The British Flower Garden: Containing Coloured Figures & Descriptions of the Most Ornamental & Curious Hardy Herbaceous Plants ...


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Seite 36 - the plant from which our drawing was taken, was received last autumn from New York, by Mr. Anderson, of the Apothecaries' Garden at Chelsea, to whom it was sent by Mr. Hogg;
Seite 159 - it in contemplation to publish a periodical work entirely on New Holland plants, with figures and descriptions, and the best method of cultivating each particular species ; so that Ladies or Gentlemen may select from the work the plants that they most admire; and, at the same time, may be acquainted with the right method of cultivating them.
Seite 33 - from a foot and a half to two and a half feet in
Seite 159 - been lately introduced, the whole of which are the most desirable plants for a Greenhouse or Conservatory, and many of them may be grown in the open air, so as to be protected with a covering in Winter; that
Seite 145 - it may be increased by dividing at the root, or by seeds, which
Seite 22 - species, was taken from a plant at the Nursery of Messrs. Whitley, Brames, and Milne, at Fulham, who
Seite 167 - 1. Calyx. 2. Tube of the Corolla spread open, to show the insertion of the Stamens. 3.
Seite 117 - joined to the back of the anthers, a little above the base: anthers linear,
Seite 85 - is a native of North America, and has been introduced to our collections ever since the year 1759, but is still very rare in them, owing, we believe, to its best mode of cultivation not being sufficiently well known.
Seite 147 - feet, according to the soil and situation in which it is grown; it may be increased by dividing the root, or by

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