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very amiable young man, quite the image of his dear mother (whom I knew as Lady Aquila Brownbill); and Lord Magnus’s republicanism will wear off—it sits prettily enough on a young patrician in early life, though nothing is so loathsome among persons of our rank—Mr. Broadbent seems to have much eloquence and considerable reading; your friend Foker is always delightful; but your acquaintance, Mr. Bloundell, struck me as in all respects a most ineligible young man. '

“Bless my soul, sir, Bloundell-Bloundell!” cried Pen, laughing: “why, sir, he’s the most popular man of the university. He was in the —— Dragoons before he came up. We elected him of the Barmecides the first week he came up—had a special meeting on purpose—he’s of an excellent family—Suffolk Bloundels, descended from Richard’s Blondel, bear a harp in chief—and motto O Mong Roy.”

“A man may have a very good coat-of-arms, and be a.

tiger, my boy,” the Major said, chipping his egg; “that man is a tiger, mark my word—a low man. I will lay a wager that he left his regiment, which was a good one (for a more respectable man than my friend, Lord Martingale, never sat in a saddle), in bad odour. There is the unmistakable look of slang and bad habits about this Mr. Bloundell. He frequents low gambling-houses and billiard-hells, sir,—-he haunts third-rate clubs—I know he does. I know by his style. I never was mistaken in my man yet. Did you remark the quantity of rings and jewellery he wore? That person has Scamp written on his countenance, if any man ever had. Mark my words and avoid him. Let us turn the conversation. The dinner was a leetle too fine, but I don’t object to your making a few extra frais when you receive friends. Of course you don’t do it often, and only those whom it is your interest to féter. The cutlets were excellent, and the soufiié uncommonly light and good. The third bottle of champagne was not necessary; but you have a good income,

and as long as you keep within it, I shall not quarrel with

you, my dear boy.”

Poor Pen! the worthy uncle little knew how often those dinners took place, while the reckless young Amphitryon delighted to show his hospitality and skill in gonrmandise. There

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