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gentleman with a hooked nose and a profusion of curling brown hair and whiskers ; his coat was covered with the richest frogs, braiding, and velvet. He had under-Waistcoats, many

: splendid rings, jewelled pins and neck-chains. When he took . out his yellow pocket-handkerchief with his hand that was

cased in white kids, a delightful odour of musk and bergamot was shaken through the house. He was evidently a personage of rank, and it was at him that the little Chatteris company was acting.

He was, in a word, no other than Mr. Dolphin, the great manager from London, accompanied by his faithful friend and secretary Mr. William Minns: without whom he never travelled. He had not been ten minutes in the theatre before his august presence there was perceived by Bingley and the rest: and they all began to act their best and try to engage his attention. Even Miss Fotheringay’s dull heart, which was disturbed at nothing, felt perhaps a flutter, when she came in presence of the famous London Impresario. She had not much to do in her part, but to look handsome, and stand in picturesque attitudes encircling her child: and she did this work to admiration. In vain the various actors tried to win the favour of the great stage Sultan. Pizarro .never got a hand from him. Bingley yelled, and Mrs. Bingley bellowed, and the manager only took snufl out of his great gold box. It was only in the last scene, when Rolla comes in staggering with the infant (Bingley is not so strong as he was, and his fourth son Master Talma Bingley is a monstrous large child for his age)—when Rolla comes staggering with the child to Cora, who rushes forward with a shriek and says—“ 0 God, there’s blood upon him ! ”—that the London manager clapped his hands, and broke out with an enthusiastic bravo.

Then having concluded his applause, Mr. Dolphin gave his

secretary a slap on the shoulder, and said “By Jove, Billy,

she’ll do ! ”

“ Who taught her that dodge ? ” said old Billy, who was a sardonic old gentleman—“I remember her at the Olympic, and hang me if she could say B0 to a goose.”

It was little Mr. Bows in the orchestra who had taught her the “dodge” in question. All the company heard the

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