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ing and converting sinners, instruct. The Validity of Baptisın by Sprink. ing and comforting saints, and in

ling, and the Right of Infants to spiring gratitude in the hearts of

that Ordinance, supported and deEnglish Christians for the invaluable

fended in Two Discourses, deliblessings they enjoy, both of a civil

vered at Malden (New England), and religious nature ; and, above all,

occasioned by the setting up of a that the glory of God, in the dispen

Baptist Society in that place. By sations of his providence and grace,

David Osgood, D. D. And, may be eminently promoted by the extensive circulation of this interest A Church of God described, - the ing biographical piece.

Qualifications for Membership

stated, -- and Christian Fellowship The History of Andrew Dunn, an illustrated, in Two Discourses. By

Irish Catholic. 12mo, price Sd. Joseph Lathrop, D. D. Charles. By the Religious Traet Society. town printed, Londòn reprinted. We are much pleased with this in- As the former part of this volume teresting history; and have no relates to a controverted subject, on doubt it will become one of the most the merits of which the conductors popular of the Society's publications. of this Magazine decline to enter, It was originally sold at 13. ; and we shall merely subjoin the testithe Svo fine paper, at 2s. ; and we mony which the Broad - Street cannot but remind the public of their Lecturers have given to this publi. obligation to do the utmost in sap. cation. port of a Society, which, besides a "The following discourses, by our very large gratuitous supply of re- respected brethren Drs. Osgood and ligious instruction to the Army, Lathrop, ministers of the Gospel Navy, Foreigners, &c. bridgs so in the United Stales of America, apmany able performances within pear to us to be so judicious and reach of the lowest classes of pur- scriptural, and so well calculated for chasers.

general usefulness, that we readily The commendation we formerly comply with the wish of the pub. bestowed on this interesting Narra- lisher, that our names may be affix= tive of the Conversion of a Catholie ed, by way of recommending them (See Evan. Mag. for 1804, vol. xii. to the attention of our Christian p.31) we see no reason to retract or Friends of the Pædo. baptist denoqualify. At the present moment, it mination in this country. may be circulated in this country John Clayton, John Goode, with peculiar advantage, in coun. Geo. Ford, John Humpkrys, teracting the strenuons efforls now Gev.Burder, Robert Il'inter.' making in various quarters, by the sophistry of priests and the wealih of

LITZRARY NOTICES.. laginen in the Romish church, to gain converts from among the poor and

The Rev. Mr. Davies, of Ipswich, illiterate : a beller means, indeed, has issued l'roposais

ed. has issued Proposals for printing, in can hardly be made use of to rescue a 12ino volume, the 16 last Sernions the Papist, or preserve the Protests on Grace, of the Rev. Christopher ant from their snares. It is extreme. Love, with an Accoupi of bis Life. ly well-suited, however, for general - A Second Edition, with Additions, disiribution among all classes of will shortly appear of the Rev. Mr. people.

Decourcy's Sermors, with a Portrait.

SELECT LIST OF RELIGIOUS PUBLICATIONS... Thoughts on the Sufferings of Mr. Raffles, by Mr. Humphrys, Dr. Chrisi. By the Author of the Re. Collyer, and Dr. Winter. 2s.6d. fuge. 2..

A Sermon, preached for the BoA Defence of Calvinism, in An- nefit of the London Female Penitenswer to a Pamphlet, entitled St. Paul tiary. By J. Styles. Price Is. against Calvin. By W. Roby. 28. The Loyal Subject, preached Oet.

Discourses at the Ordination of 25, 1809. By Jos. Cockin.



Ixtract of a Leiter froin a Gentleman at Philadelphia,

dated December 27, 1809. " • Ip is with great pleasure I can announce the safe arrival of the shin Atlas at Calcutta ; on board which our Missionary friends Messrs. Gordoia and Lee, with their families, embarked. This advice is brought by a vessel lately arrived at New York ; which reports the Atlas to have arrived on: the oth of September, after a passage of 100 days. My letters are not yet received, and of course I have no particulars of their passage, &c. to communicate.'

By a Letter from Mr. Loveless, dated Madras, Sept. 12, 1809, it ap. . pears, ihat he had recovered from his dangerous and threatening illness, and was nearly as well in health as before it.

Extract of a Letler from the Reo. sent to cheer my heart, and to A. Desgranges to Mr. Burder. strengthen my hands in this infant

institution. . l'izagapatam, April 17, 1809.

I thank God that I enjoy better Dear Brother,

health at this hour than I have I RECEIVED your leiter of the 31st since the time that I was first at. of August, 1808, shortly after the tacked with the liver complaint ; death of my beloved brother and but I speak with fear and trembling zealous fellow-labourer the Rev. G. on the subject of health, in a coun. Cran. As I have written upon the try where it is so precarious as it is subject of his sickness and death to in this. I feel more powerfully the the Directors of the Missionary So- , force of the expression than ever I ciety, I shall not enlarge upon it did before, In the midst of life we herc. Indeed, reflection on my less are in death.' creates in me sensations of grief I wish I could inform you of the which I cannot easily suppress. I conversion of the thousands of the would have written a Memoir on leather in this district, whose ido. what I knew of the worth of my latry and wickedness make my heart, departed friend, and have sent it to bleed for them from day to day. England before this time, had the Ok, the blackness of the darkness saie of my mind, my health, and thai covers them!- darkness that my complicated lahours permitied may be felt and bewailed over by me lo steal a convenient season for men ; but which none can remove that purpose. Pardva me for speak but God. I glory in God, through jog about stealing a convenient sta- Jesus Christ, that the gospel is as son; but as the immediate labours much the power of God to salvation : of the Mission demand the whole of in this country, as ever iwas in my time, from the dawn of the day any other country. At times i see until sine or ten o'clock at nigni, [ by faith the piercing light of the can give no better appellation to glorious gospel dispelling the clouds, time spent, that has not the welfare, blackened by Satanic art, and which enlargement, and siability of the envelope the hearts, the worship, Mission as its chief object. If God and manners and customs of this spare my life, I will endeavour to people. Nothing out such prospec!s, perferm this duty, as a testimony of presented to my kind through the my esteem and respect for departed medium of the prophecies, promisen, worth, when the brethren Gordon and declarations of Scripture, ketp and Lee, or any other brethren, are me from sinking in despair respect

ing the convorsion of men, driven in the knowledre of the English by the Devil to all kinds of excess language and of Christianity. and riot.

But I forget myself. I am dream . SOUTH AFRICA. ing. Who is this at the side of me? Apanderaver, once a Brabinin, but Extract of a Leiter from Dr. L'ano now, I trust, by superabounding

derkempi grace, a genuine disciple of Christ;

Bethelsdorp, Sep. 5, 1809. once named Legion, 'but now, by "I nave hitherto no answer from the power of Jesus, be sits ciothed,' Lord Caledon, respecting the pro. and in his right mind. What is bis jected Orphan-House, but Col.employment? He daily carries or the who lately inspected the more dis. devotional exercisis of the natives, tant districts of the colony, engaged who are enquiring the way to Zion, to represent to the Governor the with their faces thitherward. He imporiance of such an institution, prays in public worship with fluency; of which he declared himself to be fervency, and zeal; - he preaches convinced... the gospel to sinne s, with every call the Caffres and Gona Hota expression of ardent zeal for the tentots have been ordered to leave glory of God, burning love for the colouy, and return to their oka Christ, and marked affection for in- country .I have, however, obtained morial souls; -he labours from perroission for those belonging to morning to night assisting in the 'oor lustitution to remain uomo

translation of ibe Four Gospels, Icsted, till bis lordship shall other. · and in cxamining manuscripis of re- wise decide. . ligious tracts, that he may put the " The influx of Hottentots to word of salvation into the bands of Bethelsdorp has, within these few his countrymen. He is blessed with months, been less rapid than before, a suitable partner, who kas inade a owing to a false report circulated good profession before many will in the country, that none can be nesses, who adorns the docirines admitted without the consent of of God lier Saviour; and who has their former masters. At the rebeen received into the visible church

quest of Col. C-, we have inore by the sacred ordinance of baptism. accurately investigaled the number Father of lights, keep them as thy of our inhabitants, which we had

jewels and thy peculiar treasure ! - roughly calculated at 400; bat we · mide them with the shadow of thy found, at honte, 146 men, 211 w()

vinss! - fili tbeir bearts with thy men, and 252 children, in all 639 ; love!enrich them with the graces besides, absent, 113 men, 12 woof thy Holy Spirit! - guide thom men, and 166 children, in all 340; by thy counsel, till tlou receive the total number amounting to them to ihy glory! Ob! may this 979 souls. earnest of thy sovereign, special "The blessing of God continues grace, be the forerunner of the sale to attend the preaching of his word, '. vation of millions yet unborn, until though we have, on the other hand, Iınınanuel's angelic hos's exclaim, to lawent the lukewarmness of seveHallelujah! llallelujah! the king ral whom we hope are our brethren doms of this world are become the aud sisters in Christ.' kingdoms of our Lord and of his Christ!

. GREAT NAMAQUAS. You will be happy to hear that many hundreds have heard the ros. An Account of Mr. Sydenfaden's pel of Christ in the Telinga laa

Firs! Visit to the Namaquar, of.. guage. Several tracts in mani. which only some brief Hints were script have been distributed. St.

given in our Magazine for March, Matthew's Gospei is translated, and

1807. We have lní lately; oba copy has been seat to Calculla. lained the following Trunslution. The other Gos;els ära nearly com.i," Wuen we unsaddled our beasts, Nele. The m ber of scholars in- we saw teu Beschemen runnias creaks; andsime of ikein advauce towards us, having their boss and

arrows in their hands; I asked my they understood me. They said people, if these were wild or tame "Yes, we understood much; but not Boschemen ; but, I found they were all.' I said, “ How has this word tame; which inade me more easy. of God pleased you?” They replied, They saluted me in their usual man. “We never heard it before, but it ner, crying, Twee, twee! Linformed pleases us well; but, among us, we them that I was a teacher, and de. think otherwise about God.?. sired to make karwn to them the The next day, before I departed, God of Haven and Earts, who has they came ali iogether to me, and given his only begotten son for us cried again Tree, twee ; and some sinful men, that ve may ob'ain of them accompanied me, to shew eternal life by bin ; --and, that be ive the best pach to the Namaqua now sends his servants to the lica. Kraal. In the afternoon, conuing then, to assure them thai he will near to this kraal, some of the vo. release them from their miserabie, men cried aloud Herzee, Heezee! state, and accept them as his cail. which is a tokes of surprize. Tim. dren.

mediately enquired wiler the chief I asked them, if they were willing of this kraal; and being brought to be inscrucied. They answered, before his house, I alighied from my. • We will hear. We have been told harse, and paid my respects to him that you would come to us; but ve in the Dutch janguage; but be did not believe it: -- now we see it, turned and laa bed, which is the and believe.' This was sp ken by custom of this people. My intermy interpreter; for in this couniry preter then addressed him; and as: no one speaks Dulch. They shewed sued him of my dutiful respects. me much kindness, direcied us to He told him also the object of my water, led my horse and oxen to it, journey. Very well,' said tha and took care of them. I then gave chief, . we shall hear, anul learn wileach of them a piece of meat, for lingly.' They theil came together they were very hungry. In the af. to near the preaching of the gospel; ternoon, Traveiling further on, the ' but I postponed it till the evening, Boschemon accompanied u; and because I was then exceedingly shewed us the nearest way to their wearied. The captain she ved me a kraal. The way was very bad, by Jarge okl thorn-tree for a lodgicg. reaso. of the clits. They call this This kraal is called Kardekoekas ; quarier Karas; that is Cliff Field. and the captain John Kagass. He Neverthcless, I was refreshed by se brought me in the afternoon two ing suci beautitul grass-filus as I bamboos with milk; and to each of had never beheld in South Africa. my people one. In the evening, he It was as if I were in another part of presented us for our supper a large the worla : the air was fresh and ran; and because they are accusm deraicly cool, occasioned by more tomed to receive a reward, I put a frequent rain and thunder-storms handkerchiet round his neck; wila than in the other parts.

which he was very much pleased. In the evening I arrived in the I then called them together, and de. kraal of the Boschemens; and asks sired them to sit down under the ed thein if they would now hear the thorntree in two rows; but the word of God. “Yes, said they,' old captain, his officers, and my interand young shall come to bear.' preter next me. I was much asAbout torty, besides the children, tonished at the silence observed sat down round the firc. First re among them, which is rarely the sung soine verses ; and I shoke to case among the wild people. I then thein from Acis xvii 26, 27, as addressed the briefly, to request plainly as possible. I then told their atteation; and aftor having them, ihat my intention was to live sung sowie applicable verses, which in the great Namaqua-lamd ; and to they stain mered also, I spoke frorn insiruut them in the whole way of Acts xvii. 30; and added, at the salvation. We sung again; and close of this sermon, Now God after prayer, we concluded with an gives me an opportunity of exhort. evening hymn. I asked whether ing you to türa froin your ignor

ance to the true and saving know- captains ; and that I would willingly ledge of God,' &c. My interpreter come again to instruct them in the succeeded at this time remaikably precious word of God, and in the well in his labour, for he felt a strong way of salvation.” He replied, 'I desire for the conversion of his na. will do according to your proposal tion ; and he himself bad an experi- and my desire; so that they all may ence of the grace of God in his see and hear what a great word this heart. Before the prayer we sung word of God is!' again; and after it, to conclude, one On another day I called them to verse standing. The captain then getber, and the captain came dibegan to speak in the presence of all rectly; but I observed that more the people (about 5 or 600) in his than the half of the people stood own language; frist very calmly, aloof. I enquired after them; and but gradually much louder; so that found them hiding behind their huis; I was afraid, not knowing what it some were dissuaded, and others were signified; but asking my interpre. afraid, because they were convincter the subject, he told me, that it ed of sin by the gospel. The cap. was about the word of God. I desired taio invited them to come, saying, him to be very attentive to what was "Now you have an opportunity to spoken; and he relaled as follows: hear the word of God, and you will iThis word of God is too great for not; and when to · morrow our us to he indifferent about it; and teacher is gone, then you will quar. it is true indeed, as this teacher rei and kill one another again. I says, that men who know not was very much affected ; and enGod, live in sin : it is so among couraged to entreat these poor us; for every day there are quarrels, people, in the pame of the Lord war, and nurder; and the life of no Jesus, that they would not hide man is secure. One sieals the beasts themselves from God and his word; of another; that is not a niander of for that now he did not call them as life fit for men, - it is worse than their Judge and Revenger ; butthat brutes. I wish that all the captains he, as a good Father, offered them of the whole Namaqua-lapd were grace and pardon tbro' Jesus Christ, here, theniscives, to bear this word &c. I found several who had a sinof God; so that they might know eere desire to be more instructed ; how sinful we are ; and what a and also many who were very much wicked and miserable life we live : averse. yes, here on this spot, under this in this kraal was a man named ihorn - tree, they should hear it Absalon, born at Mozambique, who from the mouth of our teacher, for has been formerly a slave, and who tbey wili not believe us; and as soon for his crimes against the laws of as he is gone we shali have war God and man, fled from the colony again. They should hear it with to this country: a wicked and crafty their own ears, for it is too great fellow. This man deceived this poor a word to reinain as we are ; and if blind people in a scandalous manner: they will not hear, they must not and, because of his superior underpersecute us if we learn). We all standing, they believed him. He must have one heart and one was called among them, the Sorthought to hale the old and to fol- cerer; and they readily followed his low the new, according to that word councils; only the captain distrusted of God, and live in love and peace him. This Absalon assored me, togeiher as brethren and sisters.' " That my pains in instructing the

I then desired my interpreier lo people would be all in vain ; - that assure the captain, " That I greatly these pations are so wild and slupid, rejuiced to find he desired to be that they from time to time will to insiruclid in the way of everlast. leave me ; which would only grieve jug life ; and that it was the wish me,' &c. I thanked bim for his adof my soul ibat is desire may vice; bul added, Iccitairly know increase more and more! -- and and believe that the word of God begged that be would use every will uit he preached in vain, accordmeans to assein ble all the chiefs and ing to his promise; and I have al.


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