The Reader's Companion to The Death of Shakespeare

Nedward, LLC, 22.02.2016 - 411 Seiten
The Death of Shakespeare is a novel that imagines how the Earl of Oxford and William Shakespeare came to be partners in the creation of the plays people think were written by William. The book contains hand drawn maps and eight lineage charts of noble families involved in the background of the plays. The Reader’s Companion to The Death of Shakespeare – Part One is a separate publication containing research keyed to each chapter in The Death of Shakespeare that explains the factual basis for the novel. There are more facts in The Death of Shakespeare than any recent “biography” of the man from Stratford.

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Westminster Palace February 4 1589
Billesley Hall Chapter 14 The return to Oxford Court Chapter 15 Oxfords Hand in Titus Andronicus
Titus Andronicus at the Rose
Grays Inn Chapter 18 A Summons from the Queen
Robin Returns
Henry VI Part 2
A Marriage Contract Chapter 61 Oxford Court A Month Later
Castle Hedingham
That Night
Oxford Court Henry VI Part 3

The Boars Head Chapter 20 The Next Day Oxford Court
The Trunk of Plays
Oxford Court Late September 1589
Lord Willougbys Chapter 25 Sonnets for Aemilia Bassano
Blackfriars The Next Night Chapter 27 Newgate Prison A Week Later Chapter 28 Oxford and Christopher Marlowe in the Boars Head
Two Gentlemen Finished Chapter 30 More Sonnets for Aemilia Bassano
Two Gentlemen before the Queen
Christmas at the Boars Head
William the Conqueror
Pericles Prince of Tyre
Billesley Hall Chapter 36 Robin Is Gone
John Shackspear Chapter 38 The Earl of Surrey
Thomas Digby
Oxford Court
The Bastard
King John before the Queen
The Queen and Lady Elspeth Trentham Chapter 44 A Poem for Lady Elspeth
Miss Trentham Chapter 46 Henry VI and a Sonnet for the Earl of Southampton
Cecil House
The War of the Roses Chapter 49 John Marston and the Nature of
Chapter 50 Aemilia Bassano Again
Senor Baldinis Love Philtre Chapter 52 The Boars Head Christopher Marlowe Chapter 53 A Sonnet for Aemilia Bassano Chapter 54 The Geneva B...
Chapter 66 Oxford Lady Elspeth Return to Oxford Court Chapter 67 Henry VI Part 3
Henry VI Part 3 at the Rose
The Tabard Inn Chapter 72 The Heat of a Luxurious Bed Chapter 73 Ditchley House
Edward II
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
An Heir for his Lordship
The Taming of the Shrew
The Death of Robert Greene
Whitehall Palace
Chapter 80 Henry Is Christened in the Boars Head
If Thy Body Had Been As Deformed As Thy Mind
Chapter 82 López and the Ghost of Thomas Brincknell Chapter 83 Abandond Despised
The Death of Christopher Marlowe Chapter 85 Matrimonium Clandestinum
Graze On My Lips Feed Where Thou Wilt
Richard Field and the Printing of Venus
The Sign of the Ship
Chapter 92 A Play for Lady Mary
A Double Maske
A Nidicock for Lady Lizbeth
The Lord Chamberlains
The Execution of Dr López

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Jon Benson is a pseudonym for the author who embarked on a journey through the history of Elizabethan England to find out why people doubted William Shakespeare wrote the plays attributed to him. After more than a decade of research and thousands of miles of travel, the author concluded that Edward de Vere, the Seventeenth Earl of Oxford, was the genius who wrote the plays. But why was Shakespeare given the credit? The Death of Shakespeare provides the answer.Retailers

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