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ready some witnesses of it, who have' together; which he did. I now dereceived, by hearing the gospel, a sired them to stand in a circle ; and desire to be further instruieicd.' I, with the captain, my interpreter, This wicked fellow, expecting by his and Abalon stood within I influence to draw away ibe people then examined Absalon ; but be defrom me, and to hinder the preach nied all that he had said agairst mè. ing of the gospel, cried out, when I now took all the people as wito we were assembled under the thorn: nesses, and wrote it down. He then tree, and used sich blasphemous became anxious, would have es. words, that I could no longer bear caped, and cried, “This is what I it. He said, “We Namaquas are expected, that I should lose my life,' not cśleemed by the colonis's as I told him, I would forgive him all men, but as auimass: they come the injuries committed against me, kere to beat and kill us; and the it he would recall what he had spoken magis rates don't regard it. The evil of me, in the presence of all farmer l'issage has been in this land; the people; but he pretended that and how has he treated lis? He has he could not unde stand me. I said shot at us, stolen our beasts, and " You have talked with me, and we dared not resist him. This inan always understood me before, why is come to us in the character of a don't you understand ine now ?” he teacher; and wben he has been then so ke to the capiain aod the some time 'with us, he vill act as people in the Nam qua language; Vissuge did. We don't want that and my interpreter informed me, word of God; — we dw no one an that he recalled all his slanders. I injury, if they don't injure us. I then said ihat I would treat hiin don't know God.'

kindly, and not deliver him to the I did not think this a proper time Government at the Cape, which I to answer him, and laid down upon might do, for his crimesi; but ex.. my saddle; for I observed that this horted him also to undertake no. rash fellow bught my destruction, thing in future against the spread of and thai my life wils in danger. I the gospel, or I should be obliged cominended mys:If to iny gracious to employ more serious measures ; Lord to preserve ine. Absalon then which he promised, in the presence cried to my people, ' You came here of all the people, with your master, and with love to the Lord. You wish, and your mas.. A LETTER has been received from ter wishes, that we may learn as you the Rev. Mur, Vos, forinerly a Mis. do; but you are greatly deceived sionary in Ceylui, dated Cape of by your teacher. Don't believe Good Hope, Nov. 24, 1809; frona biin because he treats you kindly; which it appears, that he has left that he does it because he is a Chris. the East Jodies, where he has retiad, and insirucis you in the word sided for some time past, and is reof God: it is only because he is with turned to his native couniry; where, you without the colony, -- he is probably, he designs to spend the reafraid of the fleathen, that ihey will sidue of his days. He left Madicken do him hari.'. My people contra- Sept. 26; and arrived at the Cape dicted him, and spoke in my de- Nov. 20. fence; but he said “You are stupid. See, he does not speak one word A late publication relates the fola in answer to all I have said, -- he is lowing Ariecdoie : -YA Bible beafraid. See, there he lies, he is iag wanted, on a late occasion, at afraid to move.' He would certainly one of the cantoninenis in Hindos. have said more, but an unexpected tan, the Colonel said, he did not storin of thunder and lightning know that there was one Bible in caine on, and the rain dispersed ail the regiment; he had only the Guge the people ju a moment to their pels to swear by. Ho doubied wbe

ther, among the twenty-five regia Before I departed, I entreated meats now in ludia, there were twen. Capt. Kagass to call all his people tysti ve Bibles.'


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travelled in Europe for 13 years, On the 18th of December the

and four years in Asia and Africa,

in order to become cauainted with · House of Assembly carue to various

the happiness and wretchedoess of Resolutions on the state of the

maokud ; and everywhere to pro- . island; in which they declare, • Thala

mote the ferner and mitigate the late Edici, issued on the recommico

Jaller. He had cerveried bis fine datien of the Board of Trade, inter

castle of Bachlowitz, in Moravia, dicting the passing of laws by the

into an hospitalior sick and wound. Jamaica Le islature, on the subjeci

ed Ausiriazis ; in attcading whom he of Religion, except on ierins which

caught an epidemic fever, which have been resisted from twe first es

terminated his life. tablishment of a regular civil go vernment, is a violent iniungement

IRELAND. of the constitution of the colony : .. that until the couscotion of the

In a remote part of Ireland (in colony be rewiored, and the rights of the province of Connauchi) which is the Catonia! Legizlaiure recognized,

inhabited chiefly by Catholics, a to propound, discuss, and pas«, witis.

Testament found its way. The ca. put a suspending claus, all public

Tholics who res ded al suco a distance lavs, not inconsistent with those on from their chaud that they could Britain, required for the internal

geldom allend mass, 'happened to policy of the colony, it is the duty

hear that this book (heing a Douay of this House to exercise their privi

translation) was a divine book, paid Jeges of withholding the supplies:

some aitention to it. To the peruthat after the ist of Mav neri, and

sal of il, ihey were joined by some uniil our grievances be redressed,

Protestants; and both obsi ved, that po money shall be grated, rasei,

the evil ireatment which our Navior supplied within this island for the

our easured, wiss from the priisis support of the military is ablish

and hal it was in their influence ment.'

and malice he was put to death. This In consequence of the above Re.. gave rise to a warin dispute between solutions, the house of Assembly the Protesiants and the Cainolics, to were summoned to attend the Duke

which of their renomiuaiious these of Manch: slor, the Governor, on the wicked sriesis balonced. '?'he Ca. 14th of December. Asier having

ibolics, however, were silenced by passed s. voral bills, he address dlho | this act len , Tai tì: + Pries alot House in a speech; in which he said clerzy were not priosis, bui ministhat tie Bouse hüring come to a

ters, and thal, as no denom nation Resolution for galiu tiesu) had pricats but the Catholics. it' plies in his Majesito loolis in such must have been ther who act:d this terms as it and are to him. it cruel part. Toe Catilo.!/S, Seninwould be altogether inconsistent

der the charge, reproached their with the dignity of the Crow to ac- Pocei, won his nexé visit, i'm this cept, he felt it incumbent u him wicked ricod of his order; whico ob. to bring the Session to a? im heged the priest to laki the trouble inediate termination, au tu d solve O king a serion on the occas on, the Assembly.

to convince his people taal it was the Jewish, and out the Cainolic

priests who crucified the hideer. On the 4th of December, about

Peased at acquiring this important 10 o'clock al riund, b w successive

iníormati 1, The Cainies s ill at.. shocks otan tarihauake vere felt at

tended to their Tosament; biais the Cape of Good love. This boise

covering in it whai ciaracters of and agitation, which were very con

holinesi, moderation will suite siderable, lasted about three minutes.

wal Christian teachers should pos. Deall of Von Berehbold. - At sess, the, brgan to be further irou. Smradia:ka, a bathin place in Mo- blesome to their priisi ; to prevent Tavia; died laiely the Howard of which for the fuiure, he baoished Austria, Count Von Berchbold, i even the Douay Teslaineai oui of victim of his humane efforis. He the country.

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Brisiol Auxiliury Society. stitutio's as calculated, by the supOas the oriflamuthirebon port which they might give it, to of Bristol adressed a Lliciar Lei!!

. pats their religious reputation slili

.. Bigher than their commercial cba. ter to the Clergy efas Diocesa, sto

racir sto , - to bring dewn bless. ing, That he had been reusitelny

ins vei ihrenauires and on their chila, a Committee of the Brits and! 10

dri' childre. A siring of Reso.' reign Bible Society, to realised

Hurais Wüsl en propo-ed, aud una. the f» ration of Angleso.

nim0111!1 a opici. Books were likeciety tu " Ciiy of Lisiai; an

wise olen do sol.criptions; and siyvin toat such a mesure had

mone Itals £ 700 were immediately bis n.ost c. rdial auproivavion. .

contribui si. I was (ruiy gratifyOude 29 of te se month, a

jo; tio sitouss the Ciergy, Dissenting Le'ter was addressdioJoan Wilcox,

Minis: 5, aici Laity of severai (e. Esq. the layor of Bristol, siger

Descaliers of Christians, assein led by more than 70 G-atieme, among

on inis interest occasion, uniting whom were many of the Clers and

in the common obj ci with so much Disscnting Wunsiers of Brisol and

cordiality. its remit, resting that it Public

i . . Meeum glit b¢ COD vened for tile

LIVERPOOL above mepoge, Åsbriid is, on. On Sunday pinsault, Per, 1l, at This las, Feb. 1, a Polic Meelin: 20 D i


i nine second Was beld at ibi: Guldal, for the

lg for the Deal des inte på bicholas's purpose ! laki!113 cos'eration Church, D,? niin it, and ne propriety of iorino Xin the natin Hill S 56iid upper hari B be society. It is o'clock

part of the lovel', sinir! Y gave the Maio. of the took the chii,

wasi and in wok precipi. The busia ss 550) ered by the Rev. tated hrvugh the turn, anillo Di, Smali, who, in 21 appropriate

centre iisi, burying lienerth the speech, his courted ihe no.

imals: ruins live greater part of ject, coulintion, and proceedings of Hose who had ente, ed tie charch! tue Sciels; and caresliy riot Providentially, this ichbor was not juended the formation of st Auxi grea. The girs belooping tw a liary Society, The Secretaris vitae

WM Solite cartiyshoni har prins coierců : parent Society, who aitemesi bpara

of ines: 15 were killed, together ticular reguvi, 'vero then called

vidi äldil, three women, and a upon to address toe v i Win

mar. The 101s, who were behind, they severally did in a manner tiat

ailescu . 0:e of the ciergymeu produs d a very stron Sins OU 1

waojisi entering the door, when a the whole assemiy. Tijelov. Mr.

person ca.ed in back; and his life Steinkeyft the foreign Secretary,

was presved. The rec or, who represented the destitute, orativa

Wojimi a boli to enior át' another of several parts of the Contirent

col, also escapet. The singers, who with resectionhe Holy Scripiures ;

WTC (site is uncl-loor, alarmed al and tire very gratis!!! m !HT in

the tail of sioni, ran oui and s ved which ihey had been supje, iliro'.

neis illi's; bui i bos, who was in the medium o. the Socists; fi ciud..

ili - the seeile, was killed. A few grosir inc win an alcanculosiin 01 Dusuis, who were in the church, the British liberaliy to veicua.

wore almosciniraculously preserved. tions. The Rev. Mr. Hur stok

While we cinlemplate this melaua cursory view of the cociety in its cheveveni wiib deep concern, we origin, progress, and operation; asd

ousät ihankiully l.). acknowled-e Towed now admirab'yil was alapl.. the wood providence of God; for ce to promote the glory of God had

had the gure tailco halt ai hour and the weifare of mankind. She

taier, when the wliole congregation Rev, Mr. Onen entertü ai length had ussein bjed, the destruci vogid into the Suciety's constitution, as a 8-“ have been incxpressibly more awlul. sociating, in the prosecution of one common object, all denominations of Christiaus; and concluded by an

ORDINATIONS, &c. inpræssive appeal to the citizers of AUS. 2. The Rev. W. Silveser Bristol, on behalf of the parent in, was ordained to the pastoral iice at

Sandbach, in Cheshire. Mr. Turner, Church and Congregalion of the of Knutsford, introduced the sert Little Meeting at Newport, Essex, vice by prayer, &c. ;. Mr. Wilson, was publicly recognized as their of Norihwich, stated the constitu- pastor, on Wednesday, December 20, tion of Indepeodent churchis, &c.; 1809. Mr, T. Hopkins, of Linton, Mr. Smith, of Nantwich, offered up addressed the Minister and People, solemn prayer ; Mr.Evans, of Stock from Gal. v. 13. In the evening, pori, gave the charge, from Ezek. Mr. Bowers, of Haverhill, preached xxxiji. 7-9; Mr.Browning, of Mac- from 1 Pet. v. 10. Messrs. Dobson, clesfield, addressed the church, from Jennings, Audley, Wickinson, Pyne, Heb. xiii. 22. The service was pleas. and Richardson, engaged in the other ing, and the congregation large, re- parts of the services. spectable, and very attentive.

A New Meeting-house, denomi. The Ministers and Delegates of nated Sardis, was lately opened on the Churches and Congregations Woodside Common, in the parish of couposing the Cheshire Union, for St. Issels. Pembrokeshire. Mr. the Spread of the Gospel in this Llood of Henllan preached on the Couniy, held their Seventh General

preceding evening, from 2 Cor. v. ' Half yearly Meeting at Stockport, 11 ; and Mr. Wailow, of Milford, on Wednesday, the 6th of Sept, and from Psalın xlv, 17. In the morn. the fo!lowing day. On Wednesday ine, Mr. Griffiths, of Glandwr, evening, Mr. Bennelt, of Ducken- preached from Coli, 28; Mr.George, field, preached from John xii. 32, at of Brynberian, from 1 Kings vi. 7; Orchard Street Chapel. On Thurs- and M. Jones. of Trelcach, froin day morning, Mr. Lewis, of Wrex.

Col. iji. 4.- This house is situated ham, preached from Psa. Ixxx. 14.

among the colliers, whose liberality In the evening, Mr. Browning, of

of towards defraying the expences of Macclesfield, at the Tabernacle,

cie, the building, ha exceeded all ex. from Ezek. xxxvii. 7, 8, -- There

pectation, and of whom hundreds was much harmony, and a steady at

regularly attend on the Lord's Day, Lachinent to our grand object, and seein much concerned about evînced on this occasion, .

their eternal welfare.
On Wedncsday, Nov. 22, the Rev.
John Savill was ordained over the
Independent church at Colchester,

Essex, late under the pastoral care
of the lev. Giles Hobbs, deceased. London Itinerant Society.
Mr. Craig, of Bocking, began the

Ar the Annual Meeting of this xervice; Mr, Cruthern, of Dedham,

Society, on the 19th of January last, delivered the introductory discourse

a keport was made of the Proceed. and asked the questions; Dr. Smith, of Homerton, prayed the ordination

ings of the last Year; when it was

found that their dishu! semenis had prayer; Mr. Clayton, of London,

exceeded their incoine nearly € 90; gave the charge; Mr. Forster, or Maldon, prayed the general inter

and that is consequence of expences

on the chapel at Mortlake, &c. the çessory prayer; Mr. Ray, of Sud

Society were in arrear upwards of bury, preached to the people, and

£ 350. Mr. Stevenson, of Hedingham, concluded.

We are much concerned to learn, On the preceding evening

15 that their finances are so low; but, Mr. Townsend, of Roiherhithe,

surely, the Friends of Religion will preached; when Mr.G. Clayton, of Walworth, and Mr. Taylor, of Col

cheerfully come forward and relieve

the Society from'its incunbrances. chester, prayed. On the evening after the ordination, Dr. Coliyer, of

By means of this Institution, which Peckham, preached. At all the sur.

was formed in 1797, more than vices the Meeting-hous: was much

1200 persons, within 10 miles of crowded.

London, statedly hear the gospel,

who would otherwise, probably, The Rev. J. H. Hopkins having never have enjoyed that privilege. received a unanimous call from the · More than 600 children alss are not

only tanght to read, but instructed Secretary. Mess. Dalton and Lane, in the great truths of the gospel. We, Gutter Lane, Cheapside; and by are sorry to learn, that unless some Mr.Slate, Upper Smith Street, North considerable addition is speedily ampton Square, Collector. made to their fuuds, the Society will not only be unable to extend their

RECENT DEATH.. . benevolent efforts to other places, On Wednesday evening, Feb. 14, but be obliged, however painfuliy, the Rev. Joseph Barber, pastor of to relinquish some of the places the Independent Church, London which they now support.

Wall (whose Sermons on RegeneThis plain Statement, it is hoped,

ration are reviewed in page 120 of will induce many generous Chris.

this Number) closed a life of 84 tians to afford their aid. – Doua

years, and a ministry of more tban tions will be thankfully received by

ceived by 60 years, in the most calın and James and Benjamin Neale, Exgs.

peaceful manner, surrounded by his Treasurers, St. Paui's Church-yard ; children and friends. The end of this Rev. W. F. Platt, Wilmot Square, good man was - Peace !



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Ar the Meeting of Editors in January last, the following Cases of Widews

were relieved: -Denomina- Recommended

Denomina. Recommended lion.. by Mr.


Cases. tion. by Mr. .. L. M. R. Presby. Waugh

Greatheed ditio ditto



R .

dillo ditto

ditio ' ditto

41c. ditto . ditto
ditto Duncapson

ditto ditto ditto ditto


ditto ditto R. Hill

1A. E.


Simpson || H.J.


ditto Williams

Ils. J.

ditto ditto

M. T. ditto ditto i
R. Hill

H. F.

R. Hill

M. G. Methodist Platt
ditto Buck

A. P. ditto Buck ditto Burder 5|| S. W. ditto R. Hill ditto Platt

5 T. ditto Wilks S. D. Baptist Hinton 5 P. ditto ditto


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to in ur er er en ororer


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s. d,


Donation of Wm. Gray, Esq. of York, and the Rev. Samuel

Bottoirley, of Scarborough, as 'Trustees for Religious and
Charitable Purposes, under the Will of Mrs. Ann Greenwood, . '
deceased. For the Missionary Seminary -- .£ 160 0
For General Missions

80 0 0

- 240 00 Legacy of Mrs. Martha Bassett, late of Newbury, Bucks (duty

paid by the Executors, Mr. J. Belcher and Mr. J. Compton) 20 0 0 Rev. Jolin Scott and Friends, at Hexham, a Colleciion

6 3 0 An Unknown Friend, po'st mark Farnham, remitted to Mr.

Butcher, Spa Fields Rev. Mr. Churchill, Henley, the Profits from his Jubilee Serm. 2 6 6 J. T.

1 0 0 A few Friends, of different denominations, near Sobo Square 11 4

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