Philosophical Magazine: A Journal of Theoretical, Experimental and Applied Physics

Taylor & Francis., 1851

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Mr J Glaisher on the Meteorology of England and the South
Proceedings of the Royal Society
On Caproic and Enanthylic Acids by Messrs Brazier and Goss
Meteorological Observations made by Mr Thompson at
Prof Donkin on the Geometrical Theory of Rotation
Mr A J Robertson on the Negative Wave of Translation i
Dr A von Planta and Mr W Wallace on Apine
Prof Potter on Hydrodynamics 205
with a Reply
Mineralogical Notices
Postscript to a paper On Striated Rocks in the Lake District
Meteorological Observations for January 1851
Mr J J Sylvester on the Relation between the Minor Deter
Prof Stokess Examination of the possible effect of the Radia
Prof Potters Reply to the Observations of Mr Rankine in
Mr T S Hunts Examinations of some Canadian Minerals
Quetelet on Atmospheric Electricity especially in 1849
Ed Desains on the Polarization of Light reflected by Glass
On the Sulphuret of Nitrogen by MM Fordos and Gelis
Prof Draper on the Chemical Action of Light
Prof Stokes on the Principles of Hydrodynamics in Reply
Prof Challis on the Theory of the Velocity of Sound
Mineralogical Notices
Mr J Cockle on the Solution of Three Simultaneous Quadratics
On the Phosphorescence of Chalk Streaks
Government Manufacture and Publication of School Books
Prof Plücker and Dr Beer on the Magnetic Axes of Crystals
Prof Donkin on certain Questions relating to the Theory
De la Provostaye and Desains on the Rotary Power which
466 Prof Thomson on the Effect of Fluid Friction in drying Steam

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Seite 341 - Euclid's, and show by construction that its truth was known to us ; to demonstrate, for example, that the angles at the base of an isosceles triangle are equal...
Seite 413 - Paratartrate of soda and ammonia into two several sets ; the one set he showed to be hemihedric to the right, the other set to the left. The former proved to be the salt of an acid rotating to the right, the latter of one rotating to the left. On examining these acids they were found in every single property, but this rotation, identical with one another and with tartaric acid. Yet when mixed they formed again the Paratartaric acid, which, like the amethyst, is without any action of a rotatory character,...
Seite 425 - That the medium which transmits light and radiant heat consists of the nuclei of the atoms, vibrating independently, or almost independently, of their atmospheres...
Seite 216 - Smaller quadrupeds are usually, also, more prolific than larger ones. The actual presence therefore of small species of animals in countries where...
Seite 254 - We have explained how a magnetic needle over which an electric current passes will be deflected to the right or to the left, according to the direction given to the current. Now, it is always easy to give the current the one direction or the other, or to suspend it altogether, by merely changing the end of the galvanic trough with which the wires are connected, or by breaking the contact.
Seite 399 - If an engine be such that, when it is worked backwards, the physical and mechanical agencies in every part of its motions are all reversed, it produces as much mechanical effect as can be produced by any thermo-dynamic engine, with the same temperatures of source and refrigerator, from a given quantity of heat.
Seite 152 - Yard, was an upright engine of two feet stroke; and in order to have facilities for comparative trials and experiments, it was necessary that a double engine should be made, the two parts exactly corresponding. Two bars of soft iron, six inches diameter and three feet in length, were the prime movers, and these were balanced by means of connecting rods and cranks upon a fly-wheel shaft. The balance wheel and shaft together weighed six hundred pounds.
Seite 303 - ... battery of 10 cells, and exciting the cores by a current from 1 cell, the phenomena of repulsion and attraction were exhibited with all desirable precision. I shall now proceed to describe the results obtained by operating in the manner described. The bismuth bar being suitably suspended, a current was sent through the helix, so that the direction of the current in the upper half was that indicated by the arrow in fig. 40, PI.
Seite 156 - ... flame, but my object at present is only to point out their application to the use of the collier. " All that he requires to ensure security, are small wire cages to surround his candle or his lamp, which may be made for a few pence, and of which various modifications may be adopted, and the application of this discovery will not only preserve him from the fire-damp, but enable him to apply it to use, and to destroy it at the same time that gives him a useful light.
Seite 497 - ... curator of the Museum of Practical Geology, then established in Craig's-court ; and within a few days of his death he was busily engaged in making arrangements for the public opening of the new museum in Piccadilly. Richard Phillips was one of the original founders of the Geological Society. He was for many years a member of the Council of the Royal Society, and for the last two years President of the Chemical Society. 12. Aged 61, the Hon. and Rev. John Evelyn Boscawen, Rector of Wotton, Surrey,...

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