The Historians' History of the World: A Comprehensive Narrative of the Rise and Development of Nations as Recorded by Over Two Thousand of the Great Writers of All Ages

Henry Smith Williams
History association, 1907

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Seite 177 - Blood flows; the aliment of new madness. The wounded are carried into houses of the Rue Cerisaie; the dying leave their last mandate not to yield till the accursed Stronghold fall. And yet, alas, how fall? The walls are so thick! Deputations, three in number, arrive from the H6tel-deVille; Abbe Fauchet (who was of one) can say, with what almost superhuman courage of benevolence.
Seite 177 - Arsenal;" had not a woman run screaming; had not a Patriot, with some tincture of Natural Philosophy, instantly struck the wind out of him (butt of musket on pit of stomach), overturned barrels, and stayed the devouring element. A young beautiful lady, seized escaping in these Outer Courts, and thought falsely to be de Launay's daughter, shall be burnt in de Launay's sight; she lies swooned on a paillasse: but again a Patriot, it is brave Aubin Bonnemere the old soldier, dashes in and rescues her....
Seite 177 - Townflag in the arched Gateway; and stand, rolling their drum; but to no purpose. In such Crack of Doom, De Launay cannot hear them, dare not believe them: they return, with justified rage, the whew of lead still singing in their ears. What to do? The Firemen are here, squirting with their fire-pumps on the Invalides cannon, to wet the touchholes; they unfortunately cannot squirt so high; but produce only clouds of spray.
Seite 176 - Mounted, some say, on the roof of the guardroom, some ' on bayonets stuck into joints of the wall/ Louis Tournay smites, brave Aubin Bonnemere (also an old soldier) seconding him : the chain yields, breaks ; the huge Drawbridge slams down, thundering (avec fracas). Glorious : and yet, alas, it is still but the outworks. The Eight grim Towers, with their...
Seite 107 - But figure his thought, when Death is now clutching at his own heart-strings ; unlocked for, inexorable ! Yes, poor Louis, .Death has found thee. No palace walls or life-guards, gorgeous tapestries or gilt buckram of stiffest ceremonial could keep him out ; but he is here, here at thy very life-breath, and will extinguish it. Thou, whose whole existence hitherto was a chimera and scenic show, at length...
Seite 177 - Franchises also will be here, with real artillery : were not the walls so thick ! — Upwards from the Esplanade, horizontally from all neighbouring roofs and windows, flashes one irregular deluge of musketry, — without effect. The Invalides lie flat, firing comparatively at their ease from behind stone ; hardly through portholes, show the tip of a nose. We fall, shot ; and make no impression ! Let conflagration rage ; of whatsoever is combustible ! Guardrooms are burnt, Invalides mess-rooms. A...
Seite 177 - And so it lashes and it roars. Cholat the wine-merchant has become an impromptu cannoneer. See Georget, of the Marine Service, fresh from Brest, ply the King of Siam's cannon. Singular (if we were not used to the like) : Georget lay, last night, taking his ease at his inn; the King of Siam's cannon also lay, knowing nothing of him, for a hundred years. Yet now, at the right instant, they have got together, and discourse eloquent music. For, hearing what was toward, Georget sprang from the Brest Diligence,...
Seite 178 - Time. De Launay could not do it. Distracted, he hovers between two; hopes in the middle of despair; surrenders not his Fortress; declares that he will blow it up, seizes torches to blow it up, and does not blow it. Unhappy old De Launay, it is the deathagony of thy Bastille and thee ! Jail, Jailoring and Jailor, all three, such as they may have been, must finish.
Seite 178 - ... not: deftly, unerring he walks, with outspread palm. The Swiss holds a paper through his porthole; the shifty Usher snatches it, and returns. Terms of surrender: Pardon, immunity to all! Are they accepted? — "Foi d'officier, On the word of an officer," answers half-pay Hulin, — or half-pay Elie, for men do not agree on it, "they are!
Seite 622 - At Grenoble he had been met by a regiment of seven hundred men, who prepared to resist his advance. He walked slowly forward to the front line, and said, " My friends, if there is one among you who wishes to kill his emperor — his general — he has it in his power...

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