and perfect knowledge of those truths which can' alone make us wise unto salvation: they settled his wavering mind, and determined him to be on the Lord's side. A most! clear and satisfactory light was given him into the great subject of Redemption : he saw the doctrine of Justification, thro' faith in Christ alone, 'to be the great subject of the gospel, the highest display of the divine perfections, the happiest relief for his burthened conscience, and the most powerful principle of unfeigned holiness of heart and life. He was rejoiced exceedingly, — found peace and comfort spring up in his mind, - his conscience was purged from guilt, and his heart set at liberty to run the way of God's Commandments : from that hour he began to preach salvation' through faith in Jesus Christ alone. Great and observable was the change which took place in him ; but that which ought to have been a source of gratitude to professing Christians, afforded them a ground of opposition to him and his ministry. This circumstance need not, however, excite surprize; for, as in the time of Abraham,' he

that was born after the flesh persecuted him that was born · after the Spirit, even so it is now. A man may go through

the round of worldly pleasures, waste his time, abuse his talents, : neglect the best interests of his own and the souls of all committed to his care, and yet be admired by those around him, who are ever ready to plead his cause, and to applaud his motive. If he be a spendthrift, they say he is a little too generous ; if he be parsimonious, and have no bowels of compassion for the poor, they say he is prudent and frugal; if he resent injuries, they say he has a proper spirit; if he appear as a duela ist, and meet his antagonist in the field, they regard him as a man of honour: but, let that man be changed in heart by the grace of God, -- let hiin be brought to a sense of his folly and of his danger, - let him forsake, the company of the drunkard, the adulterer, and the man of pleasure, let him lead a new life in righteousness and true holiness, let him regard salvation as the free gift of God in Jesus Christ, let him love his Bible, prayer, and the conversation of the people of God, and he will instantly meet with opposition; and perhaps his greatest enemies will be those of his own house

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