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The Research Information Service of the National Research Council

has assembled data concerning funds which are variously available for

the support or encouragement of scientific research. It is planned to

maintain an up-to-date file on this subject in the offices of the Research

Council for the benefit alike of correspondents and of the Divisions of

the Council. This bulletin is issued in order to render information

concerning funds immediately and widely available to those interested in

scientific research.

The funds listed are classified primarily according to use and secondarily

according to institution. Under use, the categories employed in this
bulletin are medals, prizes, grants, institutional funds, fellowships and
scholarships. Federal and State funds for research are not included.
The term institution is used throughout this bulletin to designate those
nine types of organization which are grouped in three categories, as fol-
lows: A. Academies, associations, societies, and museums; B. Founda-
tions, hospitals, and research institutes; C. Universities and colleges.
In each of the informational sections of the bulletin the data are arranged

under institutions. A list of funds with essential information is presented under each institution. Section II presents data concerning medals and prizes available for the encouragement of research; Section III contains information concerning grants which are made, upon application, to individuals or institutions who desire to conduct a scientific investigation. Section IV similarly presents information concerning funds which are available for the support of research only within the institution or organization by which they are administered. Section V is devoted to those fellowships and scholarships in connection with which research is specifically mentioned. In Section VI, a subject index, are listed all of the funds which are known to be available for the support or encouragement of research in the biological, mathematical, and physical sciences and their applications. Section VII indexes all institutions mentioned in the bulletin and those funds which have distinctive titles. The latter are indicated by the last name, followed by the first name in parenthesis, as, for example, the Sloane (Thomas C.) Fund.

So far as possible, information has been obtained by direct appeal to the institutions which hold and adminster research funds. Where this was impossible, the latest available reports, yearbooks, or catalogues have been consulted and institutions have been requested to verify and supplement the data of the Research Information Service. In most instances the information published herein is for the year 1920.

In Sections II and VI only these medals, prizes, fellowships and scholarships are included in connection with which specific mention of research is made. Ordinarily, this occurs in the name of the prize, medal, fellowship or scholarship, or in the announcement of terms of award. It is highly probable there are many additional graduate fellowships and scholarships which are regularly used for the support of scientific research, although no mention is made of that fact in the catalogue or yearbook.

Despite all efforts to render this list of funds complete and correct, it is certain that many errors and omissions exist. The Research Information Service will greatly appreciate the coöperation of the authorities of those organizations which hold or administer research funds and of all other readers of this bulletin in reporting any errors or omissions which they discover.


A. Academies, Associations, Societies and Museums; B. Foundations,

Hospitals and Research Institutes; C. Universities and Colleges

A-ACADEMIES, ASSOCIATIONS, SOCIETIES AND MUSEUMS Academy of Natural Sciences, Logan Square, Philadelphia, Pa. HAYDEN MEMORIAL GEOLOGICAL MEDAL, for distinguished work in geology or paleontology. Triennial.

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