Advances in Chinese Brand Management

John M. T. Balmer, Weifeng Chen
Springer, 14.11.2016 - 354 Seiten
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This book includes a fascinating range of up-to-date articles on China from the Journal of Brand Management that marshal research and scholarship undertaken by Chinese, British, European and American scholars. The development and management of brands in China has emerged as an area of considerable and growing interest among branding scholars and practitioners owing to the rise and significance of brands within China. Providing an overview of the development and management of brands in China, Advances in Chinese Brand Management also contains case studies of centuries old and greatly loved Chinese Corporate heritage brands, luxury brands, prominent cultural brands and foreign brands in China.


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in Context
Section 3 Corporate Heritage Brands in China
Section 4 Luxury Brands in China
Section 5 Managing the Brand Name and Logo in China
Section 6 Brand Building in China
Section 7 Brand Buying Behaviour in China

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Über den Autor (2016)

John M.T. Balmer is Professor of Corporate Marketing at Brunel Business School, London, UK, and quondam Professor of Corporate Brand/Identity Management at Bradford School of Management, UK. Credited with formally introducing the corporate brand notion in 1995, since the early 1990s he has been a leading proponent of the strategic importance of corporate identity and corporate brands. He has published numerous cornerstone articles in leading journals relating to corporate brands and corporate marketing. He is the Chairman of the Board of Senior Consultant editors of the Journal of Brand Management; founder of the International Corporate Identity Group (ICIG) and founder and Chairman of the International Symposium on Corporate Heritage.

Weifeng Chen is a lecturer at Brunel University Business School, London, UK, where he specialises in international businesses and branding, with a particular interest in the management of Chinese brands. Dr Chen has published in a number of international journals including Journal of Organizational Change Management, Journal of Information System Management and International Journal of Knowledge Management Studies. He is a member of the China–Britain Business Council (CBBC) and currently serves as a consultant for a number of Chinese enterprises.

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